Shocking! Live Cockroach Removed From Woman's Ear in Bizarre Video

A lady who had a live cockroach hiding inside her ear, has finally had some relief after ENT doctors worked on her.


This is the moment doctors had to remove a live cockroach from a woman’s ear.

A stomach-churning video shows the moment doctors removed the live cockroach from a woman’s ear after it crawled into her head while she slept.

According to reports, at first the lady – called Su – attempted to remove the insect herself but couldn’t quite get it.

She sought the help of doctors at Huaihua City hospital in Central China telling them the bug was definitely still alive and crawling around inside her.

Doctors then sprayed the bug with chemicals in an attempt to paralyse it and warned Su that their procedure would “cause [the insect] to become agitated” and that she would “feel it moving a lot.”

In creepy footage Su shows the doctor’s point of view as they rummage around in her ear with a pair of tweezers in an attempt to grab it from her canal.

When they get hold of the cockroach its legs can still be seen moving and Su says: “It’s really a cockroach? Oh, god.”

Head of the hospital’s ENT (ear, nose, throat) department, Meng Jie, said: “The patient came in complaining of pain in her ear, claiming that an insect had crawled inside it – and that it was still moving.

“We spotted the cockroach deep in her ear canal – its legs were still moving – and pulled it out after giving [the patient] some local anaesthetics.”

Doctor Meng went on to say that homeowners should avoid placing food on their bedside tables and that they should always seek medical attention in the event of finding a bug in their ear.

But this isn’t the first creature confrontation to catch the internet’s attention.


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