(Episode 15) The Scourge… Battle for the gods

Amelia: “So I am about to be wedded to my friend’s husband? It is too late to go back; I must push forward, and as long as I live Obianuju will never find out that Emeka is still alive. What a life” She brushed the tears from her eyes and proceeded to join Bernard.

Bernard: “Have you been crying?” he asked looking concerned.

Amelia: “I just found out that we cannot get common shares in the company, I am so sad, it was our dream company, something that would make you feel alive and complete, but it cannot happen anymore” she said unable to keep the tears from falling as she thought of how things really were.

Bernard: “Come on, you don’t have to cry, this is supposed to our happiest day, we are finally getting married” he said and wiped her tears.

They all went in and in a few minutes, Amelia and Bernard (Emeka) were married.

Amelia: “Let’s go out of the country for our honeymoon, let me call my travel agent, he will arrange everything for us, Dubai is a nice place to observe our honeymoon”.  Bernard gave the go-ahead and Amelia called her travel agent to prepare their documents for travel. She was still talking to the agent when Obianuju’s call came in, she quickly picked up.

Amelia: “How is my best girlfriend doing?” she said sweetly, but her facial expression was anything but sweet. After the call, she told her new husband that she had to step out for a while. She went out to meet with Obianuju who had invited her to join them on their weekend getaway.

Obianuju: “Hahan, why are you here alone, what of your new husband?” she asked totally surprised.

Amelia: He is taking care of things, we are going on our honeymoon in Dubai, so sorry I can’t go with you guys on your weekend getaway” she said with feign happiness.

Obianuju: “Charles, it seems we are on our own in this. Enjoy your trip” she hugged Amelia and air kissed her.

Amelia: “Before I come back, I want to hear wedding bells for you both” She said while watching Obianuju intently.

Charles: “I would marry her today if I could, but she is not ready”


It was the second week of December, Amelia had been in Dubai ever since, Obianuju shared her days between the company and Charles, even though Yvonne had apologized and they were friends again, the chemistry was gone, they didn’t complete each other’s words as they used to, instead they were having disconnect in their conversations. With nobody to spend her free time except Charles, she became addicted to sex with Charles; she left the office during lunch breaks to have quickie sessions with Charles. Even when they went out for dinner, they could hardly wait to get home before having sex, so the toilet became their favorite lovemaking spot. One day after a wild night of sex, she woke up and rushed to the bathroom to throw up. When she came out of the bathroom, Charles was holding a bed table in his hands, on it was a plate of waffles, scrambled eggs, milk muffins and a mug of chocolate milk. Immediately the aroma of the scrambled eggs hit her nostrils, she ran back to the bathroom to throw up. Charles, looking worried, put the table on one side of the bed and went to the bathroom.

Charles: “Are you alright?”

Obianuju: “I feel feverish and nauseous. God! Am I pregnant?”

Charles drove her to the hospital, and a test was carried out on her, both blood, urine and saliva. It was found out that she had hormonal imbalance, she was not pregnant as she feared.

Obianuju: “That was quite a scare, what would I have done if I had fallen pregnant?” she said as Charles drove her to the office, from the hospital.

Charles: “That is simple, we would get married”

Obianuju: “I told you before, I will not get married” she said and walked away hurriedly, Charles ran after her.

Charles: “Come on, let me take you to the office” He opened the car door

Obianuju: “I told you before; I gave you my conditions, why do you have to be so pig headed”

Charles: “I am pig headed, you are being selfish, what gives you the right to give conditions, is it because I love you?” he said anger and hurt played across his face.. While they drove to Mekob, Obianuju kept quiet, she was too immersed in her thoughts to start a conversation, in fact they were both lost in their private thoughts.

Charles: “Let’s talk about this, when we are both home” he said as the car pulled into the parking lot of Mekob, not wanting the quarrel to last for long.

Obianuju: “You are not spending the night in my house” she said bluntly and left the car, walking briskly into the building.

During lunch, she called Amelia and intimated her about the quarrel and the pregnancy scare; the latter persuaded her to marry Charles.

Obianuju: “I already made my decision not to remarry after Emeka, I still think of him every day”

Amelia: “You still think of Emeka and you have been busy, banging Charles? Come on girlie, that man loves you, I see the way he looks at you even from across the room, move on with your life, you have been grateful enough to Emeka, he doesn’t expect you to be a martyr for him. Live your life”


Obianuju: “Harsh much?”

Amelia: “I am not being harsh sweetheart, I am being realistic. Think about it”.

Obianuju pondered on what Amelia had said all through the week, she went to the office each day and locked herself in the house after closing from the office. Charles kept away from her house, but made sure he called her often to check up on her.

