Nigerians are Millipedes, Imbeciles, Barbarians – Soyinka

Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, has spoken about the controversy that arose over his threat to destroy his American Green Card following the election of Mr. Trump, he said, “I’m going to hold a private wake on inauguration day not to mourn the decision of Americans in the choice of president but to mourn the death of Nigeria common sense”.


The private wake will have nothing to do with U.S. politics but would instead be to the death of common sense among Nigerians. he said.

Soyinka, on Monday in Lagos vowed to hold a private funeral on January 20, the day the United States President-elect, Donald Trump, will be sworn in.

Mr. Soyinka, who told the French news agency, AFP, in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Friday that he had destroyed the card, said he was shocked that people were asking him to present video evidence showing him destroying the card.

He said the commentaries generated, especially on social media, by his threat to destroy his Green Card may force him to “Wolexit 2”.

“Wolexit” is a term coined by the literary luminary after the “Brexit” referendum in the United Kingdom. Mr Soyinka had earlier used the term to describe his decision to quit the U.S.

He, however, said he has not decided the nature the “Wolexit 2” may take as it could either be internal (which would see him withdrawing to his Abeokuta sanctuary, Ijegba), external, or mixed.

Describing the whole controversy as a “theatre of the absurd,” Mr. Soyinka said he was puzzled that it was something even worth the fuss it generated.

“I hope to leave here today with a little knowledge. I’m puzzled and I don’t know what the fuss is all about,” he said.

“Why do you wail more than the bereaved? I’m addressing these illiterates who feel they want to make themselves heard.”

He said destroying his Green Card was not the first time he had undertaken such gesture to express his reservation over certain issues.

Mr. Soyinka narrated how he destroyed his national medal during a protest at the Race Course (also known as Tafawa Balewa Square) in Lagos during a protest he undertook with late Tai Solarin.

“I took out my national honour medal and I stamped on it. I could have done something else but I would be accused of indecent exposure,” he said.

“Trump is not really my problem. What really matters is the rhetoric that got him there especially against Nigerians.

“People react in their own ways and I don’t go fighting them for it. Expression is not only by words but it (is) also be actions. When I take such actions, I don’t want people on behalf of whom we took these actions to express themselves in vulgar manner.

He particularly came hard of Nigerians making commentaries about his threat to destroy his Green Card on social media, describing them as “slugs”, “millipedes”, “imbeciles”, “Barbarians, and “blabbermouths”.

“Barbarians are taking the opportunity of the anonymity of the internet to take over the country

“What is the business of any stupid Nigerian to open his or her mouth to challenge my right? Did you get the Green Card for me? The arrogance of Nigerians is overwhelming. Where does this arrogance come from? What right do they have to tell me that I have no right to take a decision in a particular way? What right do they have? Who are you giving orders? I didn’t take orders from Sani Abacha, what right do they have to give me order?”

I shall move my residency out of Nigeria

Mr Soyinka subsequently said he has decided to move the Soyinka foundation residency out of Nigeria as a response to the “unwarranted” commentaries generated by the Green Card issue.

“I’m embarrassed that I’m occupying the same nation space with these imbeciles. You have to deal with power and have to deal with those who have to deal with power. Nigerians should realise how ridiculous they make themselves. The Nigerian personal is gaining notoriety all over the world. That is why Trump latched on the existing narrative.

“You want to see evidence? I will put it on Ogun shrine because I live on Ogun principles.

“Something has to give. There will be certain actions I might take or refuse to take as a result of this. There has to be a significant event on my side in response to the obscene and unwarranted attacks.

“I’m going to move the residency of my foundation out of the country. I have already started it. It is my property. I am moving my foundation out of Nigeria,” he said.A



    • Soyinka needs prayers! He needs anger management for his age not to let anger rob him of all he earned, the Nobel etc the more he talks the deeper he gets into more problems (vicious cycle). He has just displayed the problem he has with Trump. What he said about Nigerians is worse than what he is blaming trump for!


      • and that is your problem? Let him express his mind ad the nonsensical way people are treating the old man. what is the big deal about green card or USA.

