(Episode 17) Christmas in November – A gripping Story!

It was a punch from the stench of alcohol. It was worse than the first day.

Jane: “did they throw a party here?”

It was as if alcohol was poured on the ground. There were no clothes hurled to the ground but heaps of bottles and cups. Some bottles were broken. She stood in the middle not knowing where to start from, “what would the kitchen look like, “ she whispered, “Oh my God!” she sat on the center table. Jake was to be discharged by 12 noon that day.

Doctor: “he’d be discharged today. But you need to be bringing up every Monday and Thursday!”

The news was uplifting but the gloomy part of the story was that it wasn’t certain if he’d live more than longer. She had asked,

Jane: “Are there chances he’d live longer!”

The doctor sighed,

Doctor: “I can’t assure that but let’s remain hopeful!”

It was hard to be hopeful that a miracle could happen but she needed to be strong for her boy.

Quickly, she got up and started working she needed to be done before 11:30. Started by packing the bottles,

Jane: “Oww!” she twitched in pain as a bottle feel and broke leaving a small cut on her finger. It was the smallest finger on her right hand. She placed the finger in her mouth to suck the blood removed the hand and peered at it the blood had dried up. Close to the television she saw a bandage and used it. She got back to work. The cleaning went on for hours, she was doing that and at the same being mindful of the time. It was exciting knowing that Jake would be discharged that day. The thought of that made her sing as she was working. After two hours the whole place was shinning. As she was washing the dishes, her mind went to Felix. Anger and betrayal churned her stomach.  She was working on a divorce but Mrs. Jones tried talking her out of it,

Mrs. Jones: “I know what he did was inhumane but there isn’t anything as good as forgiveness and consider Jake too!”

she wanted to move on and the only way to do was to serve him a divorce. Felix had been sentenced to forty years imprisonment. It would be foolish of her to pause her life because of him.

The knocking of the door brought her out of Felix’s thought,

Jane: “I’ve to move on!” she said wiping her hands to go get the door. It was Jerry, “welcome!” she opened the door for him. Instead of replying he pushed pass her by the time she shut the door and turned she saw him standing in the middle of the sitting room, akimbo,. She cringed with fear as his eyes roved,

Jerry: “How did you do this?” he looked sober with her hands clutched together she stared at him, “I left this house in a mess but see what you’ve turned into! It’s haven!” he smiled walking towards her she took few steps back ward, “can I give you a hug, please!” with her hands clutched together she shook her head and nodded at the same time. He hugged her.  He smelt nice.  His embrace was taking longer she grunted, Oh, sorry!” he said releasing her from his grasp. She smiled. It sent shiver down his spine. He could see her beauty like the glowing moon. He was lost in it. The long stare made her feel uncomfortable,

Jane: “I’ll be taking my leave now!”

Jerry came back to his senses,

Jerry: “I’m so sorry! Ehm, but you must have something to drink” she shook her head,

Jane: “Thank you.. I…”

Jerry: “I insist!”

He ran to the fridge to get juice and two cups. She was lost staring at him; he looked calm and very handsome. The blue shirt and brown pants made him look very smart and good looking. Her eyes followed every of his movement. He was clean that day when he hugged her his breath was fresh. Immediately he turned with the juice and glass cups, she dropped her eyes. She was almost caught in the act.

Jerry poured the juice and he got talking. If there was one thing he was blessed with was a good sense of humour. He got her laughing very loud. The laughter was deep. It cleansed the sadness that was beginning to build a wall in her system. She couldn’t remember the last time any man made her laugh that way.

Jerry: “ Lemme tell you a story!” she was still laughing yet to recover from the joke he had told her earlier, “there was a time we went out to you know get high so when we got back. Kingsley was sitted at that,” he pointed to a spot,” on his limbs and out of the blue he started crying. We were shocked and asked him why he was crying he said his legs were missing. We were like he was sitting on them but the man continued crying and cursing his enemies for making me a cripple!”

Jane was laughing. She couldn’t hold her breathe. He did most of the talking that day and when it was almost twelve.

Jerry: “Hope you’d come tomorrow!” she nodded and left.


Comfort couldn’t believe her eyes.  The lady ranted, “I thought you locked the door!”

Comfort ran out crying

Comfort: “Oh my God! This can’t be true! Noooo! It just can’t be!”

Israel ran out to meet her with just boxers. The sweat hadn’t dried up.

Israel: “I’ll explain! It’s really not what you think, Commy!”

Comfort:”Commy? So I’m now Commy right?” tears prickled some parts of her cheek. Steaming tears; he touched her but she shrugged, “Don’t come close to me!” she hissed and left.

