See Shocking Moment a Dead Boy is Brought Back to Life During Sunday Service (Video)

A little boy who had already been declared dead, has allegedly been brought back to life during a Sunday service in church.


A video footage making waves on social media, has supposedly shown the moment a dead boy was brought back to life.

In the video, the boy is seen lifelessly dangling in the air as he being carried by a man said to be his sorrowing father.

However, after he was sprinkled with a popular anointing oil, known as Lion of Judah, the boy allegedly came back to life.

Although we cannot authoritatively confirm this development, the video which was released by the church insists the miracle is true.

The incident took place in South Africa at the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) during a Sunday service.

The church is pastored by Shepherd Bushiri, a Malawian prophet based in South Africa.

Prophet Bushiri has, over time, become controversial for his methods of conducting healing.



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