Ghanaian power company coming to Lagos

A Ghanian company plans to establish a wiring and transmission equipment factory in Lagos this month to improve power supply in the country.


The Chief Operating Officer, Reroy Group, Roy Quartey Papafio, told The Nation, during an energy forum in Lagos, that Nigeria was chosen because of its large market.

He said: “We are already doing business in Nigeria. We have clients in the country, but we are looking at a situation whereby we would operate fully in the country. We have done market survey to know our clients and what they need. The aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers.’’

Papafio said the company would support contractors in the power distibution chain, the same way it did for contractors in Ghana.

He said this would improve power supply, create jobs and boost the economy.

According to him, the plant will, at the onset, create direct jobs for 100 persons and provide thousands of indirect jobs.

‘’We want to invest in Nigeria, share competencies in such a way that we would contribute our quota to the development of the country. Often times, we look for skills abroad.

‘’Unknown to many of us, there are enough skills in Nigeria and other African countries. We have capacities that are under-utilised in Nigeria and other countries. Once Africans start investing in their continent, they would build skills and create jobs,’’ he added.

Nigeria and other countries, he said, needed regional cooperation to develop.



  1. Blue, them nor dey use shame chop poison,,, pride and over sabi has always been the problem of my beloved country Nigeria…. Let them come if that will solve the problem, then let it be.
    We are interested in results, it doesn’t matter how it happen, just give us light.

  2. Welcome development. It’s a big shame that our politicians share our billions without any sensible achievement. Judgement day is coming.

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