Jose Mourinho ‘smashed up an iPad on the touchline in frustrated rage’

Former ref Howard Webb claims he once saw Jose Mourinho ‘smash an iPad’ during a fit of rage on the touchline.


The Manchester United manager doesn’t hold back when it comes to the passion of the beautiful game, and has already received TWO touchline bans this season.

And the Special One received his marching orders a month later when he launched a water bottle into orbit with a fierce kick against West Ham.

Mourinho had regular run-ins with the FA during his Chelsea days too, and Webb claims he was witness to one of the Portuguese tactician’s most glorious meltdowns.

He told the Mirror: “I can remember games eight, nine years ago that I was involved in, back during the first time he was at Chelsea.

“He once smashed an iPad or something similar down on the floor in a game, he’s always had that emotion and that passion and that fire and that ability to behave unacceptably as well when things aren’t going right.

“I guess it’s part of his persona and part of why he’s successful but also part of the failing on his part as well.

“That’s what you get with him. Did I enjoy working alongside him on the pitch and the technical area? Yes, he’s a colourful character, he brings a lot of colour to the league and you get what you see but he has to accept when he does what he does he pays the price.”



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