It was Lizzy she caught on the bed with Israel. It was unbelievable. She pinched herself so as to wake from the dream. It was no night mare at all. How did it all happen? Israel and Lizzy? She never saw that coming. No wonder Lizzy was on the fence when she told her Israel forced himself on her, “But Lizzy said she traveled! Hah! Lizzy why?”

She was about getting a car when she in an abrupt manner turned back. Ran into Israel’s compound, they were in the sitting room. It looked like Lizzy was trying to pacify Israel who looked worried. Comfort bumped into them and pushed Lizzy as she landed on the ground. Lizzy stood up and faced Comfort Israel ran in between them,

Israel: “No fighting please! We can sort this out as adults!”

Comfort gawked at Israel,

Comfort: “who is fighting cos of you? I’m just here to give Lizzy a  piece of mind. Nope the two of you actually. Lizzy I’m not here to sound pathetic cos of a cheap stifling whore like you! I was stupid to even see you as a friend all these years. So you had an eye for Israel all this while and you were busy claiming to be just best friends. See, Israel will use you and dump you like some piece of rag used to wipe the ass of an oldie!  I feel sorry for you. You know what you’re to him?” she giggled and continued, “ you’re that woman who he runs to whenever he is horny. He can’t marry you! Not at all!”
Israel tried touching her,

Israel: “bab…”

Comfort”.. Hold it! I feel sorry for you! Your ego should be like mount Kilmanjiro after screwing two friends,right? You aren’t just a disgrace to your gender but humankind. Well you all should  get prepare to be living on retroviral drugs. I’ve been HIV positive for years now!”

They yelled, “what!”

Comfort: “Yes!”

Israel went down on his knees,

Israel: “what have I done to myself? Ah! Comfort!”

She turned to leave,Lizzy  clung to the cushion sobbing but turned and looked at Israel,

Comfort: “So you’d know you weren’t my first. I lost ,y virginity years before I met you. Let just say I’m that woman that knows how a trick or two in deceiving men who are desperate to sleep with virgins!”

She walked in a queenly gait. They were mourning for their lives. A smile rubbed on her face as she walked out of the gate.


Iya Loja asked Amos, late Angela’s father to park,

Iya Loja: “Amosu, I am came. You heard me?” he nodded. She looked at him, “she you’er a lizard ni. You no fit anza me?”

Amos: “yes,ma!”

She walked into a neighbourhood. It was like an area where students lived; an off campus for the university students. She passed many fences with different names written on them like “SUG lodge!”, “Ex-boys Lodge!” and many others. She dialed a number and waited by a small kiosk. A dark skinny boy with sagging pants came to meet her.

Iya Loja: “Blackie, why you aff tey before you pick my calls!”

Blackie: “sorry,Iya! I bin dey sleep!”

Iya Loja: “Oya do quick. Gimme her name and address!”

Blackie: “You go drop something again ooo!”

Iya Loja:”Ah! Blackie… you too liking money. Omo yi ! What you’re use the money I giff you last time do?”

Blackie: “Iya you know say person need money for hand always cos of recession!”

She sighed,

Iya Loja: “Oya,gimme what I ask for first!”

Blackie: “Her name na Esther … she dey stay queen’s lodge. But she dey always meet with your husband for e guest house downtown!”

She smiled and handed him the cash as they departed.



Felix and inmates were on the field working. They were cutting down trees. Two days before that day, they had mapped out a plan for their escape. Felix was the architect of the plan. The prison warders walked about with their batons. There were only two policemen with them. They were the ones with guns, rickety ones. The warders kept screaming on top of their voices, “work! Don’t be lazy! Bastards! Work!” Prisoners that complained of being tired were flogged to get hem working.

Felix hit himself with an axe but the cut wasn’t deep, blood came out all the same,

Felix fell and started screaming,

Felix: “ah! Yah! My leg ooooo! I am dying!” it was an exaggerated cry. The prisoners surrounded him. It was a cue. As soon as the warders came to dispatch them the attack started. Before the Police could shoot their guns. They were lurched to the ground and beaten in a merciless manner . Three warders and a police man were killed.

The Prisoners ran although reinforcement was made and some were captured but Felix escaped. (Gbese ree ooo!)

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  1. Well that’s it. Jane gonna fall for jerry. I’m just waiting for the J family. Jerry-Jane-Jake. I beat Oluwatomi again 😛

  2. Felix do u ever wish well for ur wife and son? But am sure chief gonna stand by Jane this time. Comfort; I love ur acting there.At least let Israel and his fuckmate Lizzy tremble a bit. You re not the only one to feel the pain of betrayal.

  3. I tld u guys jane n jerry re gud togeda i knew it lizzy was d devil wtf bitchy bitch i pity esther o iya loja de cum for ha ah haba felix escaped humm i rest ma case

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