    • my friend shot up there. it’s people like you that let our leaders destroy our future beyond repair. do you know what they call elder state man. his or her opinion can affect the whole country. as such they most have integrity. if not we have to let the whole world know so that there opinion should never be taking seriously or else we will continue to follow imbeciles and our future and the country in a mess. a public figure doesn’t talk like a thug

    • All of you taking Soyinka’s side are bunch od FOOLS! the man called all Nig millipedes, etc YOU INCLUDED for something he opened his dispicable mouth over when no one forced him, and now he’s blaming people who’re telling him to own up to his word, such a useless old cultist millipede and brainless fool, dead rotten body still existing, dimentia patient, he needs old people’s diapers, BABA LOSER

    • The question i want to ask is why did he come out in the open to say he wil destroy his green card if trump wins,is he a politician? Is he an american by birth? Is he the brother to clinton? Is trump owing him money,or trump accused him….even after the elections nigerians said he should tear his card,d best thing he could have done was to keep quiet…bcos of pride look at what he is doing to his image

  1. All Nigerians did was to tell him to be a man of his word. Nobody gives a damn about how he got his green card, how he benefits from it or any other thing. He offered to destroy it and Nigerians wanted to be sure that we still have men of integrity left. This post- destruction rant is beginning to sound petty and childish. Paediatric tantrums!

    • read d content of his statement…..he said some pple demand d video to show d evidence dat his green card had been destroyed….nigeria celebrate irrelevance.soyinka nd his green card is non of any body business.

    • Oyeleye, in our life time, presidents, elders and erudite scholars have looked us in the eye and lied through their teeth. A call for video evidence, even though not compulsory, is in order. Men of integrity will leave no stone unturned to prove their mettle. In all these, calling Nigerians ignorant, imbeciles, illiterate is, to me, to stoop low and play in the dirt.

      • What’s your business with what Soyinka said. Did he say it on your behalf or for your benefit? He made it in his personal capacity and he could have chosen to even shoot himself and it would still have been his private business. Social media is really making us misyearn as Nigerians.

      • I believed W.S. has has proved in the past his unalloyed integrity across the whole world.I wonder why we like to bring our elders and leaders down.Afterall W S isn’t a politician.

    • Uzodinma, if you have been following this story, you will realize that Nigerians themselves had called Soyinka all sorts of names ever since he hinted of his desire to tear his American green card. If the man in turn is calling them illiterates who should not interfere with his personal life, what is the big deal about that. Meanwhile, the man never made the promise to destroy his card over the emergence of Trump to Nigerians. The promise was to a foreign audience all the way in Oxford University. Just take a look at the manner in which Nigerians are abusing him here. The green card in question bears Soyinka’s name. Why are we so stupid as a people? Why do we relish in running down our best? Donald Trump has been and of course continue to reign verbal attacks on people. Just yesterday, he attacked China. Yet the Americans have not resorted abusing him. What is really our problem? Call him whatever name, Soyinka remains Africa’s best, a fact that was confirmed in 1986, when he was awarded the Nobel prize, which has remained the greatest intellectual award. Since then, no black has been able to achieve that feat. The other Egyptian, Naguib Mafouz and South Africans, Nadine Gordima and Maxwell Coezy who have also won the prize are whites. For goodness sake Nigerians should leave the old man to his own device. The people who own the card are simply not bothered. Why are we crying louder than the bereaved? Why don’t we look for how to make Nigerian green card attractive so that the Americans of Soyinka’s fame could also obtain it. Seriously, I will be joining Soyinka in the murning and subsequent burial of ” common sense” in Nigeria whenever he schedules to undertake the exercise. What a country and his people!

    • Then Saturday, you have not really been following American politics. Some Americans have continually abused Trump to the extent of holding violent demonstrations. Woke Soyinka’s accolades are not in doubt. It’s his right to air his opinion and ‘abuse’ people as he deems fit, just as it’s the right of people to return the favour as they deem fit. Common sense says that 1➕ 1 is equal to two and, so, you put your money where your mouth is. A man’s word is his bond. I can jolly well say that I have torn my Nigerian passport when i have no concrete way to prove it. I don’t really care if he provides any evidence but common sense says you back your words with evidence.

    • Please I never said he didn’t deserve the award and other honours…..i believe he deserved them. All am saying is that basic principles of integrity should not be used as a platform to express disdain for a very talented people like Nigerians, who are just telling him to uphold his word, as common sense demands.

