Woman Kicked Out Lover From the House N*ked Over Quarrel During S*x (Photo+Video)

A woman has given her lover the embarrassment of his life after throwing him out of her house following a quarrel that ensued while making love.


A n*ked man has been thrown out of home by his lover, wandering the cold winter streets without any clothes, after having a row with his during sex.

The video shows the man got something of a frosty reception from his lover, who chucked him out on the streets with no clothes on after a row.

Police pulled over to save the cold man, allowing him into the warm car after the icy incident.

The incident occurred in the central Russian city of Irkutsk.

The mobile phone footage was taken by amused officers and the man can be heard saying: “Help me, please! My girlfriend took all of my clothes and I can’t feel my legs.”

The policeman opens the door and says: “Get in and you will get warm.”

The man went on to tell how the girl got cold feet when they were doing the deed.

He told officers: “I was having fun with a girl who lives in a nearby hostel. We were having sex, then something happened to her. Suddenly she became scared, then someone started knocking on the door and that was it.”

It is not known what happened to the man after the incident.


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