Guys! Here Are Simple Technique to Make You Orgasm Without Being Touched

Experts have discovered that one can now orgasm through different ways without having to be touched.

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Erotic hypnosis can act as guided meditation that provokes sexual arousal – with zero touching.

A person is still conscious during the hypnosis and remains in control, but they become highly responsive to suggestion or direction.

While many women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, our brains plays a big part in pleasure for both women and men. Our brain is where sensations such as pleasure and pain are experienced – even if it feels like we’re feeling it in our body.

So, doesn’t it make sense that if you can figure out how to control the brain, you can have orgasms on demand?

A trigger word or song can make this achievable.

Jacqui Olliver, a sex strategist and The Technique Modifier at End the Problem told Medical Daily: “While you can’t change the way your brain responds to the messages you give it, you can change the messages that you are giving to your brain.

“This is why aligning your thoughts and actions is so important.”

So, could a hands-free orgasm be possible?

Orgasms can be attained on command through meditation, which can be done either verbally or via music. An album called Binaural Beats Ultra claims to be able to aid on the journey for a hands-free orgasm.

The album, available on Spotify, says you can achieve orgasm by simply listening to a track using headphones while paying attention to your breathing, sensations and feelings as the music plays.

According to Certified & Erotic Hypnotist Jerry Storey, there are two types of orgasms on command – instant orgasms known as ‘climax’ or ‘dry orgasms’, and ‘true orgasms’.

Another option is to undergo erotic hypnosis.

According to Jerry, ‘true orgasms’ can be achieved by using a trigger word or phrase and an erotic hypnotist can provide a trigger that will mean the hypnotee can become sexually aroused every time they hear it.

He added: “Each time I say that word the pleasure will double.

“If I use a touch trigger like holding their hand in both of my hands, the pleasure will increase fivefold.”

A series of trigger words can be used so that when the final one is spoken the person will experience a hands-free orgasm.

Sounds easy, right?

If the idea appeals to you, but the idea of visiting an erotic hypnotist freaks you out, it may be worth trying one of the thousands of meditative videos available on Youtube.

So, are you going to give it a go?


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