Shocking! Male and Female Condoms Seen on the Back of a Primary School Textbook (Photos)

In what will come across as a rather stunning development, some unexpected materials have been found on books meant for children.





These are the photos that have caused quite a stir on social media recently.

The photos show the obvious placement of condom ads on the back of a drawing book meant for kids.

The photos were shared on a popular online forum in Nigeria by a concerned user who said he saw them on his niece’s books.

Below is what he had to say about his discovery:

“Guys what is happening?

“I picked up my niece’s textbook and what I saw used as the cover amazed me. I mean this is a girl in primary school, between 7-9 years old.

“Where all written different condoms and how to wear them, both for female and male.

“I had to use a paper to seal those places.

“Kindly always go through what your young chaps are reading and having access to.

“Things are getting crazy…”


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