1. I’m truly disappointed in Prof Wole Soyinka. You claim that you will destroy green card that was extended to you by the government of the United State in protest to democratic process. You have to commend and respect the American Government for being able to carry out a fair election. Even though the result is not what you desired, you still have to respect the process, and the Republic. I implore you to pack your bags, and head back to Nigeria where the democratic process is impeccable.

  2. Soyinka should just keep quiet. The more brings up this issue the more he succeeds in making a mockery of his nobel price and all those that gave him the award. #heguffedthistime

  3. Soyinka is fighting a losing battle with this issue. I don’t care if he shreds his card or not, but I do expect him to be respectful of Nigerians and other people that are simply following his public display of ignorance.

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