(Final Episode 21) The Scourge… Battle for the gods

The masked men had taken Obianuju to a deserted bush land; they did not remove the nylon they had covered her head with. They tied her hands and foot with ropes, and kept her in a dark room. While she was there, she did not cry or pity herself, she sang and when she was tired of singing, she prayed. While she was praying, she dozed off. In her dream, Ohamiri appeared to her. She had a book in her hand.

Obianuju started praising God…

Obianuju: Oh Lord, I thank you for the secret you have revealed to me. Oh Lord, purify my blood. Remove every strange blood from my vein. God of fire, flush them out IJN. Flush out every blood of covenant I might have had knowingly or unknowingly between me and Ohamiri. Make a way for me in this trial period oh Lord! Do not allow me to go unfulfilled in Life. Way unto success open for me, way to breakthrough open.

Ohamiri appeared before her..

Ohamiri: What are you looking for Obianuju my servant

Obianuju: I reject that In Jesus Name. I’m God’s servant, not yours. I’m on way for my breakthrough. I’ve been told they are kept inside pots

Ohamiri: You are going for the glory I kept? No wonder you gave your life to the Holy one so that you might get your destine glory. Is that why you turned Born again?

Obianuju: Because my God is able to save.

Ohamiri: I’ve noticed that, you are so desperate for this glory with serious fasting and vigil. Hmm… that means if I’m slack, you will soon breakthrough by force and be successful.

Obianuju: Ohamiri, I command you to let go of me, Holy Spirit has set me free. I’m no longer interested in you. I am strictly for the Lord!

The moment Obianuju claimed herself strictly for the Lord and denounced Ohamiri, Heaven opened up and light shone upon her but Ohamiri did not notice that. At this time, all prayers on her behalf began to come to pass.

Ohamiri: Never! Instead, I will kill you and your chapter in life will be closed. Also, note that you will get no help here.

Meanwhile, “Let me tell you a story. Did you think it was mere coincidence that you were chosen to be my slave? You can call me your mother” she said as she opened to the first page of the book in her hand.

Obianuju’s Life Story

In Umueke village, a couple had been married for three years without issue, that couple was Aneka and Nwokoye. Every day, Aneke cried to her husband to give her a child;

Nwokoye: “Am I the gods that give children? Don’t disturb me again woman” he had shouted her down. The next day she had set out vey early to the river, it was said that Ohamiri the river goddess always bathe at the river at that time. She wanted to meet Ohamiri and ask her for a child. For four days she set out to the river to wait for Ohamiri,and on the fifth day she saw the goddess dressed in gold linen, with a dazzling gold crown on her head. Her full breast was left uncovered, but partially covered with her long black hair.

Ohamiri: “Aneke, why do you seek me so desperately?” the goddess asked

Aneke: “I want a child, take away this reproach from me” she cried to the goddess.

Ohamiri: Go home my daughter, your request have been granted but be ready to pay the price.

Aneke went home joyfully anticipating Ohamiri’s gift. Two weeks later she begins to throw up and finds out she is pregnant. After nine months of gestation, she was ready to give birth. The labour was long and tortuous, she labored for two nights, and she was almost giving up when Obianuju slipped into the world. When Obianuju came, she brought wealth into the family; people began to favor Obianuju’s family. Obianuju grew in beauty and wisdom, her beauty was like no other, for she radiated Ohamiri’s beauty.

Ohamiri closes the book, like she had just told her a bedtime story.

Ohamiri: “So you see, I cannot release you, you are mine, I lent you to them”

Obianuju woke up suddenly, it felt so real, she was perspiring and her heart rate was high. She started to pray, calling on God to break every yoke.

Gunman1: “Hey, shut up there, here na church, abi you dey mad” he barked at her. Obianuju stopped talking, but she kept praying in her heart.

Back in the village, Aneke had become older than her age, she remembered the covenant she made with Ohamiri, but she never imagined that the price would be this steep. Her husband, Nwokoye had become raven mad, he was probably dead, no one knew about his whereabouts. The decision she took had come back to bit her in the ass.

Aneke: “look at me, see how haggard I am, the children of this village are even scared to come near me, i do not even know where my daughter is, whether she is alive. Chai! Life!” she lamented as she went from one place to another.

Emeka had called the church and they sent prayer warriors to Obianuju’s house. They began praying and binding and also cleansing the house from all evil forces. Emeka relied on God to make everything right, but all hands were on deck to find Obianuju, also Annette and Amelia were put on the wanted list.

Pastor: “Sister Obianuju is not here but wherever she is, the Lord who is omnipresence will meet her there. The lord has revealed to me that there are two clay pots where her destiny and her womb are kept. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost begin to move, let it locate the pot and destroy every pot covered in her name. Pray, pray, pray”

All these entire time, Amelia was still trying to reach Emeka to no avail, he had switched off his phone, and he was in spiritual battle. She had already made plans for her and Emeka to relocate to Switzerland using her late father’s private jet, it was currently on a private airstrip and the personal pilot was on speed dial. She told herself she had to try and meet Emeka, even if it meant abducting him as well. She went with two of the gunmen leaving one to watch over Obianuju . Since Obianuju was abducted she had not come face to face with, she had no personal against her, she wanted Emeka to herself and she happened to be a blockage. She had decided that if she had to kill her, she would stay from afar and give the order. They were on Lekki-Ajah road when they realized there was a checkpoint in front, she told the men to reverse but turning was impossible as they were boxed in all every side. When it was two cars to hers, she opened the car door and instructed the men to abandon the car but move slowly away without raising suspicions. She started to leave the car to cross to the other lane, she was just a few feet away from crossing over the demarcation when she heard a shout that chilled her and slowed her down a bit.

