Bizarre! Dead Islamic Cleric Seen Smiling Happily During His Own Burial (Photos)

In what will come across as a really shocking development, an Islamic cleric who had already died has been caught on camera with an unusual facial expression during his burial.




Nuh Caparino is an Islamic cleric who was killed recently.

Caparino was shot dead November 27, as he led other Muslims in Fajr prayer at his place in the Philippines.

The man’s killing caused an outbreak of severe pain and tension in the area.

However, during the man’s burial, Caparino was caught on camera actually smiling broadly.

According to Facebook user Abdur-Raheem Mc-Carthy who shared the photos from the burial, Nuh Caparino accepted Islam in Saudi Arabia and later became one of the most active clerics.

Nobody yet knows why he was killed or who killed him.


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