(Episode 16) The Scourge… Battle for the gods

The media house went into a frenzy, their cameras were on automatic as they took pictures of Obianuju splayed on the floor, and Emeka bent over her weeping like a child. Charles came over and pushed Emeka aside, he knelt down and propped Obianuju into his arms.

Charles: “Somebody call a medic, my fiancée is unconscious” But before the ambulance arrived, Obianuju opened her eyes. She looked around disoriented at first, then she jolted out of Charles’ arms when she remembered Emeka was alive. She turned and there Emeka stood, he didn’t understand why another man was calling his wife fiancée.

Obianuju: “Emeka, Emeka, you are alive” she ran and hugged him, then was when she noticed the ring on his hand; it was not the ring she gave to him.

Amelia: “What is going on here? “She said joining them

Obianuju: “I should be asking you, what are you doing with my husband?” she said turning on Amelia.

Amelia: “Excuse me, you are getting married to Charles in two days, so don’t call Bernard your husband” she replied.

Charles: “There is a mix up somewhere, you are dead, or rather was pronounced dead, how are you alive? He asked.

Emeka: “Why are you getting married to this man? Obianuju explain this to me, I am not understanding you oh”

Charles: “You need to explain where you have been this past year, did you lie about your trip, and somehow was not on the plane?”

Emeka: “I am talking to my wife, stay out of this”

Amelia: “As far as I am concerned you have only one wife, and that is me, we have to leave now, we will miss our flight if we don’t”

Obianuju: “Is that why you were hiding him away from me, because he is or was my husband, I wish you both a good life” she said and walked away, Charles went after her. Emeka made to go after her but Amelia held tightly to his arm.

Amelia: “I will not let you go; you are married to me, not that woman”

Emeka: “I married you without having memories of my past, I am sorry, please forgive m e, I have to go back to my wife, before I lose her forever”

Amelia: “No you won’t. If you do, I will kill her, this is not bluffing, you will stay married to me, if not for me, at least for the sake of our child, he or she does not deserve to grow up in an incomplete family. Let’s go now” she said and pulled him toward the boarding area.

Obianuju went with Charles to the penthouse they had leased for her and her entourage. She was distraught as she replayed the moment in her head when she saw Emeka, she kept wondering what could be the reason that Emeka hid himself from her all these while. Did he stage his death so he could leave her, was it because of the scourge of Ohamiri, why did he not just say so, she would have freely given him a divorce, why make her go through the pain of losing him, she was almost destroyed because she thought he was dead. In her closet, she blamed herself for his death, she felt that she was a curse to anybody who came into her life, it was the reason she held back from marrying Charles until now. To think that entire trauma was for naught, Emeka was somewhere getting married to Amelia. But if he planned all these, why did he leave the company and all his assets to him, why would he give up all his possessions, was leaving their marriage worth all that? These questions kept playing around in her mind. She decided then, that she would not marry Charles until she had all her answers.

Charles was watching her all these while, he saw different emotions that played across her face and knew that she must be in turmoil, he would be in turmoil if he was in her shoes. Obianuju turned to him and said;


Obianuju: “Sweetheart, we have to postpone this wedding, I cannot marry you now that the whole world knows Emeka is alive, even if I wanted to”

Charles: “But do you want to?” Obianuju kept quiet, her eyes down, this was a question she was scared to ask herself. She did not want to hurt Charles, but now that Emeka was alive, she could not but feel that Charles would be second fiddle.

Obianuju: “Before now, marrying you was all I ever wanted, but seeing Emeka alive, I must confess that I am confused and torn in two. But one thing is sure; I cannot make a decision till I hear from him. I have going out of my mind thinking of what really went wrong” she said and began to pace.

Charles: “I was your friend first before I became your fiancé, I am here for you every step of the way, I will never leave you” he said and pulled her into his arms. Obianuju’s heart was at war with her, she felt so secured in Charles’ arms, Emeka was her first love, but she had come to love Charles too.


