(Episode 18) Christmas in November – A gripping Story!

Comfort was back from the hospital. It was confirmed she was weeks pregnant. Staring at herself in the mirror, she watched as tears ran down both eyes. It was hard to erase the memory of Lizzy and Israel in bed. she couldn’t help but cry out her heart.

She took her phone and was tempted to call Israel but changed her mind. Sarah would have been the only person she could run to but she had left the country to join her husband abroad.

Comfort: “I have to leave Abuja!”

The plan was to have the baby and never let Israel know, “I’d never let him come close to my child!”

Carried her phone and dialed her aunt’s number. When she picked Comfort couldn’t control her tears,

Comfort: “I’ll be relocating to Lagos!” she said in tears.

Mrs. Jones: “What happened? Why is my baby crying?”

Comfort: “when I come I’ll explain” she was still crying.


Iya Loja was talking in whispers on the phone to a friend,

Iya Loja: “Bidemi I aff getting that Skief geh friend number!”

Bidemi: “Interesting!”

Iya Loja: “Tomorrow you will escorting me to go and teash her kekere lezin!”

Bidemi: “Correct Ore mi!”

Bidemi was Iya’s best friend. Her partner in crime.

Kingsley and Nnamdi noticed that for a week Jerry wasn’t willing to hang out with them and whenever he did he only drank sparingly,

Nnamdi: “wetin dey worry,Jay-man na?”

Kingsley: “So you noticed his strange behaviour off late?”

They both sighed,

Nnamdi: “he hardly drinks with us and even the daily parties at his place he cancelled it!” they both looked at each other and they chorused, “wait! Oho!” they broke into laughter

Kingsley: “Choi!!” they entered into another round of laughter.

Nnamdi catching his breathe,

Nnamdi: “You sure say no bi that baby mama cause em?”

They were referring to Jane. Jerry had told them she had a son so it was believed like some young girls so had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. But he was yet to meet her son who she spoke fondly about.

Kingsley: “Na wa oo! A whole Jerry! Jerry my man,” he beats his chest, “don turn woman wrapper. Chai!”

Nnamdi shook his head,

Nnamdi: “You know wetin we go do? We go call em later make we talk sense inside e head!”

Kingsley: “call? He mightn’t pick I’d suggest we go to his house!”

Nnamdi: “yes! Nice plan!”


Jake was in the kitchen with his, mother, making lunch. He didn’t go to school that day because of his treatment.

Jake: “Mum when are you going to take me to my place of work?”

Jane smiled,

Jane: “This Saturday, baby!”

Jake: “why not today?” she shook her head

Jane: “I told you. I’m off today, little man!”

Jake: “off?” he raised his shoulders up, “what does that even mean?”

She sighed,

Jane: “Oh boy!”

Jake: “tell me na,please!”

Jane fries the tomatoes,

Jane: “what I mean is my boss gave me a few days holiday to be with my little man!” she stroked his cheeks. He smiles,

Jake: “You don’t have to worry abou…” a sound interrupted him. It came from the door. It was a knock. Before Jane could wipe her hands to attend to the visitor, Jake had gone get the door. It was a man.

Jake: “Good morning and who are you please?  Who are you looking for?” he opened the door with his little hands.  Jane was about going out when she heard the man speak,

“Heyei,Jake,right? I’m Jerry!”

The sound of his voice froze her. Jane had lied about been given some days off. She was avoiding Jerry. They had kissed some days back at his apartment and she felt cheap and stupid for doing that. Since that day, she stopped going to his place,picking his calls and he didn’t know her address but that day he was determined to see her even if it meant going to the ends of the world. He was in love with her and having a child meant nothing to him. The way he felt about her he didn’t mind the conditions attached to been with her. He wanted to be a better of his life,

Jane: “You don’t know me. My whole life is a mess! I can’t be with you!”

Jerry: “I don’t mind Jane! I want to be a part of your life! I want to be a part of that mess! You make me wanna do right in my life,babe!”

