Blogger cries out over threat to life by High Court Judge

Promise Uzoma Okoro, a blogger, popularly known as “PUO” has raised the alarm over an alleged threat to his life by Justice K.N Ogbonnaya, a Judge of the Federal Capital Territory High Court.


Okoro, who runs Puoreports, an online channel, alleged that the threat followed claims by the Judge that he blackmailed her over a case with suit No. FCT/HB/BW/ M 90/16, between Rev. Prof. Paul Emeka and the Incorporated Trustees of the Assemblies of God Nigeria.

The blogger claimed that the judge had during the sitting on the case on Wednesday 30th November 2016 vowed to deal with him, both physically and spiritually, with all her might.

He quoted the judge as saying: “Counsel to the defendant, on the next adjourned date make sure you produce in court Mr. Promise Uzoma Okoro, am ready to fight him both physically and spiritually with all my might over the article he wrote against my person.”

Okoro, therefore, stated as follows: “I was shocked to read in the papers that the judge vowed to deal with me both physically and spiritually. This is because in the first instance, I am not a party to the said suit, which involves Rev. Prof. Paul Emeka and the General Trustees of the Assemblies of God Church.

“On my enquiry, I was told that Barr Jude Aji, Counsel to Rev. Prof. Paul Emeka wrote a petition against me before the Judge since July 2016 over a purported article which I never wrote.

“I was also told that it was this same Lawyer that supplied my Details to the Judge when she mentioned Paul Uzoma Instead of Promise Uzoma Okoro, a clear sign of hatched evil plot against my person.


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  1. Lawless judge ?
    This is part of the rotteness in sub Saharan Africa where many idiots that find themseives in position of power, autority or who are well to do go about bullying, harassing and intimidating others
    This type of judge would have been promptly suspended and investigated over this very serious allegation of “threat to life” in an advanced nation

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