    • Soyinka made the statement in public, not in the privates of his room, and who were supposed to pay more attention, the 4 walls of his room or the public? Common is not common o. When someone opens his smelly mouth inside molue, what do you expect the other persengers to do, clap for him or ask him to shut up?
      Common sense is not common o, in fact over-sabi is kwarapshon and Baba must hear this.

  2. SOYINKA the aparo Hunter what are you still saying I want to see the proof of the torn Green card.if you like insult your father and mother is not my issue. Cos you don’t have any intergrity left with you. You are worst than an imbecile.

  3. This is a guy that criticizes every and anybody as he wills, and he can’t even accommodate just a little of it. It is a shame!!! To hell with him. He is more blabbermouth than anyone in this country.

  4. #Sunny you very stupid with you word to that man, what the hell, that non of your business, you have no manner of speech think you can be on social media and vomit nonsense. Nigerian walk up that not the issue. Plan yours to be better not own to be destroy. And so if he said

  5. Wetin concern us with soyinka foundation! Whi d foundation don epp! Abeg move it to the zoo…I been dey respect this man before but now he just lost it…mtcheeew


  7. Truly, i don’t think it’s anybody’s business if he destroy his green card or not. I think Nigerian need to be focused at what is our major problem like on our politicians who make promise & didn’t fulfill single one. Let’s use internet to promote,protect our countrys image than to be using it in criticizing people that matters in this country.

  8. I just lost any kind of respect for Soyinka. He was calling Nigerians all these names, in South Africa, because of their curiosity? He doesn’t deserve to even have a green card, I hope the US govt would revoke it because his behavior is unbecoming of someone of his statue.

    • And the same Prof. Soyinka had some years back vowed not to set his feet on the soil of South Africa again! What was he then doing there! Oh, he was on shoes, so his feet did not touch the soil of South Africa!!!

  9. For me I don’t think is anybody problem, see what Nigerians are facing here and there , people are struggling for survival you people are saying all sort of this. Without Africans American cannot survive. please enough is enough let us face our own problems for God sake

  10. Wao, Prof should know that he is dealing with man. Man will be man and God will remain God. Any man can disappoint you, frustrate your effort, misrepresent your position and opinion. How we respond to all these is the KEY! Otherwise, that ‘big man’ called pride in every man will erupt. That ‘big man’ must be tamed or put in absolute control. For anyone to tame the big man, we need the wisdom of God to accommodate divergent opinions and speak in love to all.

  11. no sir it’s only the igbos that are millipedes,imbeciles, morons and barbarians..They are the one that has been insulting you day and night just because they don’t respect elders due to their idiotic tradition

  12. Wole Shoyinka is a public figure, a global figure at that
    In light of this, he needs to be careful of what he says in public
    If he threatened publicly to destroy his green card in the event of Trump winning, it is then imperative that he destroys it publicly to erase any doubt of his keeping to his vow
    If he says it is personal, then it could have been more honourable for him to tear the green card in private instead of making it public
    The prof is obviously getting deeper and deeper into a self imposed mess by all these rhetoric he is saying
    Besides, he seems the one crying more than the bereaved here by stressing himself over American affairs

  13. As far as you are a Nigerian, you are also a Millipede. You call us Barbarians, but you have forgotten all the cults you introduced into our universities that has come down primary schools presently.

  14. Soyinka is a caward. I don’t knw how he even came about becoming a prof. He is a misleading imbecile. What rights does he think he has that Trump doesnt? After misleading and imposing a brainless Buhari on Nigerians, he wanted to mislead Americans also. Who are u? Fowl.

  15. Well i see nothing wrong in that.I think that baba Wole is simply tired of foreign country and simply wants to come and rest in his father’s land forgeting all d drama in u.s.a.So it normal just want to creat more awareness about himself in d home front.This is bcos Trump had done him no wrong.

  16. Hello my ppl we ar here to shere experince nd kw watz goin on in nigeria nt to abuse our self we ar all kw that is an elderly person to us old age is disturbing him nd let’s luk at his head is already turn to white nd his beer soo we dnt need to abuse our self or eny tradition thank

  17. Nigerians are imbeciles including ur father, mother, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces, cousins, aunts and children. What an outburst from a supposedly respected world class Professor? Shame.

  18. MR WOLE, is a pity that at this your age you have started having mental retardation, even my grandma reason better than you, I pity you and your kids….. Bcos you are a disgrace to your own country Nigeria and the Yoruba Nation and your Family.

