God’ll give PDP another opportunity to rule Nigeria – Bode George

Chief Olabode George  former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has stated hope that God and Nigerians will give the former ruling party another chance to govern the country, again, come 2019.


George said this, yesterday when he hosted the South-West zonal official of the party, led by Eddy Olafeso, which paid him a working visit at his Ikoyi, Lagos office.

George premised his declaration on what he called the poor performance of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government.

“Nigerians have seen the two sides of the coin and they have an opportunity to decide, based on your performance, based on the trust that they have in you. God is a God of second chance,” he said and  dismissed President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration as “lacking the capacity to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians.

“I have been advising my oga (boss), Mr. President, what does he want to be remembered for? I am talking now as a general, not as a politician. If anybody is telling him, all is well; all is not well. Whatever he will do to alleviate the despondency in the land, he must do.”

He said for the main opposition party to launch itself back to reckoning, it must do away with imposition of candidates which he noted was its undoing.

“If we want to win, we must tell ourselves some home truths and go back to our drawing board. We must be just, we must be fair and we must be equitable.

“We should learn from the mistakes of the past. The penchant that ‘I am in charge, I can do and undo,’ it must end. So, let us learn that there must be justice, fairness and equity. It is a tripod: if we remove any of these three legs, we are going nowhere. If we don’t do that, we are wasting our time.

“So, all we need to do is gather ourselves together and let us give the best hands to manage us through this storm. We need experienced captains to take us to our destination. I wish them well.”

Speaking on the intractable leadership tussle rocking the party, the former deputy national chairman of the party accused the former Borno State governor and factional national chairman, Senator Ali Modu-Sheriff of doing the bidding of certain forces outside the PDP, whom he claimed were determined to run the party aground.

“I will just appeal to Senator Ali Modu Sheriff: enough is enough. The political rascality, judicial rascality must stop for posterity. All these unnecessary litigations.

“There is an adage in Yoruba that when you see a bush rat dancing in the middle of the road, the drummers are in the bush. Let him take it easy, for the sake of the future generations of this country. Those who invited him, I hope they have learnt a lesson. It takes one terrible person to throw a stone into the well, one million professors won’t be able to find that stone.”

Earlier in his remarks, Olafeso disclosed that his leadership was on a working visit to George to brief him about the outcome of Ondo State governorship election and the future of the party in the zone.



  1. What is this man talking about?
    The opposition had their chance for 16 good years, during which they abundantly enriched their pockets at the detriment of ordinary Nigerian citizens. Price of oil which is Nigeria’s only source of revenue, was at its peak during this period. Infrastructure, security of lives and property, the economy, health sector, education etc. were all in a state of collapse when the incumbent took over. Everyone expects a miracle in less than 2 years of governance, forgetting it is easier to destroy than to build.
    It took the opposition 16 yrs to get this country to its present dilapidated state, it will take much more than 16 yrs to clean up the mess!

  2. those who blame this present government for their predicament are the one that eaten free money with any work to show for it, it is not too late for them to trace their step and start allover again. we shall get of this mess soon in sha Allah

  3. Bode George and his PDP should go and bury their heads in shame. All contracts awarded during their 16 years reign were pocketed in private pockets. Lagos-Ibadan expressway contract was first awarded in 1999 but nothing was done until their exit in 2015. We do not want where few people are stinking rich while majority are suffering.

  4. I believe in having opposition. PDP should be able to correct the mistakes of the past. If the President cannot get a good economic team to move Nigeria forward they will fail.

  5. NEVER. Ala ti ‘o le se. You must be day dreaming. Another wishful thinking of your group. Nigerians have learnt their lessons now. Edo & Ondo election results should have thought you of your total Rejection by Nigerians.

  6. By d tim dey were rulling wudnt see ppu sufered especially we yut after d sch palaba whr is d job nd dey took there position 4 granted wch one is better b4 nd nw 2 b sincere so 4 any party 2 ruled in ds nation, they shud rmemba dat there is an expiring date 4 dem 2 realise d important of there position. so my dear ppu judge less nd love more bcos som ppu ar fighting 4 there right please dnt blam dem d time is coming 4 dem 2 com wt there petepete mouth again abi? Akunamatata 2019 is nt far at all omo no b miracle, treat oda d way u want 2 b treated over nd out.

