(Episode 19) The Scourge… Battle for the gods

Her eyes were wide open as she stared at the beautiful antique ring half buried in the ice cream.

Yvonne: “Oh my God” she put her hand over her mouth to keep herself from screaming. She had never in her wildest dream, imagined that Ulysses would ever her to marry him again,not after all that transpired between them.

Ulysses: “This time around, no gimmicks, we will do everything the right way, marry me” he said as he knelt with one kneel.

Yvonne: “Of course yes!” the scream burst out of her, she could not control her joy anymore. As if on cue, two men playing the Spanish guitar began to serenade them. Ulysses brought out the ring from the ice cream, wiped it and slides it down her finger.

Ulysses: “May I have this dance?” He stretched out his hand, Yvonne took it and he pulled her up and held her to his chest as they did a slow waltz. The other people in the restaurant began to applaud them. As they danced, Yvonne looked on to the water around them, the view was beautiful, she looked up to the sky, the stars already lit the sky, and she felt happy and content.

Yvonne (whispering): “He makes everything beautiful in his time”

Annette was devastated when Ulysses broke up with her, she had envisioned them getting married, her sister, as evil as she was, had a husband to herself, here she was getting old without a husband, or even a boyfriend. If only she knew that more awaited her than spinsterhood.

Bindalo, never forgot what Emeka did to him, even though he knew he deserved it for conniving with Amelia, he was still vexed to the extent he wanted Emeka to lose the company, the only way to do that was to do a hostile takeover. He knew just the right person to do that. This was a member of the board, AlhajiYinusa. He invited the Alhaji to his mansion on Elegushi, brought in escorts, beautiful girls with sleek bodies. They danced all over him, caressing till his heart almost stopped with excitement.

AlhajiYinusa: “Kai, Bindalo you haf turn my head. Ask anything and I will do it por you” he said as one of the escorts bent to reveal her cleavage to him.

Bindalo: “There is so much we can do together, that company, Mekob needs a revolution, and it needs to be run the proper way”.

AlhajiYinusa: “I yam not understanding you, run the company how?”

Bindalo:  “Take over the company, we merge our shares, it becomes bigger than Mr.Udo’s shares, one of us becomes Chief Executive Officer.”

AlhajiYinusa: “Oh that is very good, cheers to that” he raised his wine glass and clicked it with Bindalo’s.

The next day, Bindalo called an impromptu board meeting; he was going to announce the hostile takeover. He walked into the company premises with swagger; he was all smiles as he walked to the boardroom.

Bindalo: “Hello distinguished ladies and gentlemen. I am here to announce…”

Emeka: “No Mr.Bindalo, you are here to announce your total removal from this company, as I just acquired your shares. Thanks to AlhajiYinusa for notifying me of the sales, he has shown team spirit, he is trustworthy; therefore he should be the new head of auditing. Those in support say yay” All the board members said “yay” in support.


Obianuju since returning from prison dedicated her life to the Lord, she went about preaching the gospel, praying without ceasing, and visiting orphanages to share love with the orphans.One day she was sitting at home when the door bell to her luxurious flat rung, she used the intercom to ask who it was. Her eyes shone with unshed tears when she saw it was Emeka, her eyes shone with unshed tears as shame descended upon her. She opened the door and came face to face with Emeka, she was so overwhelmed that she rushed into his arms and embraced him. While they were talking, Emeka asked her to come back to the company, he had seen the impact she made in his absence and he wanted her on the board of directors.

Emeka: “I want to give you the shares I bought from Mr.Bindalo” he said looking tenderly at her, how he could have lost his memories of her,she whom he loved more than life.

Emeka: “My marriage to Amelia is my only challenge since she’s pregnant for me”

Obianuju: “I understand Emeka. I don’t think you’d still love me anymore since i have known the love of another man?”

Emeka: “Our marriage might not work-out again but I still need you as a Team in my company. Then he told her of the story of the plane crash.