    • Yes’ Jimoh, he will be ur Great Soyinka but if it happened to be another person from another tribe that said what he said ur comment wound’nt hv been the same. Hypocrite… U will defend every of his stupidity cos he is ur kinsman

    • I am a yoruba man and i can say without fear or favour that i am not proud of the Prof reaction to pple mere reminding him or telling him to live to his word. that reaction is infantile and cankered to say the least. Yoruba that i grew up to know were people that say it the way it is and not some do-as-i-say people. i dont think they gullible people or some zombies that can not differentiate hard work from immaturity (cos that is the difference between the Prof’s magnificient works and that his immatured reaction)

    • Thank u so much Abeycity Ololade, don’t mind the hypocrites that can’t call a spade by its name, Afolayan Adebayo and Jimoh i hope ur demigod Soyinka used a right choice of words, hypocrite, what will u call his choice of words? Abeg remove d spake in ur eyes first before looking for whom to help

  19. I am a Yoruba and Soyinka is also a Yoruba, I say to him that he is not OK upstairs, he dey mad for him head, so because say Soyinka old pass me na hin go make Ham dey insult me, I am a Nigerian, is he the oldest? why can’t he just keep quiet and cover his face with his harms. Someone insulted Nigerians and some silly ass are still supporting him saying he is an elderly man, he Dey craze, who he help. He no know pass make he dey collect money for Ameachi, tinubu etc, useless man. Anyone who insults Nigerians deserves no respect.

  20. Stupid soyinka….. who u be for the film? Stupid man. You and obasanjo are birds of a feather. Very juvenile and senseless.
    I used wisdom comes with old age….. buh now…. its the reverse is d case.

  21. hummmmmm when an elderly person talks and reasons like mosquito we say it is old age but to talk of it we still have imbecile in Nigeria the imbecile that prof. is saying is those that carry force rumours and those that can’t reason before they talk like those ones that I read. note:- not the imbecile from federal college of education (special) oyo Co’s there is ability in disabilities

  22. I think he is suffering from emotional obsessions and needs urgent anger management therapy. Sorry ’bout that thou…

  23. Personally I think Nigerians are suffering from bad Economic crisis that needs urgent tackle and we’re here talking of America that has sufficient food for their citizens. May God grant us good leaders to deliver Nigerians from this cluelessness.

  24. African professor(especially (Nigerian)its just a title,Hw can an educated man like this big fool(utter this kind of stupid word,I never see anything special abt this big for nothing Man,what did he even know abt america that he Jst woke up and predict their election,abi he was mistake america for yoruba,that is full of munafik

  25. Olaniyi Onayemi said it all! He would have remained silent before and after the alleged destruction of the card! He has decided to wrestle with a pig and he shouldn’t complain about mud!

  26. Surakat. Can u see examples of Nigerians fighting Soyinka tooth and nail over green card. Some talking about him to be man of his word. Omg. How many of our leaders tat are stealing,starving the people. Nigerians don’t come out in force to fight. Even if he wants to destroy his green card,derr could be reason like staying in America tofight the new racist regime . Pls I beg Nigerians,u know all these corrupt people. Get ure pastors/ imams to lead protests. Not those thieves nlc, but alas,i think those same pastors/ imams tell u to wait for God to come down and lead us, b bloody lairs. As they only want dere 10%. Nigerians are cowards. Simple

  27. There’s no way the internet generation can comprehend the words and works of this literary luminary. It is an artwork that requires careful study. I think Soyinka only reacted to Trump triumphant like so many other does and there is no cause for alarm

  28. Haba,this criticism is getting out of handoo.Mr prof if you think that you are truly a genius, kindly do something to revert the trend.If not you have successfully join the club of nattering nit wit.what is needed now is action not noise making.Mr Prof here is my question for you “what have you done to reverse the trend outside talking?”

  29. Why all this insult from Igbos?, this set of people have no manner at all. upon all his age, Soyinka may not said this, but the media is fooling fools with lie to abuse, attacks and insult themselves just to attract comments and ‘likes’.