  7. By d tim dey were rulling dey wudnt see ppu sufered especially we yut after d sch palaba whr is d job nd are u confinience wt d position u are wen let dem took there position 4 granted nd wch one is better b4 nd nw 2 b sincere so 4 any party 2 ruled in ds nation, they shud rmemba dat there is an expiring date 4 dem 2 realise d important of there position nt by promise all d tim. so my dear ppu judge less nd love more bcos som ppu ar fighting 4 there right please dnt blam dem bcos our leader fghting 4 ther pocket so time is coming 4 dem 2 com wt there petepete mouth again abi? Akunamatata 2019 is nt far at all omo no b miracle, treat oda d way u want 2 b treated over nd out.

  8. I wish n pray God wil make us 2 learn 4rm our past mistake, even 4rm our fore father’s. And nw our generation are fighting over party leavin d truth behind. And nw we are waitin 4 a miracle dat does n’t exist. “We need 2 learn” so dat we can grow.


  10. Hmmm. So that you can loot again. Do you still remember kirikiri gymnastic? If not PDP, how will somebody be jailed for corruption and later be a lord in Nigeria. If other people are talking why Bode George?

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  12. Nigeria Yut,i Can Say Its Only Buhari Dt Is Nt A Pdp,wot Ar We Talkn Abt,let Yut Of Niger Aris N Fight Against Ds,badlukky Was Of Money Dasuki Hid,money To Fight Bharam Dasuki Hidn It,y?So He Wntet To Kil All D Natn,pup In Power Nw Ar Stil Pdp,saraki,dogara,dang Ar Dey Nt Pdp,all I Knw We Yut Shuld Nt Giv Dem Chance Again Is Gon To Wost Der Looter Fever,wen Saul Was Rejected Frm Bn King Ova Isreal God Doesnt Gv Hn Chance,we Nn Use Our Hpn Door F Thif Agn, Bco Ve Knw Or Regret Wil Nt B Nigr Portn,AMEN

  13. PLS PLS PLS, don’t blame pmb.jona bode. We are paying for our sins. God appoint a bad ruler over us because we turned away from him, weather you are a Christian or moslem. We will pay dearly for it. REPENT.

  14. Shine ur eyes nd see wat goin on in dis present administration abt corruption ondo guber review it all abt five hundred thousand distributed to every pull unit all to buy voters nd after victory anoda 250k 1cow 10bags of rice ws distributed to celebrate victory in dis period of economy recession, God of nemesis will surely spring up

  15. Baba George ,i think what shld be upermost in your hearth now is how to make heaven especially at your age now ,Aneine Tony who is your age mate has quitted active politics now,You among our probet that sucks this country dry and prefer to go prison instead of returning the money you stole then , so pity,they say a good name is better than riches and Gold, You cant be part of correction in Nigeria again becos you have been given oppotunities as military administrators then and given oppotunity as a retired officers again you fumbled and soiled your name, Histories and prosterities will judge your generations that allow Nigerian masses to be sufferings in the midst of plenties Amen,

  16. Every body have the right to say any thing, but rmember there is hunger in this country. We expect apc to change our living instead things went bad than how it was, PDP faild us APC have killed us all hope is lost lets try another political party where the youths will participate strongly to bring us out from looters and wicked present adminstration.

  17. we are dying in dis country, were is money buhari collect in d name of fighting corruption,for me PDP still d best, yes PDP loot d money but no hungry, no complain of allocation to state,contract every were,petrol #87 for PDP, what is happening now, recession, no salary payment,give state allocation is difficult,petrol #150 per ltr, common man cant eat, common cannot buy rice and beans any more,d president is speceless,now conpare PDP and APC which better,PDP generate money by thereself, APC cannot generate money,APC should stop blaming PDP and generate money on there own.

  18. It will never happen, PDP will never rule this country again.except if the country is devided then you can vote your PDP to rule your country, we don’t want killers, rituals,looters and liars to come and rule us.

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