Sex starved man cuts off his penis in India

Ghasi Ram, a 37-year-old ‘sex starved’ Indian, has cut off his male organ after his wife of 18 years Manjhri Devi, refused his sexual advances.

According to reports, Ram who claims his wife had not slept with him in the last 10 years, came home drunk on Tuesday and cut off his penis when she turned down his demands.

The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh in northern India where he reportedly sliced off his manhood after grabbing a knife and collapsed on the floor.

His wife called for help and a doctor was brought in.

After medical attention was given to him, Ram blamed his wife for his action, saying: “We have not had sex for the last ten or twelve years.

“She would never make love to me. She will not sit close to me and always refuses my demands.”

His 34-year-old wife denied her husband’s claim, stating that he came home most nights drunk and never cared about her.

She said, “I just simply said no to him as he was drunk and I was very angry with him

“Now he is blaming me for all this when I have done nothing.”

The couple, with a daughter and two sons, got married 18 years ago.


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