  30. Soyinka…. I adore you ….but there is no harm in accepting a mistake….we all are mortals are not free of errors…. Bury the hatch,accept your ills ,apologize and let’s move on……stop ranting like a stubborn goat

  31. Hmm! No comment…. Until Mr Soyinka move his residency out of Nigeria….. That’s when me and my good friend president elect United States… Mr Donald trump Wil comment on Mr Soyinka’s case….. Til then…. I

  32. I am happy The Prof said all that about Nigerians not Ghanians or any other people. May be he has forgotten that i am not the only one he called names. He is also a Nigeria. Someone should kindly remind him. Thanks!

  33. Something I perceived is that these negative comments goes beyond issue of green card, some tribes have laid ambushed against Pa Sole Soyinka and for them opportunity has come to descend heavily on him without considering his age, creen card is a personal matter, why all these insults. If he had made mistake in his comments, I think people can react politely. Sentiment has been added to it, some people hate him for the reason know to them.

  34. Baba you are an idiotic notorious millipede and Chief barbarian to have spoken barbarically,have you forgotten the predicament caused as its detrimental to the students in campuses
    by introducing cultism?

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  36. I am very happy that came from The Prof. I am happy that he was able to call Nigerians all those names he did. I am also very happy that those names were for Nigerians not Ghanians or any other people and most importantly, i am so happy because he is a Great Nigerian. Can someone help me remind him that? Thanks a million times.

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  37. In Igbo land.. Elders don’t allow youths to hunt vultures.. Assassinate Soyinka over Trump’s victory if you like.. but don’t dare be a hypocrite to beatify & canonize him after death.. I hate the idiots singing Gaddafi’s litany of goodness, after dying by the hands of his own people..

  38. Old man pls rest….u call ur self a professor yet u talk like motor pack boy, we have problem in naija is time we need u people we call our leaders to bring ideal that will help us not going up n down……If u chooses to leave, no problem, but remember Mr prof that your departure no HELP anybody #hisses

  39. Mr. Wole Soyinka,, because you are no longer qualified to be called a proffessor, both in Nigeria and in America.. you are now what we call Usu ( Bat ) that does not belong to birds of the air, nor animals moving on the ground. You are not with the Americans nor with Nigerians.. YOU ARE REALLY IN TROUBLE, for you have virtually Lost your Dignity as a man!.. Sorry!!!

  40. Its A Pity If Indeed He Called Those Names. If He’s A Man Of Integrity, He Would Ve Played Deaf Ears. If He Has Promise Or Gambled Wit His Words & People Askin Him To Prove His Integrity, He Shouldn’t Start Behavin Like A Politician Or Layin Insults Like Touts (Yoruba Area Boys). He Should Rather Keep Quiet Or Come Out & Apologise

  41. Hey!old age wicked sha…….!see a man i use to be proud of,messing up himself…..!!hey prof!am short of words all i hav to say is dat old age is wicked on u!e pronous wellas 4 ur life!i respect ur personality sha,but u fuck up bros!

  42. Soyinka just prove to us that he has no wisdom in handling issues,calling people imbecile and illitrates,shows he is just dsame as ordinary agboros and touts we talks d way dey like,he is an elder but i dont undastand what he is teaching we d youngers,frm his comments it shows how lowly he has dragged his dignity to d dust….

  43. That is the life with the Yorubas . They never know how to fight a fght , they will first of all remove all there wears and hand it over to someone to keep and make all the noise in this world lookin for someone to seperate him

  44. Wat business did biafrans stil have wit Nigerians, why insultin a man who has made u undastnd that life is not all makin mony wit Blood bt even tru education, u hav nt even cross the sea to celebrate the rise of Ojukwu in USA and u are insultin a crocodile at the midle of the sea. Biafra is dead.

  45. Wat business did biafrans stil have wit Nigerians, why insultin a man who has made u undastnd that life is not all abt makin mony wit Blood bt even tru education, u hav nt even cross the sea to celebrate the rise of Ojukwu in USA and u are insultin a crocodile at the midle of the sea. Biafra is dead.

  46. Now I know that a man without CHRIST must surely found himself in CRISES, now I know that that common sense is not always common to some narrow-minded individuals being they professor or whatever, WOLE SOYINKA is only fooling G his old age, disgrace himself more and certainly not the narrow-minded adjectives he used in describing Nigerians, thank GOD every member of his family is involved including his father and mother, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc, NOW please ask the educated illiterate to show Nigerians the proof of the TOWN GREEN CARD, at least to prove that he’s a noble man!!! Ndisime Prof!

