Eyitayo Jegede gets Kwara PDP's blessing

Kwara State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have thanked God for the judicial victory of Eyitayo Jegede as the party’s governorship candidate in Ondo State.


At an interdenominational thanksgiving prayer session held in Ilorin, on Friday, the PDP members praised God “for not allowing evil to prevail over good in this country.”

Speaking with journalists after the prayer session, the factional chairman of the party, Prince Sunday Fagbemi, said that Nigerians needed to be prayerful to avoid a repeat of political crisis of the past.

“Given the benefit of hindsight, we knew what happened in 1983. A replica of the same is about happening in Ondo State, if not that God has given the judges of the Supreme and Appeal Courts the courage to be able to adjudicate with the fear of God, we don’t know what will be happening in Ondo state now. May be anarchy would have broken out and that can truncate this nascent democracy,” he said.

Speaking on the role of the Federal Government in the PDP crisis, the PDP chairman said, “Even a blind man would know that the voice was that of Jacob while the hand was the hand of Esau. We have seen clearly that there is connivance between the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure that they muzzle PDP and if possible they want to get it into extinction which God has not allowed”.

Prince Fagbemi, however said the two factions of PDP in the state would soon be united, adding that a lot of things were being done.

“We have seen now that Senator Modu Sheriff and his group are almost being part of history. It is the same thing that will happen here in Kwara state.  But you will see that I have exercised extreme restraints to make sure not to say anything that will make our coming together difficult. I know we are members of the same family and even others have been wanting to join us. But if one refuses to be a sheep and the other behaves like a goat we will not be able to come together. But I know that God who is doing what is happening in Nigeria will do ours in the state”, he said.


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