(Episode 5) The Scourge … Battle for the gods

One evening, Obianuju prepared ofe aku and rice for them to eat. While they were eating, she broached the subject of their live-in situation.

Obianuju: “Now that we live together, what are we?” she asked

Emeka:  “We are in love” he replied, for the moment, more interested in the food before him

Obianuju: “I am not like these city girls oh, I cannot live with a man am not married to” she said pouting.

Emeka: “Do not be disturbed ego oyibo’m, it will not be for long” he replied, nodding his head like agama lizard, enjoying every bit of his meal. Obianuju just grinned, obviously pleased with Emeka’s response.

The next day, Emeka wasted no time, he rushed to Femme Fatale, along Admiralty road to get an engagement ring, then he called his best friend, Ulyses.

Emeka: “I have got something on my mind; I want Yvonne to help me plan this”

Ulyses: “You go pay, my fiancée no dey work for free” his friend teased.

That evening, Obianuju was sitting down in the sitting room, waiting for her heartthrob to come back from work. She was wearing a distressed denim bum short which Yvonne had picked for her on a girls shopping date, with a white tank top which showed her mid riff, and reading a story on ADELOVE blog, it was a story of a woman with a cheating boyfriend.

Obianuju: “Is it not all these Lagos babes, what are you dating a man for years for, sleeping with him and performing other wife duties when you are not even married. If he loves me, why would he wait to marry me, biko, Emeka should not try that with me oh” she thought to herself. Just then, her phone rang, she quickly picked up seeing it was Yvonne calling.

Obianuju(on phone): “Hello dear…what! Emeka is cheating on me, oh no…I am coming right away” she threw her phone on the sofa, and rushed to call the driver to take her out.

Obianuju(to herself): “Emeka, you should have just let me die, is this why you saved me, to hurt me?” she sobbed as the driver drove her to Four Points hotel. On arrival, she was directed at the front desk, to the pent house. All around the path leading to the suite were red roses, this only broke Obianuju’s heart the more. She turned the door knob, expecting it to be locked, but it was open. The room was pitch black, then suddenly colored lights came on, and there, before her, was not a woman in bed with Emeka, but their mutual friends with Emeka kneeling, a red box in his hand. He opened it to reveal a dainty diamond ring nestled on the velvet pillow.

Emeka: “Marry me” he said simply with so much emotion in his voice.

Obianuju: “Yes I will marry you, oh Emeka I love you” she rushed to hug Emeka, obviously greatly relieved that he was not cheating on her.

While the others partied, Obianuju lay on the bed and cried tears of joy, tears of anxiety. There were too many emotions playing around in her mind. She was so lost in her thoughts; she did not notice Emeka had come into the room.

Emeka: “Obim , why are you crying, are you not happy. I know you are not used to this life, but I promise that I will make you happy all your life, I will make you the great woman that you deserve to be” Emeka said pulling her into his arms, Obianuju rested her head on his shoulders and sniffled.

Obianuju: “I am happy, these are tears of joy” she said with feigned enthusiasm. Despite Emeka’s promises and this new life, she could not believe that she would always be happy; she knew Ohamiri would not let her go. No one had ever broken the culture and stay alive to tell it, she felt it was just a matter of time before the gods will come for her.


Emeka enlisted the help of his friends, once they had helped him escape from Umueke to get the police to save Obianuju. This time they were helping him plan a wedding to the same girl. Obianuju only had to show up to the event planner to choose a cake, venue and dishes, or to the designer for her dress fittings. Emeka had his friends’ girlfriends and wives be the bridal entourage for his intended wife had no one to call family or friend. The week leading up to her wedding day, Obianuju was treated to spa dates, beach parties, and dinners at upscale restaurants on the Island. The girlfriends and wives of Emeka’s friends made sure that she had no alone time to brood. Yvonne was overly sweet, invited Obianuju to her plush house in VGC many times for sleepovers. They would stay up all night watching movies, and sometimes Obianuju would tell her about Umueke and the circumstances surrounding her love for Emeka.

Obianuju: “So, as young as you are, you own this big house? she asked, during one of their sleepovers.

Yvonne: “I am not so young, I am 29, I have worked for my dreams and everything I have now because I knew what I wanted from life and I believed in myself. You are very intelligent; see how you aced GCE when you never went to school before. You will succeed if you put your mind to it”

Obianuju: “I want to be like you, have my own money; I want to be great for my mother, wherever she may be. She always told me she had plans for me. I want to be great for her” she quipped. Yvonne, overwhelmed with her determination, pulled her into a hug; their friendship had just budded into sisterhood.

