Magu May Become Sacrificial Lamb, Lawmaker Expresses Fear

A high ranking senator has disclosed that the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, may have become a sacrificial lamb in the power play surrounding the latter’s confirmation.

efcc magu

Magu was appointed in acting capacity in November 2015.

Reports said Magu’s confirmation has become a subject of high wire politics between the presidency and the senate. In fact, an impeachable source confided in LEADERSHIP that although President Muhammadu Buhari does not mind the confirmation, forces around him are opposed to it. Magu’s name has been sent to the senate but has continued to be enmeshed in controversies.

But in an exclusive chat with LEADERSHIP, a senator who does not want his name mentioned said he does not share that opinion. He said, “ l have sized up the situation and my belief is that Magu is being set up as a sacrificial lamb. Both sides are now using him as a bargaining chip. I can say he is being positioned as a sacrificial lamb. My personal feeling is that someone just wants to play politics with Magu and use him to get favours. Both sides can gain from this unfortunately. I’m of the opinion that Nigerians should carefully adjudicate in this matter. Magu is a citizen like the rest of us. It is true he is his own man, refusing to be used. Why should he suffer for that?”

The source noted further that only the senate can salvage the situation.

He said, “Some of us are starting to look at this matter very closely. So we are committed to seeing it to a logical end. What some of us are looking to see if he is indeed being persecuted for his stand? If we establish this beyond a reasonable doubt, we would not allow him to be sacrificed. So people should watch us and see how we are planning to get to the roots of the matter.”

Senators have since asked for a report allegedly sent from the Department of State Security (DSS) said to have indicted Magu.

Source: Leadership Newspaper





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