(Episode 20) Christmas in November – A gripping Story!

Jane and Jerry ran to the hospital. It was said a teacher had rushed Jake there when he had collapsed. Jake had collapsed after closing while waiting for his mother and the teacher with the help of the bus driver took him.

It was days since Jake had been admitted. His health had relapsed. He had been transferred to Jerry family doctor’s hospital, Dr Sanusi Medical Center.  It was traumatic for Jane watching her son die.

Dr Sanusi had called Jerry and his father into the office,

Dr Sanusi: “ the boy’s case is chronic already. The only thing we can do right now or owe the little man right now is prayers and nothing.”

Jerry: “Uncle, nothing at all?”

He nodded and said,

Dr. sanusi: “Sadly so!”

Audu: “even if we fly him abroad?”

Dr Sanusi: “That would be a total waste of resource!”

Chief Audu felt terrible; he owed Jane and Jake a lot especially for the helping his once wayward son,Jerry get back to his senses and act mature. He was ecstatic when Jerry had come to the house a week ago and he sounded very reasonable,

Jerry: “Dad, mum, apologizing for my waywardness has become a ritual that I mightn’t be taken seriously anymore. I want to go back to school. “

His parents looked at each other. Were they dreaming?

Audu: “Hmmm!”He sighed, “Are you serious about what you’re saying?”

Jerry: “Yes, daddy. I’ve never been this serious! I’ve wasted time too much and I want to make up for everything I had done.”

Iya Loja stood up, danced and sang a Yoruba medley

Iya Loja: “Opelope re! 2x … Aiye yi  iba se eleyami .. Opelope re!!!”. It was a happy moment for the house. Then he added,

Jerry: “Daddy and mum, I’m in love! And it is this woman who has changed my life for good! “

Audu smiled,

Audu: “so who is this lady who has been able to do a marvelous thing in your life?”

Jerry: “  The maid you hired for me!”

Audu: “Jane?” he looked at Jerry closely, “are you sure? Do you know what you’re doing?”

Jerry nodded. Iya Loja wasn’t happy, Audu added, “ Do you know she ha…”

Jerry: “Yes, dad, I know she has a son and a husband but he is in jail… I have a lawyer sorting out their divorce! I’m really in love with her, Dad!”

Audu nodded,

Audu: “Who are we to go against a divine arrangement!”

Iya Loja yelled,

Iya Loja: “It’s no difine anything. Rara o! My son wee not marry ashaku ooo, Second-hand for that matter. Aloku I mean! Somebody who have shild? Olorun maa je!” she hit her hands on the laps. They were just looking at her as she displayed and started crying uncontrollably, ”Ah! My enemies at work!” she broke into tears.

They allow her finish shedding the tears then Audu spoke,

Pointing at Jerry,

Audu: “Look how handsome our son looks. He looks very matured and has become a responsible man. Was he like this before? Weren’t you always crying and praying for his change? Claiming your enemy is at work?” she nodded, “then why go against a union God had used to make him a better man? Is the enemy still at work again?”

Even if with the whole explanation she didn’t seem satisfied until she met Jane. Jane was able to rub off her charm on Iya Loja who was happy her son met her,

Iya Loja teasing her son,

Iya Loja: “wo! Jerry  you aff eye ooo!” they giggled.

That was when she gave her hundred percent support to the wedding.


Jane knowing that he son was going to die was very traumatic. She sat by his side reading him stories from the children book Jerry had gotten for him. His favourite was the Cinderella story,

Jane read,

Jane: “Once upon a time, there was a kind girl named Cinderella . All of the animals loved her,especially two mice named Gus and Jaq. They’d do anything for the girl they called Cinderelly. Cinderella lived with her stepmother and her two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella. They were very mean to Cinderella, making her work all day cleaning, sewing, and cooking. She tried her best to make them happy. Cinderella’s stepmother, Lady Tremaine, was cold, cruel, and jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty. She enjoyed giving Cinderella extra chores to do, such as bathing her cat, Lucifer…”

Jake chimed,

Jake: “Mum, why are some people like Lady Tremaine in real life!”

Jane sighed,

Jane: “That’s because they have sold their souls to the devil!”

Jake: “Mummy, I can never sell my soul to the devil!”

Jerry and Audu walked in as they were having a son and mother time,

Audu: “A smart man like you can’t do such thing!” he rubbed Jake’s head,Jerry stood close to Jane, “How’s little man doing?”

Jake nodded,

Jake: “I feel better!” They giggled, “Uncle Jerry’s daddy, can I call you big daddy?”

They all laughed,

Audu: “Ofcourse,I am your big daddy!” they snuggled, “you know what? Get well so I’d take you to wonderland!” Jake gave a very wide grin, turned to Jane, yawning,”I’ll check on you guys tomorrow. Had a very tiring day!” he yawned again, “Little man, catch ya tomorrow!”

Jake: “Good night,big daddy!”

Audu: “Get well,son!” he gave him a peck.

Jane:”Thank you sir!” she stood up to see him off,

Jerry: “Don’t worry. Lemme see him off!” she gave a faint smile. Audu and Jerry went out. He asked of his mother and Audu told him she wasn’t feeling fine that she came home with a bruised mouth, “what happened?” Jerry asked.

Audu: “she fell!”

But Audu knew that was a lie. He was aware of the fight between Iya Loja and Esther. He had to use an expensive bracelet to appease Esther who claimed his wife came to embarrass her. Audu never mentioned the issue to his wife and she never did too. It died a natural death.

Jane was anxious to hear what the doctor had told Jerry. She was worried.

Jake: “Mum, continue the story!”

Jane: “Jay, baby, I’m tired o!”


Jerry walked in,

Jerry: ‘what are we begging mummy for?”

