Women Pose N*ked To Protest Facebook's Nudity Rules (Photos)

30 women, covered only with tape, have posed n*ked in a campaign against Facebook’s nudity rules – an idea born out of rage after a photographer was banned from Facebook for posting pictures that violated the social media’s nudity policy.

A photographer, Trina Cary is fed up of being told that her n*ked body is unacceptable. Every time she posted a n*de self-portrait, that photo would quickly be reported despite Trina taking the time to censor every image so it doesn’t violate Facebook’s community standards.

Last week she posted a photo with her hands covering her breasts, n*ked but with a patch of thorns covering up her genital area, and within ten minutes of being posted, the photo was reported.

Trina then received a notification telling her that she had been banned from Facebook for seven days due to ‘inappropriate content’.

Being banned for seven days caused issues for Trina in her professional life, preventing her from contacting clients she had traveled to do a photo-shoot with. Trina used that anger as motivation.

Fed up of seeing videos of n*ked men, s*xual and suggestive images, and violent pictures shared on Facebook without any issue, while her artwork was banned, Trina decided to stage a protest.

She posted a callout on Facebook, inviting women to join her for a n*de photoshoot. 30 women responded, and the group headed to a stark rock quarry in Kelowna, Canada, to strip down entirely nude – apart from ‘censored’ tape covering their breasts and pubic areas.

One of the women, Mariah Raven, said that she had never felt so at peace as she did posing n*de with 29 other women.

‘This shoot reminded me to love my body, to love myself and every bit of it. It brought back my confidence.’



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