We were in the plane, after takeoff, we released our seat belt and most people brought out books, iPods, or any stuff that would keep them company for the duration of the short flight. I just brought out my notes for the meeting I was going to attend in Abuja and was so engrossed in it I didn’t realize when the plane began to shudder. The pilot told us to fasten our seat belt, which we did. People were already praying, I knew no God then, so I just looked on, scared within me that I might never see you again. Then the plane caught fire, and it started to tumble down, I saw death coming fast towards me, and the only thing I could say was;

Emeka: “God, please take care of Obianuju”. Immediately the plane crashed into water. Then some of us who weren’t shocked into unconsciousness went to the pilot cabin, the both pilot were either dead or unconscious, because they weren’t moving. We managed to open the doors,but it was not what we expected. We had crashed into water and were at the bottom of the sea. The water rushed in at us, I went into survival mode, remembered my swimming skills and began to swim upward. I swam for one, two, three seconds then I began to suffocate. Somehow, I broke the surface. Some of the passengers has broken surface too, we were all distances from each other as we swam for our lives. But how long can you swim the ocean before you see Land, one after the other we saw fellow passengers who had made it out of the crashed plane, tire out and sink to the bottom of the sea, dead before they hit the bottom. I swam, swam, until I could not swim again. My muscles became sore, my eyes became red, soon I could not keep my head above water .A few depths under water, I continued to flail more than swim, I held my breath, but how long can you hold your breath under water? 10 seconds…60 seconds…
I do not know how it happened but I found myself in a hospital around Apapa, they found me washed up on the river bank,took me to the hospital. Annette was my doctor and she stood by and allowed her sister lied to me about my identity. She told me we were engaged to be married, I believed her and when she told me, she was pregnant, I told myself, the best thing to do was marry her. I cannot leave her and the unborn baby to suffer, you know?


Soon, Obianuju’s phone rang, she checked, it was Yvonne calling, she received the call and put it on loudspeaker.

Obianuju: “hello Yvonne”

Yvonne: “I am getting married… to Ulysses”

Emeka and Obianuju congratulated Yvonne over the phone and wished her best in all endeavours.


Amelia was distraught, her doctor was asking for more money, and if she continued he would end up milking her dry. She decided to call him and give him a piece of her mind;

Amelia: “hello, let this be the last time you ask me for money, I am not the kind of person you can blackmail, ask around of Amelia Dunbari”


Doctor (On loudspeaker): “Look here madam, whoever you think you are, I am way smarter than you.  If anything happens to me, I will let the whole world know that you are not pregnant, you were never pregnant, and you will never be pregnant. You removed your womb a long time ago”. Amelia heard a movement behind her; she turned and saw Emeka staggering to support him by the wall. What he had just heard shook him to the bone.

Emeka: “You have been lying to me all these while, you have played with my life for too long, it is time to take action, you wicked daughter of Jezebel”. Emeka went into his room and brought out a suitcase, he began to leave the house but Amelia stopped him.

Amelia: “You think I am just going to allow you go, so that you can go back to Obianuju, think again dear husband”

Emeka: “I am not your husband and I dare you to touch a hair on her head, I will tell you that I am a lion” He said and pushed her aside.

Question: Will Emeka go back to Obianuju and renew their marriage, what is Amelia’s game plan against these star crossed lovers?

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    • Suspense is one of the things that makes the beauty of a story/drama. It helps us to think critically unlike most Nigerian movies that u can predict the end from the beginning. Stay tuned and enjoy!

  1. Very good o! Thank God for the turn of events now. Emeka behold Obianuju your wife and Ulysses behold Yvonne your wife. Amelia and Annette behold your disgrace and woe! Thumbs up Adelove and crew! Happy Sunday Everyone and a lovely morning at that!

  2. Hmmmm, women and men, relationship/marriage and lies, once u start, continue wat ever to keep up with it. Adelove my thumbs are up again, and again and again. But u’ve not mention if emeka’s family knows wedr he’s alive or not.

  3. Wat is wrong with Emeka,don’t he know he can sue Amelia 4 taking advantage of his condition????….Abeg act fast and go back to ur wife joor,no time

  4. Now Amelia game is up,any step she tries to make will bounce back to her cos Emeka nd obia’ gat christ the saviour in their lifes.

  5. How did amelia plan to pull of this pregnancy scheme?even if emeka didnt hear her conversation with the doctor, he would have still found out.
    Does she think she can use violence to make emeka stay with her? #smh

  6. Yes, yes yes…. I knew That Amelia wasn’t pregnant… Thank God for his mercies…. This is the beginning of the end for Amelia and Co. Thumbs up To Adelove. Next episode please…

  7. Ofcourse , Emeka will go back to Obianuju…. I knew Amelia wasn’t Pregnant…. Nice One Adelove, God Bless u and Hapi First Sunday of the Month to you all


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