Jane: “He wants me to read the Cinderella story for him again!”

Jerry sat close to Jake, stroking his hair,

Jerry: “Don’t worry I’ll read it for you!” Jane winked at Jerry. It was a message of ‘we need to talk‘ she was sending to him. They excused themselves and Jake was left alone flipping through the pages of the story book with Oxygen in his nostrils.

Jerry tried concealing the truth but she forced words out of his mouth and he told her what the doctor said. Uncontrollably, she burst into tears. She couldn’t believe her son was going to die,

Jane: “Baby,I won’t survive it! I’m not strong enough!” he hugged her,

Jerry: “I’m here for you! We’ll all be strong for Jake. He needs us to be. We should join our faith with each others.. We never can tell! Miracle happens!”

He allowed her cry to her satisfaction,

Jane” Let’s go in!”she wiped her eyes. Jake was about falling asleep when they entered. He opened his eyes. Jerry sat with him and was reading from the story book.  Jane sat close to Jake. They were they sat Jake was in the middle. She stroked his head as Jerry was reading for him. Jerry paused and asked,

Jerry: “Jake, if you’re asked to make a wish what would you wish for?” the question gathered tears in the eyes of Jane.

Jake smiled,

Jake:” Errrrrmmmm….  I’d wish for. I’d wish for…” he fondle with his hands shyly, turned to his mother, “Mum,what should I wish for?” she quickly wiped the tears,

Jane: “It’s your wish baby!”

Jake: “ Okay, I’ll wish for a Christmas party! My own party and I’d be dressed like Santa!”

Jane and Jerry gawked at each other perplexed, and they chorused, “Christmas in November?”

He nodded,

Jake: “Yes, I want a Christmas in November!”  they snuggled him.

A man was standing by the door he has been there for close to thirty minutes; he had a hood on when Jerry looked up like a flash light, the person disappeared. Jerry ran out and saw the man fleeing. He had a black hood on.


Israel hadn’t been his self since the disappearance of Comfort. He had caught Lizzy cheating on him and had broken up with her. Every day he went to Comfort’s place hoping she’d be around but h neighbours gave him the same story. She didn’t tell any of them she had relocated,

Israel sat on the boot of his car sulking,

Israel: “Comfort, I’m so sorry for hurting you!”


It was the day of the party. The hospital was designed with Christmas lights and Trees. Iya Loja was the one in charge of arrangements,

Iya Loja with her blistered mouth was everywhere,

Iya Loja : “Bringing the tree here!  Eh eh o! flower fessels nko? Carry it and come na!” she said to the people who were paid to design the place.  The injury on lips was healing. The ones she had gotten as a trophy for fighting with the little lioness, “ah ah o!” when one of them took a vessel to the spot where she didn’t want.

Comfort and Mrs. Jones baked the cake. They also helped with the arrangement. Jane and Jerry walked around making sure things were in order. Everyone had a Christmas cap on even the hospital staff. Tochi and Emma were by Jake’s bedside, playing and dancing. He was dressed like Santa. Jake was too weak to stand so he sat on the bed.  There was so much glint in his eyes. He looked very handsome than ever. Music blared from his room. It was designed too and there was a Christmas tree by his bed, Tochi was jumping around,

Amarachi yelled at him,

Amarachi: “Tochi, I’ll beat you ooo! “

Tochi gawked at her and jump on Jake’s bed,

Jake: “Tochi,be careful so you don’t throw me off!” everyone laughed in the room,

Tochi laughing,

Tochi: “Jay, you can fear!”

Jerry left Jane with the women, who were making sure everything was properly placed and entered the room where Jake was,

Jerry: “How’s my little man doing?”

Jake smiled as Emma snatched a toy from Tochi and sped off, Tochi followed him. Amarachi followed them so they wouldn’t hurt themselves.

Jake: “I’m fine Uncle Jerry,” he said fondling with a toy in his hand.

Jerry sat close to Jake and rubbing his head,

Jerry: “You’re gonna be alright,my man! You will be fine!” Jake nodded; Jane was standing by the door and watching the two of them.

Jake: “ Uncle Jerry thank you for the Christmas party!” Jake hugged him.

Jerry had tears in his eyes but he fought them back. Jane was in tears already. She was praying for a miracle. Jerry was praying miracle too in his heart.  Jane wiped her eyes and entered. It was glaring that her heart was heavy even with the pretentious smile she wore like a heavy makeup.

The party started by seven thirty in the evening. The room was filled with friends and family, Dr Sanusi was present, Jerry’s friends surprising showed up, Kingsley and Nnnamdi. Iya Loja was over dressed.

Audu had told her,

Audu: “Don’t you think you’re overdressed for the occasion!”

Iya Loja looked herself,

Iya Loja: “Ah,wo, Skief lemme ooo! Let me dress very well! Haff you attending Christmas party inside November before? And I aff to celebrate with sicking Jack oo!” Audu giggled,

Audu: “Jake not Jack! Yoruba people sef!” he joked,

Iya Loja gawked at him,

Iya Loja: “But is Yoruba woman that have suporta you and you’er now a big skief! Aboki!” they both giggled.

Smiles were on the faces of everyone present. Jerry was the MC,

Jerry: “It’s now time for the lighting of candles but before then Jake has a poem to recite!” they had been singing and dancing before then, Jake brought out a paper,


“Life is a journey,

sweet and sour,

saddled with ups and downs,

we shouldn’t spend eternity on hurting people

but  putting smiles on faces,

so that when our journey ends,

we’d be remembered  for good….Thank you!”

He smiled and was greeted with hands of applause, Jane hugged him.

Is there going to be a Miracle for Jake? Who was the man on hood?”

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