(Episode 12) The Scourge… Battle for the gods

Amelia visited MrBindalo in his office to discuss the hostile takeover she had discussed with Emeka, but the latter was reluctant to sell his shares.


Bindalo: “Let me sleep on it, I will get back to you when I make my decision. You know the court case and the press conference have boost confidence in the company, so our stocks have moved, it would be unwise to sell, except you are offering much”

Amelia: “I am ready to give you anything you ask for”

Bindalo: “It is about that man you found huh…it is a pity”

Amelia: “I am pregnant; we are getting wedded soon, what better way to invest than invest on my family?”

Bindalo: (within himself): look at this one, you think I will hand over my shares to you because of you just found a nutty man who wants to marry you ,no way ,this company is going places and I am here for the ride”

Amelia decided to also visit Obianuju, she had tried befriending the new CEO months ago for no reason, now she had a reason because, now she wanted this company for her fiancé by hook or crook. She meets the secretary in the adjoining office and ask to be let in to see the CEO.

Secretary: “Do you have an appointment?”

Amelia: “No I do not, but it is very important I see her now.

The secretary dials up her boss, and ask if Amelia should be let in, she gets the affirmative and sends her in.

Obianuju: “Sorry I didn’t call again; I had so much on my plate”

Amelia: “It is ok, I am here now, if you are not so busy, we could grab lunch”

Obianuju (within herself): “Since Yvonne, I have been skeptical about making girl friends, but maybe I could try one more” she thought within herself, then smiled at Amelia and agreed to go out for lunch.

Amelia insisted on driving, so she drove them to an café where they satisfied their sweet tooth with chocolate glazed doughnuts, burger and French fries with cream latte. While they munched Amelia broached the subject of buying shares.

Amelia: “I have a friend who is good in information technology; he is interested in buying major stocks in your company”

Obianuju: “If he is interested in shares, there are preferred stocks selling, he could get that”

Amelia: “What about the common stocks, I thought you were in for the money, I could buy over your shares, at any price you set”

Obianuju: “I am not just in for the money, this was my late husband’s baby, I cannot let him down, sorry, I will be holding on to my shares”

Amelia: “All good” she said with a feign smile.

After their lunch, Amelia suggested they went over to Coldstone Creamery to eat ice cream. While they were there, Charles called Obianuju.

Obianuju (on the phone): “Hello Charles, how do you do?” After listening for a while, she hung up and told Amelia she had to go for an appointment.

Amelia: “Let’s do this again; I enjoyed my time with you”

Obianuju: “What do you say, we have a sleepover this weekend, we can shop all through the day and cook something in the evening”

Amelia: “I totally love it, let’s do that” They air kissed themselves and went their separate ways.



Emeka was home watching television; Amelia was yet to be home so he was all alone. He felt himself having mood swings, whenever he tried to look back on the past, he met a big wall. He was soliloquizing when he heard the doorbell, he walked to the foyer to check the intercom and see who was at the door. He saw it was his doctor, Annette and opened to let her in.

Annette: “How is my favorite patient doing?” she asked

Bernard(Emeka): “I am just as before, no changes, I don’t even get flashes, my head is just a blank space”  he said morosely.

Annette: “Be patient everything will fall into place” she said a dark look crossed her face. She wanted to help him out, but her hands were tied, if she said the truth, Bernard may or may not regain his memory, but he could also become destroyed emotionally, Annette could see he was building a life with her twin sister, and her sinister sister was less sinister since she met Bernard, so perhaps it was for the best that he could not remember his past. She was lost in assuaging her conscience when Bernard stood up abruptly, pointing at the television screen.

Annette: “What is it?” she asked looking at the television.

Bernard: “I don’t know why I feel like I know this woman?” Annette looked at the screen again, and saw that it was news time and the news anchor was talking about woman of the year nominations, there were four women on the screen.

Annette: “Which of the women?” she asked.

Bernard: “The fair one with the afro wearing black” he answered holding his head, it ached him anytime he tried to regain a fleeting memory.

Annette: “Obianuju Udo, Hmmm” she said thoughtfully. Just then, a car drove in.

Emeka: “That must be my fiancée, I promised I would let go of my past but it is so hard, who I was before now. No matter what Amelia says I just feel like there is something missing.


Obianuju used her phone to request for a Uber ride, in 10 minutes, the car arrived and drove her to a rotary club where Charles was hanging out with his buddies and their fiancées and wives.

Charles: “This is the woman I have been telling you all about, she is an epitome of a survivor” he said as he pulled out a seat for her.