As she tried saying another word he dived for her lips. They kissed clasping at each other’s neck. Their teeth almost knocking against the other. Everything in Jane’s body answered. It’s been ages she felt the warmth of a man. The way Jerry handled her lips made her moan. She shivered as his hand ran down her cleavages mildly caressing. Unknowingly, she was moaning with his name. He felt good too. He had had a thousand girls but Jane seemed different. As he caressed her his hands shook. She kissed him as he ran down her stomach. The boxers he had on was strung out. They were both steaming. They both seemed to be in a world of their own. As they were about having sex she yelled in a plea,

Jane: “Nooooo! Please, I can’t do this! I’m sorry,Jerry!”

Jerry smiled and stood like one chase, she took her things and fled,

Jerry: “Jane ! Jane!!” she had gone. She knew fleeing was the only way she could stop the madness. For she wanted him.

That was what transpired the last time they saw.

Jerry bent down staring at Jake,

Jake: “Are you mum’s friend?” Jerry nodded and held out a box of chocolate to the little man but he shook his head, “Mum said I shouldn’t accept gifts from strangers!”

Jerry: “But I’m her friend!” he smiled at the kid,

Jake shook his head still,

Jake: “But, I don’t know you!”

Jane leaned on the kitchen door listening to the drama going on and smiling but tears trickled down her cheeks at the same time. Jerry treated Jake with so much respect and they had just met. He stole her heart the more.

Jerry: ‘where’s mummy?” he looked at Jake, Jake looked back and Jane was standing right behind him. Jake leaned on her,

Jake: “How did you know my place,” he stood up still holding the box of chocolate,

Jerry: “well,let’s say desperation led me here! Jane I haven’t been able to get you…” she gave him a stern look and looked down at Jake who was listening. Jerry understood then said, “Oh… so Jake would you take my gift now?”

Jake turned to his mother,

Jake: “Mum, should I accept Mr. Jerry’s gift!” she nodded and immediately he turned and collected it, “Thank you, sir!”

Jerry told Jane he wanted to take them out but Jane refused. Being a smart man, he knew if he sneaked the idea of a children’s park to Jake who’d bug his mother until she said yes and that was what he did.

Jerry: “what about going to the children’s park in town?”
Jake was jumping in euphoria already. Jane shot him a scary look. He knew he had gotten her. The set up was just perfect.

At the park Jake went out about playing. They sat watching him. It was then she told him about  Jake’s health issue and the story of her husband. She was amused that her story made Jerry almost cry. She could see him battling with the tears,

Jerry he took her hands,

Jerry: “You’ve really gone through a whole lot in your little life!” she smiled, “ I promise to be by your side if you give me a chance!”

She had to open up. Hiding her feelings? There was no point doing that.

Jane: “I’m still legally married to Felix that’s the problem!”

Jerry: “We’d find a way around this baby! And I promise we’d stay strong for Jake and push through this, alright?” she nodded as he kissed her hands. Silence fell on them as they watched Jake playing with other children. He sighed, “This world is a small place, you know?”

Jane: “Why do you think so?”

Jerry: “I mean the Angela’s story she was my father driver’s daughter and her death really shook everybody in the house. She was such a smart girl. I’m really sorry for making you suffer for the crime you didn’t commit!”

She sighed,

Jane: “It wasn’t the fault of your family. I’m glad that you all care about the well-being of your workers. Felix got what he deserves.”

From the park they went to Jerry’s place and Jane cooked them a delicious meal of White Rice and Chicken Curry Sauce.  They watched TV and he taught Jake how to play football game. They were bonding really well. Jane felt alive again. At nine Jerry dropped them off at home. They were able to steal a kiss when Jake wasn’t looking.

She yawned as they entered,

Jake: “I’m so tired mum!”

She put on the light, Jake ran in and she saw her note on the center table. The writing was very legible. The handwriting was of someone she knew very closely. It read:


The paper fell from of her shaky hands as she panted heavily.

Who wrote the letter to Jane?  Is her life in danger? Is Comfort doing the right thing by hiding her pregnancy from Israel? Is Iya Loja not going to get into trouble?

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  1. Felix will be rearrested by police, Jane will file 4 divorce between she and Felix. Jerry, Jane, and jake family will now start a fresh.

  2. Felix should just go n rot in d jail, make e no come spoil our romantic movie Jane deserve to smile again. But does comfort truly has HIV?. Adelove this suspense too much ooo

  3. Why is Felix back now dat jane is beginning to feel luv….. Chai commy oooo tell Israel oooo maka nsogbu in future.. Adelove biko nee xxt.

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