(Episode 10) The Scourge … Battle for the gods

Amelia: “Hello, are you the new CEO Bindalo was telling me about?” she asked looking at Obianuju from head to toe.


Obianuju: “Hello, sorry I have a lot on my mind right now, I am Obianuju, and yes I am the CEO”

Amelia: “My pleasure meeting you, you don’t look cursed to me, yes, I have been following the media buzz, sorry” she said

Obianuju: “It will pass, I guess”

Amelia: “I like you, let’s be friends, here is my card, call me. I am super rich and my lover, Bindalo has been complaining a lot, maybe I can buy over his shares.” She said and tucked her card into the breast pocket on Obianuju’s khaki jacket. Obianuju just smiled and got out of the elevator.

Amelia has been dating MrBindalo for a long while, not for his wealth, but because, he was good in bed and was open minded about weird fetishes. She however did not know that Emeka was the owner of the company where he had huge shares. On this day, she had come to take him out for lunch when she bumped into Obianuju in the elevator, not knowing she was the real wife of the man who had lost his memory. When they went out for lunch, she told him about the new man in her life.

Amelia: “I met a man, I like this one and I want to settle down with him”she said as she picked at her vegetable salad.

Bindalo: “His bed skills must be great, better than mine if you want to settle with him. I did not think this day would come”

Amelia:“ We have not had sex, he is in the hospital” She told him all about how Emeka was found by the lagoon,  and brought to the hospital where her sister worked, and how he had lost his memory and what she did.

Bindalo: “Why would you do that, are you that desperate for a husband?”

Amelia: “At first, I just wanted to get under my sister’s skin, but I have been caring for him and in the process ,I have gotten attached to him, he has no one looking for him ,he has nobody on this earth, he needs me more than I need him”

Bindalo: “Does that mean, we can no longer bang each other?”

Amelia: “Of course not, I wouldn’t give up our sex life for anything in this world”

Bindalo: “What do you say, we go cool off somewhere”

Amelia: “Not today, my man will be discharged today; I have got to be there” They kissed and went their separate ways.

Amelia bought a new duplex; she did not want her new man to live in the family house which she shares with her twin sister. She hired her friend Bella, to decorate the place and make it homey. So, when Emeka was discharged, she took him home. Before they left the hospital, her sister Annette called her aside for a last chance to persuade her to desist from the deceit she was involved in.

Annette: “Amelia, it is not too late to say the truth, pity the poor man, and give him a chance to regain his memories”

Amelia: “Righteous woman, did you give that man’s family a chance to know the cause of his death? It is too late to turn back now, do you think he will just let things go, I could go to prison, and so could you. Your sister would be getting married soon, be happy for me” Annette looked on helplessly, there was nothing she could do now, she was also complicit in this fraud. She was concerned that Amelia had refused Emeka getting any rehabilitation, his condition could get worse but her sister was more concerned about Emeka leaving her after recovering his memories.

When they arrived the house, Emeka expected to feel a spark, even a dull one that he had lived in this house, but he felt nothing.

Emeka: “What is my name?” he asked looking intently at Amelia.

Amelia: “Bernard, I would have shown you your documents and all, we lost all in a robbery, I have lodged the case with the police, they were the same people who kidnapped you and left you for dead in the water” she lied.

Emeka: “I feel so lost, I cannot help this feeling”

Amelia: “Here is something that would help, why don’t we go on a vacation, let us unwind, we are lucky to be alive”

Emeka agreed, and Amelia called her travel agent to arrange their trip to Jamaica. She planned the vacation for three months.


Obianuju had been rehearsing her speech at the press conference and also answering probable questions from the press, with Charles, it was evening, at sunset when they both retired and decided to have dinner at the Lagoon restaurant. Obianuju ordered for dodorishiand scotch, while Charles wanted sushi and cognac.

They started talking and talking and Obianuju seems liking it and she was laughing. Charles seems a funny guy. Their conversation lasted for couple of minutes and Obianuju could not trace any boredom at all. Charles decided telling her a joke,

Charles: “Akpos sat in a bar and was very moody… Soni goes over and asks: Akpos, wetin happen? Lo and Behold, a very sad looking Akpos replied: I borrow Chinyere N2million to do facial surgery, and now I no fit recognize am to collect my money back” – Obianuju could not hold her breath anymore, she was sent into an uncontrollable laughter. Charles was happy he could force out a smile from her.