Yvonne had gone to the Palms Shopping Mall to restock her groceries, she was inside The Game checking out a tin of baked beans when someone called her name, she turned and behold Ulysses was there before her.

Yvonne: “Ulysses” Yvonne said, lost for words. Seeing him again, all the feelings she had been trying to bury came rushing to the surface, her cheeks grew pink. Ulysses felt uncomfortable seeing Yvonne turn pink at his presence, he had loved her at one point, he could not explain what happened between them, and the reason things fell apart.

Ulysses: “Yvonne, it has been a while, saw what happened between you and Obianuju, why did you do that, I thought that event at the funeral was an isolated event, but it seems it was deeper than that, the things you said about my late friend and his wife, I do not think I will ever forgive you”. Yvonne was hurt that this entire time, Ulysses still cared and protected Obianuju. She was tempted to be bitter, but she shrugged and smiled.

Yvonne: “I do hope you find it in your heart to forgive me as I have forgiven you for hurting me because, Obianuju has already forgiven me, and she is getting married to Charles in less than a day”.

Annette:”oh honey, I was wondering where you went, who is your friend” Yvonne saw a woman walk to them and put her hand around Ulysses.

Ulysses: Yvonne, meet my girlfriend, Annette, she is a practicing doctor, Annette, Yvonne was my fiancée”

Annette: “Oh” she said taking a look at Yvonne from head to toe.

Yvonne was about to move when the news came on the television”

News Anchor: “Breaking news. Emeka Udo, the Information Technology Magnate, has been found to be alive and married to one Amelia Dunbari. The question on everyone’s lips is where has he been all these time, was he on the plane that crashed last year, and if he wasn’t, why did he abandon his wife Obianuju Udo” the anchor said and promised for more updates on the issue. Yvonne turned to Ulssyes and both eyes were wide open, they rushed and hugged each other, Annette momentarily forgotten. When they pull apart, both had tears in their eyes.

Yvonne: “What are we going to do now”

Ulysses: “Call Obianuju, she cannot marry now, her husband is alive”

Yvonne: “She is not in the country; she is in Dubai, for her wedding”

Ulysses: “We have to do something though” he said, his hands held to his mouth, deep in thoughts. Annette had heard the news too and wondered how it was discovered, she had called Obianuju, as a way to assuage her conscience without going against her sister, but now that the truth was known without any input from her, she was happy beyond words.


Ohamiri: “Obianuju, daughter of Aneke and Nwokoye, Slave of Ohamiri. If I could strike my priestess, who are you that I cannot strike you down, you give the food meant for the gods to common men, when the day shall come, I will take away happiness from your life, you shall eat the bread of sorrow. No one dares the gods and go scot free. Both you and all those who ate from the food meant for the gods”

Ohamiri appeared before Charles and Obianuju in the dream.

Obianuju: “In Jesus’ name, In the name of Jesus that I preach, I command (Speaking in tongues)… I command and don’t plead. The Holy Spirit has been put in me and that spirit is in me to cast out demons. What is your name? I mean what is the name of the spirit that lives in you?”

“I know the kind of person you are. I will deal with you today. It is written in the bible, fire went before the Lord and chased his enemies. It didn’t chase them but also consumed them. If you don’t want me to consume you, I command you to leave this house now”

Ohamiri: (Laughing) Ok, that’s alright. Where can we find that passage you read from the scripture? Tell me! Tell me!! Just tell me!!! If you can tell me, I will admit you as a Master!

Obianuju: Shut up your mouth. If i don’t know the verse, atleast i watch healing programs on TV. The Holy Spirit lives in me and I have been given an anointing to set the captives free and to comfort the depressed. That spirit of oppression will surely bow down today.

