(Episode 20) The Scourge… Battle for the gods

Emeka ‘s father had heard that his son was alive and well, he journeyed from Awka to see for himself. He brought along his kinsmen, some people from Umueke who didn’t believe the news, wanted to see with their own eyes. Who would do battle with Ohamiri and still be alive. They arrived Lagos and Emeka went to the airport to receive, and of course the media people were there to capture it live. When Mazi Udo and his kinsmen laid their eyes on Emeka, they were astounded so much that their mouths hung open.

Mazi Udo: “Nna nna ya” he said calling Emeka by his pet name. Emeka went and embraced him, his father was overcome by emotions, he began to praise Emeka in Igbo dialect.

Emeka: “It is not by my power nor my might, but by His spirit, his Grace was and is still sufficient for me” he said as he led his people out of the lobby.

Mazi Udo: “You will show me this new God, the white man’s God. When the white man came to our village during the colonial days, but we rejected it, we clung to our gods. But now I see that the white man’s God is more powerful. What of your wife Obianuju, that poor girl has suffered too much for the sake of dogma”

Emeka: “Father it is complicated. But the will of God shall come to pass”

Mazi Udo: I want to serve that your God , show me the way my son. What has Ohamiri done for us, she is destroying her people, she killed her priestess in her anger, I prefer your God”

Emeka: “Jehovah is a consuming fire, but he is also our father. He gave his only Begotten son to die for the sins of humanity, to save humanity from itself . We can approach the father in His holy face as long we come with a contrite heart. Let us pray”. Emeka wasted no time, the ground was fallow for the word, he led his father to salvation.

Emeka made a deal with Television Voltron, to give them exclusive rights to his interview, where he would tell it all, the plane crash, his memory loss and the complicated marriage he is currently in. On the day, he dumped the powerful CEO look for a more relaxed look; he wore a pair of pant trousers with cashmere sweaters, and a head warmer, it was actually cold in Lagos that morning. He entered the studio amid cheers from the fans he had amassed since he came back to life literally. The anchor asked him to narrate the story of the plane crash, after he did, the anchor asked how he got married to Amelia.

Emeka: “I was tricked. Amelia Dunbari lied that I was her fiancé. She is the sister to the doctor who attended to me, Annette Dunbari. This doctor who was supposed to secure lives put my life in danger when she connived with her sister to deceive a man who had lost his memories” he said. But I’m happy I’m back to my real heartthrob, Obianuju.

Anchor: “This is too good a meal to devour, we will bring him back on the studio at a later date, let the police swing into action and let justice take its course”

Annette was at home when she saw the interview on television, she immediately called her sister.

Annette: “Are you watching this?”

Amelia: “I am going underground, I am sorry about your career”

Annette: “Is that all you gonna say, are we going to let them go scot free”

Amelia: “Of course not”

Annette: ‘I am coming with you, this is as much my fight as yours. My career has been ruined, I am looking at jail time, I must pay them back” she said as hot tears streamed down her cheeks, and the veins on her neck stood out on end. The rage in her eyes were as black as night.

The day for Yvonne’s wedding finally arrived; she had given hope on getting married. But when she stopped pursuing a man and pursued God who created the man, God gave her all she needed.

“It is time” one of the event planners announced to the others who were putting finishing touches to the bride.

Obianuju: “You are the most beautiful bride I ever met” she said so happy for her friend. Their friendship was healing, now they were not only bonded by their girlhood, they were bond by their common love for Christ. Instead of shopping, they occupied their time with in-depth study of the word of God, and charity work. Together they had started a Girl foundation like GPI but which was more God-oriented. They also took out time once in a week to visit orphanages, foster homes to spend time with children. This was the idea of a free school was birthed, a school for girls where any girl who wanted to pursue formal education could come to, irrespective of their financial background.

Yvonne: “Thank you dear. I pray God will make everything right between you and Emeka?”

After the groom had gone in, Emeka walked Yvonne down the aisle as the wedding tune “Here comes the bride” was played by the orchestra. Ulysses had only eyes for her, he had this dreamy look in his eyes as he watched her walk to him. She looked angelic in her snow white ball gown. The priest asked them to say their vows and blessed their union.

Priest: “You may kiss your bride” he said and the reply was a staccato ripple of gunshots. All the members of the congregation fell on their face shielding their head as they laid on the floor. Ulysses shielded Yvonne, while Emeka shoved Obianuju into the confession booth. Three burly men carrying machine guns with their fingers on the trigger walked down to the altar.

Priest: “This is the house of God, please do not desecrate it by spilling blood”

Gunman1: “Antonio, did you hear what he said?”

Gunman 2: “yea brother, it seems fella be telling ya what to do”

The first gunman smiled slyly and hit the priest with the butt of the gun. His lips broke and spurted blood.

Gunman 3: “Now who is Obianuju” he asked. Everyone came silent.

Gunman 2: “Now if no one will talk, then I’ma start dropping bodies”

Emeka: “Obianuju is not in the venue, she traveled out of the country”

Gunman 1: “Then I guess the bride will do for what we have in mind” Yvonne began to whimper.

