Woman Leaves Her Kids for 9 Days Without Food Just to Be With Her Lover…. See What Happened Next

A woman has thrown her entire community into abrupt shock and fury after leaving her kids by themselves to be with her lover.

Vladislava Podchapko, a 20-year-old woman has gotten herself into serious trouble with her wicked ways.

The young mum has been slammed after leaving her toddler to starve to death when she went off with her lover for nine days.

According to reports, Vladislava Podchapko left her two young children alone in her flat in Kiev, Ukraine, with no food.

The youngest child Daniil – who was not even two years old – succumbed to hunger and died after six days in the apartment where he had been left with only candles.

And his poor two-year-old sister was left alone with his body for a further three days.

Neighbours reportedly heard the terrified children screaming and crying constantly over the week-and-a-half period.

The helpless pair are said to have tried desperately to get out, pulling at the front door – but nobody came to help them.

There have been unconfirmed reports that neighbours called police to reports the worrying sounds coming from the flat, but that cops failed to respond.

Help only came for the little girl when her mother finally returned home and officers arrived.

Her daughter was rushed to hospital on the brink of death, where doctors frantically worked to save her.

“The girl was exhausted, she was very weak,” said a doctor involved in her treatment.

“She was immediately taken into hospital where we started intravenous feeding. She is better now and we can say that she will live.

“We have started her on tiny amounts of solid food.”

While the girl was treated, cops arrested and quizzed Podchapko – who is said to be either pregnant or to have recently given birth to a third child.

But the mum is said to have told stunned officers: “I didn’t know that children could die.”

She now faces up to eight years behind bars for child neglect.

The outward image Podchapko portrayed of her family could not have been more different to the apparent reality.

Her social media account is filled with happy snaps of her kids laughing and smiling.

But Ukrainian children rights envoy Nikolay Kuleba said the mother had recently pulled the children out of kindergarten – something which social services reportedly failed to follow-up on.

Podchapko’s Facebook profile has been inundated with abusive comments since the news broke in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, her surviving daughter’s fate remains uncertain.

A source said: “Perhaps she will be sent to an orphanage, or given for adoption, or if her father can look after her, she may go to him.”



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