Ohamiri: #Yinmu.. The Holy Spirit lives in you? You have anointing? And you’ve been sleeping with my Slave, Obianuju. You are yet to get married to her. You never fast and pray for forgiveness for committing all these sins, not even seeking for power from God. You are here commanding me to leave this house? You must be kidding Obianuju

Obianuju: I say leave my house. I command you in name of Jesus!

Ohamiri: (Laughter). Hahahah..Madam Caster! You must be the crazy type. I asked you to tell me the passage where we can find the words that you quoted first and second time, you couldn’t. You must be Dullard Christian. Assuming you don’t know any passage in the bible, Atleast you should have fast and pray for God’s power. That would have saved you today.

Ohamiri came close to Charles who was still writhing on the bed, held bound in the dream by Ohamiri, gave Charles a knock on his head. Charles fell helplessly. Ohamiri disappeared into thin air immediately.

Obianuju woke up suddenly, she looked beside her, and Charles was still, he usually tossed in his sleep.She turned to kiss him but his lips were dry and cold, like the kiss of death. She shook him, but he wouldn’t stir, he was long gone, Charles was dead. She let out a loud scream; it pierced the quietness in the hotel. She kept wailing in a loud voice until the security of the hotel came banging on the door.

Question: Do you think a Christian should at least fast once a month to avert such undesirable occurrence? What will happen to Obianuju? Will these two lovers, Emeka and Obianuju ever come back together?

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  1. OMG! charles dead. Dts trouble. Obianuju shud draw closer to God to put ohamiri to shame. Next episode plssssss . d suspense is getting Toooo much

  2. chaiiii!
    Adelove you go kill personooo.
    This story is something else.
    Thank for uju, at last Jesus has entered her life. There is hope and chances of salvation long lacked in her life since. thumb up for Adelove & crew jaree

  3. I understand Obianuju watched miracles on TV.. but she really need to be connected to GOD heartedly. Then, she can command and control the devil. You can’t just ask evil spirit to leave without connected to GOD. What a big lesson to learn from this episode. AdeLove and Crew, Jah bless you real good

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Lord just rescue this couple and away Amelia from them now. And help Obianuju out of this trouble. Ulysses’s fiancée a traitor better marry Yvonne o and leave that troubled family o!

  5. aww! Emeka distress has hope than Charles who is dead. only God can help in this case. Obianuju you have to build up the power of Christ in you through fasting, your case is principalities… up adelove!

  6. Hmmm… Christain must be prepared 4 watsoever is gonna happen, dats y we need to fast and pray at any given time. Nxt episode plsss, am glued to my phone as if am a yahoo

  7. Obianuju help yourself for once.You don’t seek the face of God.You don’t fast.You need to b strong in prayer.Meet strong n powerful man of God to back you up in prayer I will not tell you this.Next episode

  8. Well. Before I proceed I will like to seize the opportunity to say Good morning to Adelove fans and enjoy your weekend. Now to the question, yes the bible made us know that we should pray without ceasing cos the devil never ceases planning evils about our lives. I sometimes wonder why people would live without christ until the unexpected happened. When that happens it becomes complex to overcome the devil and besides we become a mocking stuff to the devil himself. That’s why we people always go to men of God for help whereas we have the mandate given to us by the holy spirit to do whatever the men of God could do. But how can we help our through prayer if we don’t lay the foundations. So on this note I pray that we know God early so we can fight our own fight not paying huge sum of money to see some so called men of God. Adelove thanks once more.

  9. I know for sure dat ohamiri we take charles away,what a pity life without Christ is noting…..let wait and see what will become of obianuju cos of d death of charles…security have known now….hmmmmm what a pity Obianuju!

  10. Hahahahahaa!!!!!adelove will never stop making me laugh….ohamiri sounds like a comedian to me. Can’t stop laughing. Chop knuckle Adelove.

  11. we cannot claim we knw Gods words nd still leave in sin. we must confess our sins first, I undastand uju’s predicament but nt to d extent of having sex wit who she is nt married to. Adelove u too much biko nxt episode.