Ulysses: ” You will have to get through me to her” he said still shielding her.

Gunman: “That is easy, too easy” he cocked his gun.

Obianuju: “You don’t have to, I am here” she came out with her hands up in surrender. Emeka immediately went to her side and held her in place, his eyes told her not to make another move, but she pulled her hands away and turned to him.

Obianuju: “Don’t you trust God anymore, be rest assured that his will must be done. Nobody has to die”. She said and walked to the gunmen, they grabbed her, put a black nylon over her head and took her out of the church. Immediately, Emeka dialed the police, he blamed himself. After Amelia numerous threats, he should have secured the place. He failed his woman, he failed Obianuju. Just then his phone rang, he hurriedly picked it, thinking it was the police.

Amelia (Loudspeaker): “oh dear husband, are you shaken already? I told you not to dare me. I have no interest in killing Obianuju if it can be helped. Just liquidate your assets, when you are done, I will send my boys to pick you up. We are leaving this country to a country with no extradition laws. We will live our happily ever after. I want this to go down in an hour, and do not bother the police, they are in my pay roll. Ciao amor”


After couple of hours of no luck getting back Obianuju, Emeka knelt down, started praying fervently and speaking in tongues. Yvonne shouted at him..

Yvonne: Emeka, please do something! Why not pray and command Obianuju back

Emeka: This is where most of us have problems because you put your trust in pastors instead in Christ. You don’t know that if authority does not come from heaven nothing will happen. So, please put your trust only in Jesus. I’m just his servants. If Jesus has not done it, we will continue to call on him because he has all the authorities. He replied Yvonne


Emeka resumed his prayers again..

Oh Lord, rise against the spirits that are threatening your servant in the life of Obianuju, the daughter of Nwokoye, Oh Lord arise, Oh Lord of host.

There appeared an Angel wearing white garment before Emeka in the spirit realm

Angel: My Servant, Obianuju has been cursed to know no peace, job except she returned to Ohamiri. It was commanded no one can deliver Obianuju from this battle. Meanwhile,  Let me take you to where Obianuju’s spirit is tied.

The Angle touched Emeka, they both disappeared into thin air and met a devil incarnate…

Devil Incarnate: What is Emeka doing here? Don’t ever think you could escape this time. I will advise you leave now in minutes before you are consumed into this rotting fire.

Emeka staggered and got back his confidence with some bible quotes.

Emeka: Look Devil, It is written that the earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof. Where I am is of the Lord and it has been written that anywhere I step my feet on shall be given to me for inheritance. Thus says the Lord of Host

Devil Incarnate: Alright, wait for me. The Devil wanted to bring out a spiritual gun but was cut in by the Angel…

Angel: Devil, do you realize that you are talking to the minister of God? Because Emeka is not here alone. I have been sent to reveal a great mystery to him. Besides, what gave you an access into Obianuju’s life after she has climbed up and accepted Jesus as her Personal Savior?

Devil Incarnate:  Obianuju cannot be delivered. Don’t waste your time. Just Go! The only solution is to call Ohamiri to bring out the 2 pots

Angel: Alright, I want to have words with Ohamiri. Call her for me.

Devil Incarnate: Alright, no problem. I will call Ohamiri for you. Ohamiri!!! Ohamiri ooo!!! Come out, your enemies are here for enquiries.

Ohamiri appeared..

Ohamiri: Devil Incarnate, what is the problem? Why have you called me here?

The Angel cuts in…

Angel: Ohamiri, why have you taken Obianuju captive again after she has climbed and accepted Jesus in her life?

Ohamiri: See let me tell you Angel. Obianuju herself invited battle and she cannot run from it. She has called on conspiracy and she dare not flee. Look, the fire of battle she rekindled has just started burning. She cannot escape it. Obianuju’s father has willingly shared her glory to become fame and wealthy, she’s destined to be my slave forever and she loves it until when Emeka came into her life and stole her away from me. I want her back. Obianuju has a great glory. She’s mine forever, whether defile or not! Obianuju is doomed and can never escape it. I am inside Obianuju and she also is in me. She can’t make a headway.

Devil Incarnate: This is not a Child’s play. I have told you. Leave now or I throw you inside this rotting fire. He threatened Emeka.

Angel: But Obianuju is now a believer, why is she still in bondage?

Ohamiri: I’m not disputing that. This is a battle for the gods, not by human.  Reason why I won’t let it go is because Obianuju is a glorious child. I don’t accept anyhow person. She’s the type I cannot toy with. Her glory is tied to my kingdom

Angel: Ok, tell me! What is the way out now?

Devil Incarnate: Hahaha.. there’s no remedy for Obianuju. Let her come back to Ohamiri and continue like that. Promise is a debt!