They started feasting on their foods. While they were eating, Charles kept looking at her, at first, Obianuju did not notice, she was looking at the lovely scenery, the ocean was calm, the setting sun cast a golden glow on the water, and the sea breeze was cool and refreshing. Then she turned and saw his eyes fixed on her;

Obianuju: “Do I have horns on my head?

Charles: “No, you are so amazing” he replied, and Obianuju turned pink with coyness.

Charles reminded her of how they met, how vulnerable she was then and how strong she had grown to be now. Then, he asked her to date him, which Obianuju turned down because she was still mourning her husband.

Charles: “It has been 6 months already, how long are you going to mourn him?”

Obianuju: “As long as it is possible, he was my husband, we went through hell to be together, he went through hell to save me, and now that he is dead, i should just jump into another man’s arms? I will probably mourn him forever, so don’t wait for me” she said as tears filled her eyes and threatened to fall. She brushed them away swiftly and rushed out of the restaurant.

The next day was the press conference; Obianuju woke up to a text from Charles.

Charles: “Good morning beautiful, I am sorry about yesterday, I was being selfish, I was your therapist, I should know better. I want to ask you to forgive me, and let you know I am going to wait, even if it is till my dying day, for a chance to love you as you should be loved.” Obianuju smiled after reading the text, in spite of her feelings that morning. She had woken up anxious, afraid of what the future held in stock for her, but the thought that somebody out there was always in her corner gave her the confidence she needed to start her day. She took a relaxing bath and dressed up in a sleek, black power suit that screamed “Boss Lady”.

The press conference was held in front of the company building, a podium was set up where Obianuju would stand and speak. When it was time, all the media houses had sent representatives to the press conference; most of them had their both set up to stream the conference live. Obianuju came out, flanked by the directors except Bindalo.

Obianuju: “Good morning everyone and welcome. I am Mrs Obianuju Udo, chief executive officer of Mekob Information Technology Limited Company. First, I want to assure our stakeholders that the company is in good hands, I do not need to overemphasize the issue of gender equality so I do not begin to sound like ChimamandaAdichie…” At this point, everyone laughed and applauded, they beamed at her as she smiled back at them, they were practically eating from her palms.

“We are in the twenty first century and women are no longer in the kitchen and the “other room”, we are owners of businesses, pilots ,doctors, engineers, we have intruded into every field and even the ones the world thought we were not fit for. I have the educational capability and experience to move the company forward, my late husband and I, we started this company from scratch to a limited liability company, so bring your money and with the help of my team, we will turn your money into gold” Everyone applauded again, then when the applause died down, a lone applause started up. People parted ways to allow Yvonne through; she walked to the front still clapping, with a sly grin on her face.

Yvonne: “Bravo madam CEO, you have come a long way from a village girl to a power speaker. Impressive, anyways I came to serve you these papers, I will see you in court” Yvonne said and dropped a big brown envelope in Obianuju”s hand, the members of the press went into a frenzy, they did not want to miss this, but Obianuju smiled all through, even though in her heart, she was very scared.

Question: who do you think wants to fight Obianuju in court. And what has Yvonne, her former best friend got to do with it. Also will Obianuju let go of Emeka and open her heart to Charles? Find out on the coming episodes.

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  1. Choi! Amelia na machine lol

    Bindalo: “Does that mean, we can no longer bang each other?”

    Amelia: “Of course not, I wouldn’t give up our sex life for anything in this world”

  2. That joke was sooo hilarious! hahahha

    “Akpos sat in a bar and was very moody… Soni goes over and asks: Akpos, wetin happen? Lo and Behold, a very sad looking Akpos replied: I borrow Chinyere N2million to do facial surgery, and now I no fit recognize am to collect my money back”

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  7. Yvonne u call urself a friend to Obianuju.why are u doing dis to her?Obianuju dont accept Charles propose cos d man who suffer for u is still alive….dont allow any man to take his love away from u huumm.next pls

  8. Dis my first time of seeing dis site. After reading episode 1, I couldn’t help but to finish all d episode. Wao. Tnx a lot. Interest in. Pls where is episode 11 can’t wait to read it. I feel for Meeks n obianuju. Episode 11plsssssss.

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