  12. Some of our youths thinks that sex is enjoyment , you called yourself a child a of God while you are busy having sex with boy or girl, be careful

  13. Let’s hopeful that Charlse is layin unconscious, he wil be awake later or let his dead nt lead Uju to life imprisonmnt bcs no evidence to prove she is innocent, this is spiritual attack. Security of d hotel cam bangin on d door no way 2escape!

  14. You want her to pray and fast and the same time have sex with someone she’s not married to , i weep for modern day Christianity

  15. if only Charlse condition wil nt twist! surely d two lovers, Emeka n Obianuju wil com bck togtha nt for enjoymnt immediately but to fight Ohimiri power since Emeka has received Salvation of his soul, regained his lost memory! For Uju, she is using d Word of God to commend evil without knwing how powerful the word is. I think Emeka wil be of very much helpful whn they com togther

  16. Big lesson : Don’t have sex with someone you are not married to. Go for God’s blessings and free yourself from unknown course. Charles died not because he was friend with Obianuju but because he had sex with her.

  17. what a great lesson for all Christians…You cannot cast out the demon when you are still very far away from your God in the spirit realm. God is spirit and those that serve Him must do so in spirit and in truth….Uju should move herself closer to her creator to avert more disasters and not just by mouth confessions and casting out of demons. A good eye opener…Next episode plssssssssss!!!

  18. hmmm even Ohimiri knws there’s another God that’s greater than her to xtend advicing Uju atleast u shuld hv fast n pray for God’s power dt would hv saved u today! lolz madam caster …rember Uju cam frm village where d entire Umueke never beliv that God d creator exist!

  19. Pls o, let Charles don’t die, let it be that he is unconscious or in coma of which he will later recover from…………… Pls he doesn’t deserve to die o

  20. Am not surprised by the outcome of event…that is one’s payment when one romances,dines and sleeps with sin..Emeka started sleeping with Obianuju after their wedding,whereas Obianuju turned Charles into her sex toy…Obianuju should accept Christ now before she died the most shameful death…devil knows who is who….

  21. this story is really intriguing.. and I must say that obianuju betrayed Emeka by forgetting abt him so easily and even plan on getting married. after all emeka did to save and stand by her despite all odds, one would expect she mourns him forever.
    if I were him (Emeka) I wouldn’t take obianuju back

  22. That is why we need some friends who re Godly nd can introduce u to God. Non of obianuju friends introduced her to God instead they keep moving from one shopping mall to another. Great work Adelove

  23. Yes, it’s very important for Christians to fast, every month not only once but as much days, as they can……yes I also see obianuju reuniting with emeka, and also winning the war, against ohamiri.

  24. Ohamiri is right. Obianuju had not prayed for once all these while not even going to a strong pastor for deliverance as Emeka did..Satan still has power but consistent prayer and trust in God overcomes him.

  25. Our God is the man of war.. God help Obianuju o. This story is highly thrilling, teaching d power of prayer.. Thumbs up to d Adelove crew

  26. ThankGod Obianuju is aware of the fact that there’s Power in the name of Jesus but to access the power she needs to have a relationship with him
    You can’t call on someone you constantly reject and refuse His will daily and expect Him to answer in times of trouble she needs to be connected to the holy ghost hot one before she can dial ‘the weapons of our warfare aren’t carnal at all’ and am sure Emeka will be of great help to her since he has already encountered Christ .it’s a wake-up call for us christians

  27. Adelove you posted this 6:55am and am seeing it on my mobile phone at 9:pm pls how long does it take its flight to get to me? and i missed episode 11 to 15. pls i dont want to miss any one again

  28. As a christian one need to keep on fasting at least 3 times in a week, for a Christian to over come every demons he or she needs to fast. In the book of Matthew 17v21 says “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer. As a christian you need to be conversant with scriptures for u to clear out demons.

  29. II I

    II I

    II I

    II I


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