Firm launches Hawk Eye application as a new strategy to curb crime

A new crime reporting and security management system aimed at ensuring that criminal activities were promptly reported to security agencies and other relevant government agencies, has been launched in Abuja.


The initiative, which involves sending security reports and complaints through Hawk Eye Application, was also intended to reduce the high-level of vandalism of power as well as oil and gas facilities which had negatively impacted the power sector.

Speaking at the launch on Monday, the Chief Executive Officer of Hawk Eye, Kayode Aladesuyi, disclosed that the free application which is easily downloadable could equally be used to report security threats and potential dangers in any part of the country.

He said that the firm which developed the application was undertaking the pilot phase of the roll-out with electricity distribution companies to curtail damages done to their facilities and help them improve on their service delivery.

Aladesuyi while speaking at the event attended by representative of National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and assistant general manager in charge of engineering technical standards, Mohammed Bello; chief executive officer of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), Ernest Mpwaya, and the representative of Eko Electricity Distribution Company, Adeniyi David, among others, noted that the application was designed in such a way as to protect the identity of the complainant except in situations where such disclosure became mandatory.

He expressed sadness at the situation where about 150 persons were said to have been electrocuted in 2015, and said that residents can use the opportunity of the application to inform their neighbours of areas that posed risk for them.

According to him, the action of people stealing power can, as well, be reported through the new application.

He said, “Imagine what it could be like, sending a message to fellow citizens, asking them to avoid a place because there is live wire there, imagine what that can do; imagine sending a message to security agencies about imminent terror attack, imagine what that can do for the country

“This initiative is our first step. In areas where there is no network, there is definitely nothing we can do about it; we have to be frank about it. But we will expand to such communities as soon as infrastructure is deployed.”


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