(Episode 6) The Scourge … Battle for the gods

Ohamiri: I am Ohamiri, the god of beauty, just as the beautiful lightning flashes to show indistinguishable landscape. I only speak once in a day and represent by Clouds. I have the ability to move people and things with my might. I have a very important operation this time. A Rival is challenging my authority on this planet earth. And I, Ohamiri, the god of beauty will not accept that.


Obianuju and the rival, Emeka… I will make sure I control your destinies with these two pots. Look at these 2 pots – Inside them, your blessings will be kept and covered. As long as they are kept inside the pots, you can’t have breakthrough. That’s it. The first Pot will harbor and prevent you from bearing children. This Womb I’m keeping inside this first pot is the original womb of Obianuju. The one you have in your body has been bewitched as a mere and useless womb like a basket that cannot hold water. From this Second Pot contains keys of your blessings, Peace and joy. You may build new houses, have cars but you shall have no peace and joy within you. She disappeared into thin air as the cloud changed its countenance, becomes brightened.


Their marriage, though devoid of fulfilling sex, had fewer hiccups, they were happy just being in each other’s life. However,no matter how many times in her menstrual cycle they had sex, Obianuju didn’t fall pregnant. This became a cause of concern to the couple, Obianuju went from one fertility clinic to the other, and they kept on telling her that nothing was wrong with her. Nevertheless, the prophecy of the priestess was fulfilled, as Emeka prospered in his business. Within one year of marriage, they had bought a five bedroom duplex in VGC and Emeka had a big I.T company, Obianuju had also secured an admission into the University of Lagos. Life was sweet,until tragedy struck.

Emeka had travelled on a business meeting to Abuja; his wife accompanied him to the airport and cautioned him against allowing Abuja girls coming close to him. They kept hugging and kissing at the lounge, not ready to let go of each other.

Porter: “Nwanne’m, he will miss his flight oh” a porter said, smiling sheepishly.

Days had passed, and Obianuju had not heard from her husband, his numbers were all switched off. She went for lectures but could not concentrate as her mind was discombobulated with worry and anxiety over her husband’s welfare. When she got back from class that day,she met Yvonne in the house; the security man had let her in.

Obianuju: “Yvonne, my husband has not called since he traveled, I am worried out of my mind, I cannot concentrate on anything else.” She said and paused when she studied Yvonne’s face.

Obianuju: “Who died? Why are you wearing that face?” she asked, Yvonne smiled forcefully.

Yvonne: “Let us go do some binge shopping” Yvonne said trying to cheer up

Obianuju: “Why are we binge shopping though, did you have a fight with Ulysses again?” she asked with her brows raised. Ulysses and Yvonne were always fighting, she felt bad for her friend who had been engaged to Ulysses for a while, but could not say assuredly that they would get married. The issue of marriage was always a source of quarrel between the couple, and whenever they fought, Yvonne would spend all her free time shopping.

Yvonne; “Shopping is how I unwind, everything does not revolve around a man, I am a Feminist” Yvonne said hysterically, and soon burst into sobs.

Obianuju: “Oh no, what is the matter my dear?” She asked, but before she could get a reply, the house phone rang. She rushed to pick it, hoping it was her husband calling.

Obianuju(on the phone) “Hello” she said anxiously, a wide grin on her face. But her face crumbled as she listened on. After she dropped the phone, she asked her friend, Yvonne to accompany her to the airport, she had been asked to come there as pertaining to her husband.

While Yvonne drove them to the airport, she kept turning to look at Obianuju,as the latter kept shifting uneasily in her seat. Reaching the airport lobby,Obianuju noticed the charged atmosphere,some people were crying, some others were consoling and airport officials were bustling around like there was a crisis.She walked hurriedly to the customer care counter and requested to see who ever was in charge. They took her to a boardroom where she met people having a meeting with a big, bald, pot-bellied man. She was quick to notice that they all had swollen eyes and runny nose,and some were still sobbing softly. Yvonne turned and held her friend in a tight hug;

Yvonne: “Never forget, that I am here for you” she said

Obianuju: “What is happening here, what are you talking about”she asked, aghast. Her heart raced as it opened up to the possibility of the impending disaster. The man presiding over the meeting told them, the life insurances on each of the passengers would be paid, including compensation.

Obanuju: “Hey mister man, I am Mrs Udo, I was called here,but since I got here, no one is saying anything to me” she said with a raised voice.

Airline boss: “Madam,like everyone else here, you were called regarding the plane crash. You were the next of kin to one Mr Emeka Udo” Obianuju was shocked to the point of mindlessness. She did not utter a word throughout the duration of the meeting, she just stared blankly at the wall, her eyes lost all its light and life, it was just a big black bulb.

Yvonne “Obianuju ,I am here for you, you will pull through this” Yvonne said,but it was as good as she had spoken to a wall ,her friend just sat unmoving.

Obianuju’s Perspective

I had felt that Emeka was in trouble, but never felt that he was dead. Hearing them talk about life insurance, compensation, they even said they would give 5 million naira to the family of the deceased like that would replace my Emeka. So,Ohamiri finally repaid me, she took away the only real thing in my life, she didn’t even allow her have a child to carry on for Emeka. I watched as Yvonne tried to comfort me, I heard all she said, but I could not bring myself to react, it was like I had turned into a robot with a glitch in its operating system, I was dead inside. I looked forward to the life ahead of me, and all I saw was a dreary picture, a life with no love, a life of loneliness. What would I do without Emeka, he was my anchor and my succor.What to do …I think I have to end my life,I was meant to die by fire, but Emeka saved me, to what end? So he could just leave me? But why can’t I feel he is gone from this world? I can feel his soul calling out to mine,where are you?

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  1. I can’t believe i’m still awake waiting for adelove stories episode 6. Hmm.. what a wicked world. So, Emeka is dead just like that?

  2. Oops! Hmmm Emeka should av given ceaser what belongs to him by leaving D girl alone serving as d goddess slave. Norms and traditions r things dt can’t just be overlooked…. But fate sha!!! #GOE

  3. Nawa oooooo………diz kind death in all Ade love story ,I don’t get it oooo.why is it d ones u Luv most alwayz dies in ur stories Ade?plz next story let nobody die dia biko make ur mind de dia !!

  4. M sure Emeka is alive, hale nd hearty, he was supposed to go with dat flight buh those Abuja girls delayed him…lets wait nd see

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