Don't bring gift to me – Aisha Buhari warns Nigerians

Wife of  the President, Aisha Buhari, has alleged that she has not received any gift from anyone since her husband assumed office as the number one citizen of the country, warning those who would want to gift her this season to perish the thought.

Mrs. Buhari made this revelation at the lauching of a new campaign against graft tagged, “Women Against Corruption” in Abuja, on Wednesday.

According to her, she did not also intend to collect gifts as the wife of the president even in the future.

She said, “People have been trying to bring some gift items to me but I have not been collecting them. Right from when I was campaigning with the Wife of the Vice President for our husbands, we did not take a dime from anyone and we have continued like that till today.

“I have never collected any gift and I am not ready to do so even in the future,” she said, and received thunderous applause from the audience made up of top government officials, Nigerians women and businessmen.

Aisha recently sparked controversy when she openly came out to criticize the government of her husband.

She had declared that Buhari “does not know” most of the top officials he appointed, and that the government had been hijacked by some persons deciding presidential appointments.



  1. Me i believe her hundred percent. That’s a common human character. They prefer to give someone who doesn’t need at all. That’s people nd that’s y there can never be blessings of God

  2. I believe that those Nigerians given president wife gift are simple but corrupt people, because as a wife of president, there is nothing they’re giving her now that she don’t have. Many of them giving the gift are doing it to buy favor, and for doing that you’re blocking the genuine people who deserv that favor. So as per as Nigeria is concern, those who give president wife gift are doing it for they own selfish interest.

  3. I am shocked by the comments above. what do you lot know. You are used to people like Patience Jonathan alias their is God o! to Maryam Abacha and Babaginda. Is she to blame for your recession. When your friends and families were looting the treasury, did it occur to you to save for the rainy days. Very rude set of people @ John, Nonso, Ethel and co.

    Well done Mrs Buhari, people don’t like to hear the truth!!!. It is always bitter.

  4. i know meny never defend there mother once but they defend reach mother she may not be the course but she,s a apart of the course some meny are every happy because they are benefiting from then some meny people talk out anger and some meny people reply out selfishness some meny people claiming people reach and telling your family will remain poor when you dont know were life will take you to,tomorrow when only think about thereself but not thinking about there children takeless of grandchildren when meny of then cover the true and defend lies just because of early money a person who eat in the course sleep inside the course wolk inside a course drink inside a course and never fine solution to a course is a part of course let poor be poor and let reach be reach will all going to end inside thesame ground what is the mean of have a biggest of house and you even spend a pieceful night stop cover true

  5. I want to use this time to say a very big thank you to our President..most people complain about how wicked and uneducated he is..but he has also made some positive impact in my life since he became our president my life has not remain the same..I don’t no the CHANGE we were expecting from APC here are the few CHANGES MR PRESIDENT has brought to my life I don’t no about you fill free to add yours..(1) I don’t eat AKPU before but now I request for extra (2) I hate drinking Garry but now I don’t mind taking it 3 times a day (3) I hate eating beans for Dinner but now I eat it and mess in my dream and I always kill many evil spirit (4) I hate concoction rice but now its my favourite (5) before almost every week I go to MR Biggs but now I go to iya kafaya or iya Razaki…Mr President I want to Thank u specially for this great Change many have been complaining you are bad I must confess I said so too but I came back to my senses when I went to the positive change u came with into my life…now here are the Negative CHANGE you came with.. Please I want to Beg u after next YEAR just leave ASO ROCK before u cus more CHANGE some people can’t even feed again some can’t send their children to school again many men are jobless wives insulting and fighting their husbands because of no food and MONEY..xmas is here many are planing to leave the CITY back to the their VILLAGE everybody must not go into farming some people are complaining why some are making Good money..this is the time to be your brothers keeper if you see anybody hungry feed the person..MR President many are Praying for u to DIE but I can see the more they Pray the more life is added to u..stop fighting CORRUPTION for now and FIGHT HUNGER and STARVATION to leave our COUNTRY please COPY and SHEAR till this gets to MR PRESIDENT..LONG LIFE TO NIGERIA LONG LIFE TO MR PRESIDENT

  6. what if she realise after collecting the gift her husband will not succumb to her request? since she confess not being part of the administration? and you know, you don’t collect gifts in the kitchen and especially in the other room.

  7. See her mouth like pig nyansh.. She 4 go CNN go anounce am na! I never see any change since her bone head husband wey look like person wey dey suffer manutrition enter power… See pure-water 4 porth is now 20 naira for 1.. can any1 ever imagine dat? Pls I beg of all any1 dat has Buhari’s number. make dem give me o! I wan call am!!!

  8. What about the ones you collected before please madam return all of them by the time you do that Nigerians will know you’re very very serious failure to return those one you received it means that you’re not serious

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