Kanye West Continues His Recovery With Support From Kim Kardashian

After Kanye West was released from UCLA Medical Center Wednesday, he has been receiving the support and love from wife Kim Kardashian as he continues his recovery from exhaustion as an outpatient at an undisclosed location.


Kanye “will remain getting outpatient treatment till he is fully recovered,” a source told newsmen. “Kim wants him to continue getting therapy even after all of this. He has support from so many people.”

“Kim is doing okay despite reports,” the source continued. “She has many things on her plate so being overwhelmed is expected. She wants to get Kanye back on his feet. She is not leaving him. She loves him.”

“Kim will of course always stay by Kanye’s side and support him and help him through it all.



  1. Not sure about Kim K., I hope she is willing and able to ride the rough waters with him. Those girls are known for jumping ship.

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