  47. Im Beginning To Thinka That This Foolish Bearded Man Isnt A Nigerian But A Born Bastard,who Ask Him To Destroy His Green Card Where He Belong? A Born Nigerian Dsnt Have Green Card.

  48. It hurts so much that youths have proved our erudite prof right. More disturbing are the Yorubas who have used left ? to point direction to their fathers house. Anyone that is not pleased by what prof has said can as well seek for lagoon or seek for the nearest transformer to jump in or hug. How can his personal affairs matter to us? I stand with you jare our proud son Prof wole Soyinka. Eni ti onirueni kole moyi eni.

  49. My people we have all argued and even insulted each other but lets be honest ‘respect is recipocal’… i dey sure prof go agree with me no one is perfect including him.

  50. Wait oo, let me get dis rit here, wt concerns a bird wit tooth brush? We all knw it dsnt hav any teeth. I wonda who his green card is payin his bills here. We ar jst makin somtin out of rubish. If he lik let him jump into sea and die or run mad, dem care.?

  51. Your great grand father is an imbecile, your father is a millipede and your great grand children babarians. We are not here to banter worlds with you anyway, all Nigerians ask of you is that you carry out your stupid promises that’s of no benefit or use to the Nigeria populace. Our idea is that old age is usually synonymous with wisdom, but you ‘ve demonstrated yourself as an adult that’s worthless. Your father!!!!

  52. Abeg Wole tell us who ur real father is. Is he from ghana, togo, kenya, mali, or tanzania. But if ur fada na naija breed and u get mind de say Nigerians are milipedes and imbeciles den ur fada and mama de nigeria u sef na nigerian and u know wetin dat one mean. E mean say ur fada and mama join wit u na milipedes and imbecile

  53. For Soyinka to insult the entire nation in this manner including my grandfather, i think as all his hairs has turn to white his brain as well has started transforming negatively… Is better he learn how to keep quiet now

  54. Hey Prof.! Hushhh. Can’t you see? You’re growing unpopular day after day, night after night. Methoughts your white hair were bourne out of wisdom, but it’s unfortunate they’re all as a result of ‘FOOLERY & FOLLY’. Take heart eh!

  55. Firstly Mr Soyinka U Need Deliverance U Stole The Award Your Holding Today From My Brother Mazi Chinua Achebe And U Claim Your Clever And Wise Buh This Statement Shows That Even A Little Child Is More Intelligent Than U.What Is Wrong With Black People? Your One Of The Black Race That Spoil Us I Thought Your A Human Being Buh Reverse Is The Case #Abeg Make Una Help Me Give Am Sense#

  56. Boda i see no issue in your decision to destroy your green card it is a problem between you and america but why insult us here i think as an elder statesman you must respect yourself o, i pray you dont dance naked in the market place at old age e so ra o .

  57. But prof is right na. Nigerians are brainless, inbeciles, millipedes and babarians for making a millipede, babarian, imbecile and brainless fellow their president. A country is as good as its president. Nigerians are brainless, millipedes, babarians and imbeciles for chosing regression and unpresidented reversed walk into the babarian age. SHOW ME YOUR PRESIDENT AND I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE! PROF IS RIGHT!

  58. If he actually made those statements, I must say I’m really disappointed. I knew much about him not only from the literal world but also in the days of NADECO and military rule in Nigeria with other fearless brave Nigerians like Cardinal Okogie just to mention but a few. He can do wolexit3 and take his foundation to the moon thats his deal but to say such foul words to Nigerians belittle his integrity. Let him also realise that he’s still the product of the same so called imbeciles and baboons.

  59. Honestly I can’t stop to wonder if we were cursed in this country… we keep on crying about the economy, recession and hardship but we have refused to address the issues that bring about these difficulties to us as a people and good citizens.

    1. Baba asked for economic powers to help get us out of the recession. He was denied. We kept quiet.

    2. He asked to be allowed to take a loan to jump start the economy. He was denied by the same people in the National Assembly. We kept quiet.

    3. The stolen money that many thieves of the Government returned shows clear admittance of guilt by them. No court accepted to convict any of them despite the many self confessions. We kept quiet.