Ohamiri: Emeka, remember I once told you, I’m not a stranger in Obianuju’s life. You may be asking evil strangers in Obianuju to leave and never come back. But I, Ohamiri is never a stranger in Obianuju’s life. That’s why I can’t leave. We are intimate pals. The prayer of asking strangers in Obianuju’s life to leave will not work for me since I’m not a stranger but the intimate. I didn’t force myself in but she surrendered herself including her father. So therefore, never disturb me again about Obianuju because we are ONE!

Ohamiri therefore disappeared into thin air…

Question: How do you think Obianuju will win this battle? What will Emeka do, will he give in to Amelia to save Obianuju?

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  1. Obianuju applied for tie with Ohamiri, she needs to dis-apply back. Just like what Ohamiri said, she’s not a stranger in the life of Obianuju but an intimate. Obianuju will need to flush her away in her body system before she’s free totally. Hmm.. what a lesson here @adelove

  2. Wow, the battle is of d lord. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principality and powers in high places. Be still and knw dat I’m GOD. call upon me, and I’ll show u great and mighty tns dat u knw not of. Call upon me in days of trouble and I’ll ans u. This my GOD sef, u’re too much.

  3. Obianuju will surely be delivered because she is a child of God now and Ohamiri will be put to shame there is no one God can not delivered all power belong to God

  4. Shey Adelove want some one to be having BP…. Abeg bring out all the episodes joor… That’s how my phone won’t leave my hand cos am waiting for the next one…

  5. Still wondering y dey’ave not arrested d evil twins for taking advantage of Emeka’s predicament….As for obianuju,she’s saved because she is no longer of d world,she now bears d mark of christ

  6. Bravo to adelove and crew. This is one of the best literary works I’ve ever seen. Pls, any book/s in the market by adelove?

  7. I know dat GOD we finally deliver obianuju from dis boundage.the police wil arrest Anette and Amelia.Emeka and Obianuju we come back to their real life….i believe dat GOD is in control

  8. “Eni o moba, tin foba sere”. Annette, Amelia and ohamiri are playing with fire consuming God. Jesus had suffered, died,ressurected for obiaju to be free. I just know Jesus will take up the battle from here. love you plenty Adelove crew.waiting d next episode plss….

  9. next episode please!!!!!!!!!
    God must deliver Obianuju…. He didnt bring her this far to put her to shame…. Thumbs up to ADELOVE AND CREW

  10. Nawah oh, Obianuju needs self deleverance now, she must take authourity over the so called ohamiri and she must bow to the power of Christ.

  11. Obianuju must fight the battle herself, it is a do it urself ministry. Emeka, pray dat Holy Spirit shud minister to Obianuju on wat to do. Adelove, u are indeed loved

  12. Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1John 4v4. Emeka never give up because you have overcome Ohamiri and Amelia.

  13. Very interestn,there is nothing God cannot do,he is just trying to know Emeka’ level of faith in him.every believer in christ must face trials.pls Oga Emeka u hav to be careful next time just a little shakn by d gun men u lied ur wife is out of d country,u just behave like peter who denied Jesus Lol,i knw it not easy u love ur wife.

  14. I think Ohamiri is using Amelia nd her sis against Obianuju,i wonder how Obianuju got herself into this mess since Ohamiri claimed dat they are one……….. pls next

  15. Adelove i say it again n again dat u guys r 2gud, if anyone kias to knw more abt my God plz use emake as an example, cuz emaka has teach me hw to respect n luv my God more n more. Ade i pray dat d gud Lord will continue to use u in doin his work. Tnk u nxt plzzzzzzz.

  16. Na wa o dis is getting tougher I believe dat God will eventually win so called ohamiri u ar nothin b4 God bcos he is your creator.

    • @Kolade, God absolutely will win the battle. i think the question was asked to make fun of devil. Sometimes, questions like this is asked when salvation lies in our hands. So, our eyes can be wide-open that devil is not smiling too, always looking for whom to devour and destroy.

  17. This is a lesson to all,we must be deep down to heart wt our GOD.Let’s make no evil convenants wt any principalities or evil powers. Love u Adelove cew. May ALLAH be for us all. Aameen.

  18. Many still believe in their lives that only their Pastors could save them from their troubles or challenges. They therefore sit back and relax waiting for miracle to happen. Meanwhile, there’s power in our tongue. His words say “ask and it shall be given, knock and the door will be opened.. seek and ye shall find”

  19. I know, God wants to do something great in Obianuju’s life, God is a merciful God, he wil nt deliver Obim to d will of Ohamiri, cos Obianuju was ignorant of want she entered with Ohamiri, and d bible said dat God over look us in time of ignorance. God wil glorified himsef in dis case.

  20. Woooow!!!! It keeps coming and I keep wondering on the inspiration I get from all your stories, Adelove has been keeping me company ever since I started reading her stories. I love it, keep it up and don’t stop. The part I enjoyed most was when Obianuju stopped Following men and started following God then God gave him all she ever wished for, I’ve learnt a great lesson from that, thanks.

  21. To God be the glory, Adelove more grace to ur elbow, i really enjoyed this story, there is no power that is greater than our God. only choose whom you will serve, me and my family will serve God

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