Driver Caught Red-handed Watching P*rn in the Middle of Traffic (Video)

A video has shown the moment a horny driver was caught watching porn in traffic.


The man who just could not wait to get back to the comfort of his own home, was caught watching porn on a busy motorway.

According to reports, a man identified as James Osborne was sat in traffic on the M4 on his way from Cambridgeshire to Devon when he spotted the driver next to him looking at pictures of naked women on his tablet.

The 37-year-old was left flabbergasted by the randy driver’s very public porn habit.

Though he may be shocked to learn of a coming porn ban in the UK.

James, a graphic designer from Devon, said: “It was a slow journey, very start-stop, and I was just looking out of the window at the cars passing me on the left.

“The light of the screen in the car caught my eye, and I thought it looked a little bit ‘adult’, so I got my phone out to have a better look.”

“When we caught up with him I was able to see it more clearly – and it was clear it was porn,” he said.

James then did what any responsible citizen would – he filmed the whole thing on his phone.

He added: “I told my partner, who was driving, and we were both completely gobsmacked.

“I thought, does he not realise people can see right in? It was dark outside and the screen was lit up.

“But he was just scrolling through a list of very graphic pictures, seemingly oblivious – or he just didn’t care.”

James added: “I couldn’t quite see into the car to see what his expression was like – or what he was – but it was definitely surprising to say the least.

“It was certainly a shock and very unusual – I know you see motorists doing a lot of silly things, but a driver looking at porn is the last thing you expect to see when you’re driving down the M4.”


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