Unsuspecting Guest Arrives at a Friend's Wedding to Find Out She's the Surprise Bride (Photos)

Perfect day or your worst nightmare? How an unsuspecting guest arrived at a friend’s wedding to discover she is the bride and her boyfriend had planned the entire ceremony without consulting her.

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A man identified as Gustavo Ortiz, from Buenos Aires in Argentina, has stunned his partner after arranging the couple’s wedding ceremony at the church in Sarandi, Buenos Aires, without without consulting his unsuspecting wife.

The woman who is an unsuspecting guest arrived a friend’s wedding to discover that she was the bride and that her boyfriend had planned their whole ceremony as a surprise.

According to reports, the groom who is a newspaper photographer, was so confident that his partner, Mercedes Ortiz would be bowled over by his romantic gesture, said he first came up with the idea around five years ago, but several parishes turned him down because they were unwilling to go ahead with the ceremony without the bride’s consent.

The man who disclosed that he spent months planning the ultimate surprise, said: ‘At the end of July, returning from winter holidays in Mar del Plata, the idea hit me again. And there I thought, ‘Suppose I have the church. How do I go about it? Whom do I tell?’

Finally he got a church to agree to help him on his romantic quest – the Sacred Heart in the Barracas area of Buenos Aires, whose Priest at the ceremony said: ‘When he came to talk to me four months ago, I said’ This bloke is crazy ‘. But I’m crazier than him. ‘

However, he could not pull off the big day on his own – he needed help, and luckily a team of friends were eager accomplices and helped him get the most important prop, his bride’s wedding dress. However, he still had to convince Mercedes with his ‘fake’ wedding story.

Gustavo said: ‘When I told her that our friend was getting married, she said ‘splendid’, and that she had a dress she’d worn just a few months before. But it was black.’

To change Mercedes’ mind he ordered ‘four special cards’, with the invitation, stating it would take place in a very glitzy ballroom in Barracas. Her friends also convinced her to pick another outfit and thankfully, she agreed.

Gustavo admits the most complex part of his plan was the day of the wedding itself. He arrived at the church before his bride and hid away while she came with a friend.

Another friend then captured the moment a gob-smacked Mercedes walked through the door and heard wedding music erupt around the church.

In the emotional footage, tears run down Mercedes’ cheeks as she walks down the aisle towards her future husband.

Thousands of people have watched the video since it was shared online and Gustavo said he was shocked by how many people were touched by it.

He said: ‘I did not think the video was going to have so much impact, people who do not know us write and tells me that they’ve watched the video and cried.’



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