Policeman: “Hey! You stop there”! She turned to see that two mobile policemen had their eyes trained on their direction. She immediately began to run, the demarcation in her line of sight. She heard a gunshot and the thud of a body falling down; she managed to cross the demarcation as a bullet whizzed past her ear. She bent down low as she ran for her dear life. She was running, but unknown to her; undercover policemen were shadowing her steps. She jumped into a taxi and shouted at the driver to drive the fastest he could. Meanwhile, she kept calling the phone of the other gunman, and her sister, no one was picking up.

Since she had that dream, Obianuju had begun to pray without ceasing, she embarked on a three days fasting and prayer, she had neither food nor water, not like anyone was offering her. Her body was frail from lack of food, her eyes were drawn and droopy but her spirit was on fire. She would pray and break into tongues and then she would break into a song. The gunman that was left behind did not bother with her because he was concentrating on Annette, Amelia’s twin sister. Annette being the man freak that she was seduced the gunman. They locked Obianuju up in an underground bunker while they frolicked with themselves. So much that when Amelia called, they were too preoccupied to notice.

Back in Obianuju’s house, the prayer warriors, including Emeka and Ulysses and Yvonne whose wedding was postponed due to the security challenges, were fighting a warfare against the kingdom of darkness. Often times, Ohamiri would appear and laugh a shrill mocking laugh, other times she would appear angry and roar like a lion. She was trying to protect the pot because therein her powers laid to manipulate Obianuju’s life.

Pastor: “Who can battle with the lord, I say nobody. The kingdom of darkness must crumble. God of Elijah send down fire”! he shouted and the two pots appeared. Ohamiri appeared immediately and began to do incantations.

Pastor: “Curse is curseless, every scourge on Obianuju’s life brought by her mother’s covenant with unclean spirit, I render you powerless. Obianuju is a child of God and cannot belong to the devil. Every yoke holding her womb be released in the name of Jesus” There was a cracking sound, and one of the pots broke into pieces. Ohamiri stretched her hand towards the pastor, but a halo of flame engulfed him and all that were with him.

Pastor: “Complete your work, Father. Every scourge holding her destiny down, I command you, be powerless in the name of Jesus” he shouted and the people with him gave a resounding amen and the pot broke into pieces. Ohamiri gave out a shrill cry;

Ohamiri: :”Nne’m o” she cried and burst into a thousand crystal dust, and everyone broke into a song of praise.

At the same time, in Umueke, the shrine of Ohamiri collapsed on itself, and was reduced to a rubble. The people gathered to witness it, confusion in their midst as they did not know what to make OF IT.


Amelia reached the bush land where she had kept Obianuju and met her sister on top of the gunman, before she could ask what was going on, she heard a gunshot, and Annette fell on the gunman, blood oozing out of a hole in the back of her head. Amelia took to her heels. Two undercover radioed for backup and soon the place was flooded with policemen. Obianuju began to shout for help because as the gunshot sounded, it had sparked a live wire in the bunker and a section had caught on fire, smoke became to bellow out suffocating her. One of the policemen noticed the smoke rising from a patch of grass, he notified the outside and they pushed the grass to reveal a trap door which led dowmn, the whole place covered in smoke.

Amelia escaped using a bicycle she found by the roadside loaded with firewood that a farmer had kept. She peddled it to the main road where she saw a cab that took her to the private strip. On her way, she had called the pilot to be ready. Immediately she boarded she told the pilots her destination,

Amelia: “Montenegro” she said. She looked at the city and the country she was leaving behind, with sadness in her eyes.

Amelia: “I will be back again” she said as she slipped on her dark shades and the plane lifted into the clouds.


Obainuju was rescued from the burning bunker, she did not sustain any burn wounds but she had inhaled a lot of smoke. She stayed in the hospital for a week and was discharged. She and Emeka renewed their wedding vows on the same day that Yvonne and Ulysses got wedded. After a year of marriage, Obianuju gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. After six months of delivery, they relocated to the United States.


Mazi Udo became a pioneer preacher in Umueke, the people were confused when the shrine of Ohamiri was destroyed, so when Emeka’s father brought the salvation message, they opened their hearts willingly. With the help of his son, Emeka and his wife Obianuju, Mazi Udo now Brother Udo built the first church in Umueke. A feat even the white men could not achieve.


Hello Fans,

I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of adelove.com. I hope you have learnt a whole lot from the just concluded story, (The Scourge… Battle for the gods). As you all know creative writing is a process, tedious; I am sure many of you would agree to it.  All the stories written are our creation and this has been made possible by the sleepless nights by me and my team – JB, Matie and Grace giving you the best (To God Be the Glory).  We work round the clock to ensure you are served your usual early morning Coffee and a delicious dish. I am sure it has being educating and entertaining (edutaining). I want to say a very big thank you to my fans/readers – ALF. And lastly, I want to thank God for the gift of life and giving us the grace, strength and will power to be an inspiration to you all. I promise to always give you nothing but the best.

I LOVE you all!


Ade ,

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  52. Waoh ! such an interesting story, I never miss any of your stories, it’s a lesson to learn that no matter any situation we are into we should always reckon on God and we should pray without no season.adelove.com may God strengthen you more and bless your ministry amen more gbosa gbosa for you and lots of love from me.

  53. woooa very interesting God is the highest authority if we can all turn to him I believe we will all have testimonies to give
    kudos to adelove

  54. Wow! There is nothing impossible for God to do. This story really warmed my heart and strenghtened my faith. Thanks adelove team.

  55. This story is one of my best. Lessons very explicit and practicable. God is all we need for life and godliness

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