Woman: “We have heard a lot about what you are doing for girls, the trust fund, we want to invite you to join our board of directors of a girls foundation, The Girl Power Initiative, GPI, you are just the kind of person we need. We want you to meet the girls first before you make a decision”

Obianuju: “I am honored, I am ready whenever you need me”

Charles’ friend : “You finally caught a good one, happy for you bro”

Charles: “We are not dating…yet” Obianuju laughed at this.

After a while, in which Obianuju demonstrated her intelligence and garnered respect from all those around her, Charles offered that they go for a private dinner. They went to the lagoon restaurant which was fast becoming their favorite hangout spot.

Obianuju: “What did your friend mean back there?”

Charles: “Well…”

He told her that he had been married before, she was not his choice, but his parents wanted an alliance with the lady’s family, so they married. But she turned out to be a thorn in his flesh, she had never worked all her life, she lived the life of a socialite, hopping from one party to the other ,sometimes she went overseas for months on holidays, and what she did there no one knew. Until she fell out with her best girlfriend, who called her out on social media. It so happened that on such overseas travel, she lived a reckless life, sleeping with different men, even women, while still married to him. She did not want a child and even when she got pregnant, she drank till she miscarried. He was just a young man then, he had no emotional stability, so he went into depression, almost committed suicide, but a psychologist like himself saved him. It led him to leave his field; he was a civil engineer, he went into psychology so he could help people move forward after the thing that broke them.

Obianuju: “You are so much like my Emeka, sorry, I still hold him in my heart, but now it doesn’t hurt when I think of him, I think he is in a better place” she said as she took a sip of her scotch.

Charles: “He must have been a great man” he said looking at her thoughtfully.

Obianuju: “When Emeka was alive, he was everything to me, I leaned on him, without him I could not stand, but with you, you have been like a rock, instead of carrying me on your back, you help me stand on my two feet. Knowing you has made me stronger, and I do not want to keep you waiting any longer”

Charles: “What are you saying to me right now?”  he asked, anxiously, with excitement.

Obianuju: “I am saying yes, I want to be your girl friend, your date, your companion. But I  cannot be your wife, not ever”

Charles: “DO not be in a haste to take that decision”

Obianuju: “We have both been married before, and it didn’t go well, I really do not want to bury another husband”

Charles: “I will not pressure you, I am ready to be with you under any terms, I have always loved you”

Question: Do you think Obianuju is taking a wrong step?

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  1. Yes Obianuju is taking a wrong decision bcos Emeka is alive bt she is unaware. Emeka will regain his memories one day and search for his real love.

    • Never the less dear when reading let’s note we do that from 2 angles so the real fact why dis move is she knows wat and why she is in dis problem in d first place she should resort to breaking d bond with the goddess before bring forth another wrath.

  2. I pray that Emeka fully regains his memory in order to posses hispossesion. Wicked & greedy Amelia will nw knw that she is standing wit one leg. Yvonne & Ulyses will surely regret the evil step they took against Obianuju. I cnt wait for the next episode. Kudos to Adelove !

  3. She has done nothing wrong in saying yes. Emeka has been out of her life 4 a while now and der’z no way 4 her 2 knw he’s still alive. We can only castigate her if after meeting Emeka again, she decides 2 stick wt Charles.

  4. life wil turn to hell, when ur best friend turn out to be ur worst enemy, Yvonne why suddenly change, uju God is ur strength, i no dat surely d truth will come out one day. kudos to you .Ade my love, next episode plssss

  5. It’s not a wrong step cos it’s believed enema is dead, besides she dint promise Charles marriage, thumbs up ade love.

  6. @ Shittex and glittery pearl – I support your views. Nothing wrong with Obi steps ….. most of our girls nowadays would hv accepted the offer the very first day Charles show interest after all record have it that Emeka is dead.

    Things will get better…….they are meant for each other …….both cheated dead……that means something……..

    Crew memb and readers good night pls

  7. Hmm. Things are going so well for Uju that I wonder if ohimiri curse ever meant anything. Does anybody feel that the accident Emeka had was a mere coincidence ?

  8. Wow! what a complicated situation! well, you don’t justify the situation of her accepting Charls as being a wrong decission, because the fact is that unknown to her that Emeka is alive as she held her fate for the first time, she thought he was truely dead.

  9. I can say its not a wrong and its a wrong decision.in d first place Emeka we regain back her memory and go back to her love.for d decision dat Obianuju take we are all human being…..she suppose to wait more b4 d decison cos she said she love her husband……Adelove i dey gbadun u.next pls

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with Obianuju becoming friends with Charles,for crying out loud she didn’t agree to marriage n saying that her husband is still alive,how on earth is she suppose to know,she’s just tired of being lonely,another thing is that she’s aware of ohamiri’s deeds n that’s y she said she does not want to bury another husband although Charles didn’t understand,I hope she gets freedom from ohamiri

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