N*ked Woman Caught Diving Onto a Moving Truck in Broad Daylight (Video)

A n*ked woman has been caught on camera almost getting herself killed in a very public place not minding who was watching.


A video has shown the shocking moment a n*ked woman was caught moving about in public.

The video shows the screaming n*ked lady as she tried to grab onto a moving car before being dragged along the road.

The clip begins showing a black pickup truck pulling out a quiet road, believed to be somewhere in America.

Suddenly a large n*ked woman comes sprinting into view, attempting to grab onto the side of the car as it pulls away.

She is briefly dragged along the road screaming before losing her grip and faceplanting into the floor.

Pulling alongside her on the road, the person filming winds down the window telling her to go home.

But hearing another voice, she springs to her feet and begins sprinting after him as he continues to film.

More than 38,000 people had seen the clip on YouTube with some viewers expressing their concern for the woman.

“I feel bad for this lady,” one viewer wrote.

“I can only imagine her embarrassment when she found out what she did and it was caught on video.”

Another comment read: “I hope whoever is filming this called the police. That lady needed help.”


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