One cold morning in December, a week to Christmas, Obianuju woke up after a tumultuous night in which she kept seeing herself drowning in a river of blood, she woke up with fear in her heart, the river had looked like River Ohamiri which served the village of Umueke, she remembered Ohamiri and feared that anytime now death could come, she decided that even if she lived a short, she would be satisfied that she lived fully. Therefore, she decided to finally let go of Emeka and marry Charles. She picked up the phone and called Charles.

Obianuju: “What do you think about yuletide wedding, excellent right?” she said into the phone. She could hear Charles jumping up for joy. His happiness warmed her heart; she told herself that she would strive to make him happy.

They decided to do the wedding in Dubai, Obianuju went along with this because she thought if they did it in Dubai, it would be easier for Amelia to be her chief bridesmaid, since she was currently honeymooning in Dubai. She hooked up a celebrity events manager to take care of everything.

That same day, she called Yvonne her once best friend to give her the good news; she was scared at first, because, she didn’t want to elicit jealousy as this would be the second time she was getting married, whereas marriage was eluding Yvonne.

Obianuju: “Hello, how are you, I want to inform you of my upcoming wedding?”

Yvonne (on phone): “You are getting married? Wow that is good, you deserve to be happy”

Obianuju: “Come on Yvonne, people find happiness outside marriage, marriage alone doesn’t make one happy. Anyways I would like you to be there, all expense would be taken care of”

Yvonne: “I am going to be your chief bridesmaid just like before” she said, Obianuju could hear the excitement in her voice.

Obianuju: “No dear, Amelia will be my chief bridesmaid, sorry”

Yvonne: “Oh of course, no worries.” She said awkwardly.

All preparations were set for the wedding of the year, only the largest media house had gotten exclusive rights to cover the wedding. Obianuju’s dress was custom made in Italy, she didn’t care about all the fuss but had to indulge Charles, this was his first real marriage, he married when he was much younger and had no choice in the bride. But this time, he was marrying a woman he loved, a woman who every man wanted as wife. Two days before the wedding, they travelled to Dubai. At the Murtala Mohammed Airport, someone called Obianuju.


Caller: “Your husband is alive, Emeka is alive, do not marry another man:” She dropped the phone immediately, her eyes wide with fear; they threatened to bulge out of the sockets. She began to shake.

Obianuju: “Why are people so cruel, who would play this sick joke on me” she said with tears in her eyes as she told her intending husband what the caller had said. Charles tried to comfort her until it was time to board the plane.

Amelia was confused, the day for Obianuju’s wedding was drawing near, she did not want Emeka and Obianuju in the same time zone, which was the reason she had taken their honeymoon to Dubai. Since their stay in Dubai, she had been trying to convince Emeka to relocate with her to America, if they did life would go on and no one would know that Emeka was still alive. So she decided the best thing to do was to go back to Nigeria, perhaps she could convince Emeka, that they should relocate to Abuja, there he could birth a startup company. She became calm when she came to this decision; little did she know that things were going to unravel fast.

She told Emeka her plans, the latter agreed especially as he would have a startup of his own, the knowledge in his head was wasting away; he needed to put it to good use. They packed their bags and had the rented car drive them to Dubai International Airport, so they could board a flight home.

BOEING 756 touched down at the Dubai International Airport, the media house that was supposed to cover the wedding was with them as they went through customs. They walked through the airport lounge arm in arm, the phone call was miles away from Obianuju’s mind, and she was caught up in the euphoria of the wedding. Then…

Amelia was walking beside her husband through the airport lounge, when she saw Obianuju walking down arm in arm with Charles. She swerved immediately trying to stand in front of Emeka but it was too late.


Obianuju: “Emeka”! She screamed and slumped on the ground.

At exactly that moment, the wall blocking his memories fell off, and he rushed forward.

Emeka: “Obianuju! My wife!” he exclaimed and rushed to where Obianuju had fainted on the floor. Amelia just stood still, with tears streaming down her eyes, and an angry scowl etched on her face.

Question: Now that the star crossed lovers have met, what is going to happen? Will her marriage to Charles pull through? Will Amelia let go and let live, or will she fight for the man she has come to love.

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  1. Emeka: “Obianuju! My wife!” he exclaimed and rushed to where Obianuju had fainted on the floor. Amelia just stood still, with tears. Amelia just betrayed her friend as Yvonne did… up adelove..

    • sex is a part of a huma being, and women are sensual beings, Obianuju doesnt fuck around, she had intimate moments with a man she was in a relationship with, not just any man

  2. Even while you’re entertaining, you’re busy sharing d good news which is Christ Jesus…I love what you’re doing may God bless your ministry.

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  6. Betrayers, back stab and selfishness… Just as it is in our daily living. #truelovehardtofind# emeka the only inocent. adelove u rock!

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