On the day of their wedding, Obianuju woke up in a hotel suite Emeka had booked for her and her entourage. Her bachelorette’s party had stayed into the night, her head ached and there was a queasy feeling lodged in her stomach, not because she drank alcohol like the other ladies; she had fruity wine throughout the night. She was scared Ohamiri would strike on the happiest day of her life. She could not allow herself to bask in the euphoria of her wedding because; she expected it to crumble like a pack of cards.

Yvonne: “Cheer up, you look too gloomy for a bride” she said, smiling into Obianuju’s face.

At the church, to Obianuju’s chagrin, the groom and his entourage were yet to come, and the priest was getting impatient. He had asked them to postpone the wedding, as another couple needed the venue.

Obianuju: “He changed his mind! I knew this was too good to be true” the bride said hysterically, turning to Yvonne her chief bridesmaid who sat beside her in the G-wagon leased for the occasion. Just then, they saw another G-wagon decorated with nuptial flowers approach the church.

Yvonne: “They are here”. Emeka rushed into the church, determined to have his wedding, he waved at his bride as he hurried past her and her entourage.

Obianuju had practiced the vows, but when she stood before Emeka, she forgot all she was taught to say. Tears streamed down her cheeks, as she said; “I am not used to all these, I only know that I loved you from the first time I set my eyes on you, and even tomorrow I would still love you, and if there is an afterlife, I would love you there. My soul will always seek yours because, you are my destiny”


The congregation erupted into applause, some had their eyes shimmering with tears, and some had wishful looks on their faces. They were witnessing a fairy tale love. The priest joined them in a holy matrimony in the sight of God and the church.

Emeka: “You see, Ohamiri is powerless. We are married; nothing can stop us on our journey to fulfillment” he whispered as he kissed his wife, the latter smiled, for the first time, she was beginning to believe nothing could go wrong.


From the church, they were driven straight to the Murtala Mohammed airport, where they boarded a flight to Calabar, a tourist destination. They booked a cottage in Obudu cattle ranch, with came with breakfast and native delicacies for dinner. That evening, Obianuju don a forever 21 bejeweled red gown which rode up to her thighs for their private dinner at the famous African restaurant. After which, they went to a bar where they waltzed across the floor to a song by Robin Thicke.

Emeka: “Fighting for you was the best decision I ever took in my life” kissing his wife as they danced. The kiss was exhilarating, so much that Obianuju could not wait to give herself fully to her new husband. When the moment became charged, Emeka swept his wife up into his arms and carried her all the way, from the bar to the cottage. It was the climax of their wedding night and they could not wait to consummate their marriage; Obianuju had her bath with the scented oils and bath salts that the resort had provided, then she wore the lacy red lingerie that Yvonne picked up for her on their shopping date.

Emeka: “You are the most beautiful wife ever, I just want to gaze at you all night” he said as he wrapped her up in his arms, nuzzling her neck.

Obianuju: “And I just want to be your woman completely” They kissed for a long time, and though this sucking of face was all new to Obianuju, she enjoyed every bit of it. Emeka was an expert at lovemaking, he titillated every nerve cell in her as he caressed her lithe body, and as  he penetrated her, he felt proud that she was still intact;  back at the village, the sky changed its countenance, it became totally dark, even the flying birds couldn’t be seen anymore only their chirping made known their existence,and the thunder clapped above. Fear gripped the heart of the villagers as everyone found a place to hide. There was an earthquake at the village square.The servant of Ohamiri had been defiled, and there was price to pay .

Obianuju: “Emeka, I’m not feeling good” She said,as her stomach made a loud rumbling sound

Emeka: “What is it my Love? Are you ok?” He pulled her into his arms and rocked her like a baby.

Emeka had expected to feel fulfillment after making love with the love of his life,but all he felt was emptiness,  like he had lost a part of his essence. Likewise Obianuju, she had waited all this while to consummate their love, but now it left her feeling violated and ripped off. Deep down inside, she knew something was amiss; Ohamiri was mad at her.

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    On arrival, she was directed at the front desk, to the pent house. All around the path leading to the suite were red roses, this only broke Obianuju’s heart the more. She turned the door knob, expecting it to be locked, but it was open. The room was pitch black, then suddenly colored lights came on, and there, before her, was not a woman in bed with Emeka, but their mutual friends with Emeka kneeling, a red box in his hand.

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  10. where was ohamiri when obainuju was burnt? with the help of Emeka and her grandmother her life was spared,they should look up to God in prayers, ohamiri and her so-called shrine will be destroyed.

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