Two Giant Snakes Caught Fighting Vigorously for Supremacy (Photos+Video)

Two giant brown snakes have challenged each other fighting vigorously for supremacy in the open while being recorded.



This is the moment two giant snakes were caught fighting each other in Merredin, central Western Australia. The two deadly king brown snakes entwined in one other as they writhe across a dirt road.

The footage has since gone viral on social media as many people have not seen snakes in such a fight before.

However, people have expressed different opinions over the video as some say the serpents were fighting for dominance while others believe they were mating.

‘Just to let everyone know this is a male and female snake mating,’ wrote one commenter.

‘Mating in the middle of the road! Get a room snakes!’ wrote another.

However, Melbourne University Zoology PhD student Christopher Jolly confirmed the snakes were fighting over a female.

‘They would have been tracking the scent trail of a female when they bumped into each other and squared off.’

He said the snakes only fight when they are roughly equal in size, since the reptiles shy away from conflict with larger rivals.

‘It’s an alternative mode of evolution called sexual selection (instead of natural selection),’ Mr Jolly said.


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