Hollywood actress, Evan Rachel Wood makes a shocking revelation about her past

A super Hollywood actress has made a shocking revelation about her past in which she was brutally r*ped leaving her with the thoughts of death.


US actress Evan Rachel Wood, who plays one of the leading characters in the new hit TV series Westworld, has spoken out about being raped twice in an open letter she posted on Twitter.

According to reports, the 29-year-old revealed that after she was r*ped the second time, she wanted to die. She made the revelation in an interview with newsmen and decided to also share her story on social media as she did not want to “stay silent any longer”.

The actress, who plays a woman who gets raped in the HBO drama series, said she had been assaulted by a “significant other” and then by the owner of a bar.

“The first time I was unsure that if it was done by a partner it was still in fact rape, until too late,” Wood wrote. “Also who would believe me.

“And the second time, I thought it was my fault and that I should have fought back more, but I was scared.”

According to her, the attack took place “many, many years ago” and that she had come to understand that she was not at fault. She said after the attacks, she nearly ended her life at age 22.

Revealing more details, the openly bisexual actress said she failed to open up on the r*pe because she feared many people would think she was seeking attention.

“I don’t believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer. I certainly can’t,” she wrote.

Wood said although she was happy in her life, she was “still not ok”. Wood plays Dolores, an android in the sci-fi series “Westworld” based on the 1973 movie of the same name about a Western theme park of the future.

In the first episode, her character is shown being dragged off to be raped.

The actress posted a message on Twitter on Tuesday, several hours after sharing her letter, saying that she would be taking a break from social media.

“Thank you for all your support and courageous stories. You are not alone. xo,” she said in her message.


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