    4. CBN changes the rules of transactions regarding FX at will. They have succeeded in creating business panic in the country. They are now the rice marketers. Baba cannot remove the CBN Governor, he has no such powers, but the NASS can do that very easily. Instead they turn the other way, they never even once summoned him to explain anything. We kept quiet.

    5. One of their own exposed their shady dealings and level of corruption in NASS and was prepared to serve his own jail term. We equally called him names, bullied and booed him as they sent him packing. We never dug deeper, we only kept quiet afterwards.

    6. Price of crude went down worldwide, we blamed Baba.

    7. Our lifestyle is filled with mess and stinks of our badly decaying character and penchant for free money obtained through corruption. We enjoy flaunting ill-gotten wealth and we blamed Baba when that is no longer forthcoming.

    8. Recently, N450b was uncovered being unremitted funds by agencies. It does not make social media trend.

    9. Thieves that stole this country to nothingness hid their wealth in soak-aways, surface tanks, farms, toilets etc. But we are busy fighting the Government that wants to prosecute them and what is worse? we demand for them to be freed.

    10. Militants bomb the nation’s source of livelihood daily, we support them and we are asking the Government to deal with them gently and then we turn around to point at Baba for the failing economy.

    What is wrong with Nigerians? Are we cursed?

    In saner climes, with a people who truly want change and progress, any two combination above is enough to bring about a Nigerian spring. But sadly, the youth applaud those who rob them of their destinies and castigate the man who is trying his very best to save the little left over soul of the nation.

    Like it or not, I stand with president Buhari. For He remains the only one who can stand those who have held us bondage for so long. May president Buhari succeed.

    Credits: A logical voice of uncommon wisdom in the wilderness.

  60. I wonder Y Prof Wole would be disturbed by Western decisions. We are not Americans, they don’t attach sentiment, Tribe, Hatred….. in politics , they voted wisely to their choice of candidate to the best of my knowledge. Why would Old Black African man will sit at home (Africa) condemn and tore His green card if not for his own selfish interest (corruption). “We want change” lets see what God have for us through the Real Estate New York Billionaire

  61. Meanwhile I take my position of neutrality, viewing the chaotic scenario of vitriolic missiles of words being reverberated from polar angles, as an unbiased adjudicator, as I scroll through my addictive idol I managed to charge,; living in total blackout for the past 9 months and racking my cerebrum on what uncertainty tomorrow holds for my impoverished soul.

  62. Prof Wole Sonyinka and Common Sense Philosophy.

    Common sense in Nigeria is not common. Infact common sense is the most expensive virtue one can acquire in life.

    Revered Prof is angry that Nigerians lack common sense. Yes He should be angry and very angry too.

    As a messiah of common sense He enthroned the present govt in power.
    As a messiah of common the man died in the face of tyranny.
    As a messiah of common sense inconclusive elections took place and He welcomed it.
    As a messiah of common sense He encouraged unconstitutional means to fight corruption.
    As a messiah of common sense He lost democratic temperament, Hence failure to accept the outcome of the American election.
    As a messiah of common sense He lost His voice to push for restructuring.
    As a messiah of common He encouraged Abiku’s in power.
    As a messiah of common sense He forgot about the trials of brother Jero.
    As a messiah of common sense He is not pushing for Jero’s metamorphosis.
    As a messiah of common sense He forgot that you cannot fight corruption with corrupt men.
    As a messiah of common sense, He sees nothing wrong with Nigerians dying of hunger and starvation.
    As a messiah of common sense He should know that a Nobel laureate can quietly return His citizenship card without dramatising it.

    Our Revered Prof . Common sense is not common even amongst the elite.
    May we all continue to search for that common sense that is not common.

  63. Soyinka is a scum, a twart, a clown, a Muppet and a nonentity. Does this man think Nigerians are even aware of his existence? Except for those who still lick his mushy ass.

  64. wole Soyinka started the issue in the first place.why would he publicly make a promise he know he can’t fulfil. now he is abusing the whole Nigerians,A foolish old man who cannot watch his words control his anger.who knows mayb he don fall for bike hit head for ground.very unfortunate human being (OLORIBURUKU!)

  65. I never imagined this man could ever act like this. I have always respected and admired you,but this statement of yours is highly absurd; it has failed to represent what Nigerians see you as. Well, it’s now audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that old age has come to affect negatively your reasoning. Why am i even bothered? The judgement is simple- if Nigerians are imbeciles, and soyinka is a Nigerian, it simply implies he is also an imbecile.

  66. Look who is talking,the inbecile himself.A man with no intergrity,a crook,coward, caitiff, chicken, dastard, fraidy cat, nebbish, poltroon, quitter, recreant, scaredy cat, weakling, wheyface, wimp, wuss, yellow belly. Please Save your useless insult yourself jor

  67. Baba diapers with no brains, only a spinless millipede like you opened your smelling buccal cavity and said you’ll tear your visa, now Trump has won tear it and show us, then you and your rotten corpse body started insulting your children not Nigerian’s, after causing confussion in 9ja and bring brianless Buhari, you now want to live well in America, God punish you Trump has won Tear your visa, show us online and come back here and suffer too, retarded old frustrated loser suffering from dimentia, when Chinwa Achebe was winning noble prizes where were you? all talk no action, coward man

  68. this man is right at all levels from what is posted on the site, you only need to go through what he said, not what this nitwits of “” posted. these blogs or private websites are totally confusing.

  69. do we just attend school for attendance sake? why not let school pass some knowledge into you? its quite unfortunate that most ppl read the confusing headline and not the storyline. the man explained all you need to know in there, but you’ve kept up with the insults.

  70. That tells u how the Yorubas can’t be bold enough to stand by themselves bt only take refuge in another man’s success. Soyinka thought Mrs. Clinton would win, thank God he is disappointed. Let him tear his greencard now by himself or else Trump will help him and Mrs. Clinton could nt help. He thinks USA is like Nija where they run between the north and south looking for greener pasture.

  71. Dis boy:wole soyinka should be given two gold medals. One for been stupid,naive nd mentally sick. The other shuld be given to him incase he lose d first so as his shame continue..

  72. A word dat has been spoken cannot be swallowed back except u apologize to Donald Trump for ur bunders,we only felt concern dat u are a nigerian but no one force u to utter it. Even u are commiting more instead of keeping can be educated but in mind it may not.

  73. Men of integrity do not open their mouths wide in public, just destroy your American green card because Donald Trump eventually won the election. You’re a Nigerian, whatever pronouncements you made on Nigerians does not exempt you. For your Foundation, you can take it to the Moon.

  74. As al of us con b nigerians so…including u oga soyinka…dere is God oh…abeg where dat woman dey slf I miss her o# apologies to all d autistic nd retarded ppl out dere it aint right using deir condtion as an insult

  75. Prof. Wole Soyinka i shall fervently be disappointed on u if wat i just red are truly ur words. Well, if Nigerians are millepedes, imbeciles n barbarians, i think u should be responsible for d damages of ur father’s land as an earliest educationist dat failed to b neutral in decision making. U’re a product of bad Nigeria 2day. Be wise coz u’re not far 4rm ur grave down to d city of millipedes. Pls withdraw ur statements with immediate effect, to c if we can give u a 2nd chance trust coz we are serving d God of 2nd chance. Proudly Nigerian!!!

  76. Soyinka had made an emptyless speech nd soyinka cannot survive without american green card, if he destroyed its he will die soon. He is only making emptyless threat nd he will never be man of words. America is soyinka hidden place in this world, he is good in makinoise nd drinking alcoholic wine america is one place for him. Soyinka house commotion nd baseless greencard threat.

  77. dis issue is no should not b old man full of grey hair will no longer b interested in flying around.he seen it all,done it all.time to he need d card no more.

  78. Hmmm, prof, prof. l think Wole Soyinka is just a prof but not a thinker. Are you not a Nigerian? Imagine, a prof speaking like a road sider. what is bad in using the wisdom you have, if any, backup with others and restructure this country?

  79. He called us Imbeciles Barbarians, he might be very correct …that is OBJ said that Nigerians are the biggest fools he has ever seen..Yes he is very correct..We should be talking about How to match on the street to say capital NO to all these old Good for nothing Political good fathers that has killed our destiny and the destiny of our unborn Children..Soyinka should be left alone ..destroying his green card is nobody’s business

  80. Our problem is that we mistake intelligent for wisdom. Intelligency can be achieved through hardwork but wisdom is an inate ability. Wole is not a wise man but just intelligent.

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