Nigeria never entered into any sharing agreement with Swiss government -Adeosun

Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, has said a newspaper report on Saturday which she said erroneously claimed that the Federal Government has agreed to pay a $79 million commission to the Swiss government as part of conditions for repatriation of the Abacha loot, was false and misleading.

Adeosun clarified that the amount payable to Nigeria from Switzerland is $321 million, and is being returned to Nigeria for projects which are subject to verification by the World Bank.

The recovery process is ongoing with the Swiss authorities and the World Bank has agreed to undertake the required verification, the minister said.

She stated that there is no deduction of $79 million as suggested in the report which is both “misleading and inaccurate”.

She assured that recovery will be made in full and that there is no commitment nor requirement to pay any commission.

“The Federal Government is committed to securing the return of all looted funds in their entirety and has never entered into any sharing arrangement as suggested in the report,” she also said.

Intense efforts continue to secure all monies due to Nigeria including an additional $400 million of Abacha loot held up in US Courts on which the Attorney General of the Federation and the Ministry of Finance are engaging with their US counterparts to secure expeditiously, Adeosun said



  1. I’ve told whoever cared to listen that the present federal government will succeed not because of award obsessed or medal iterative cabinet members,but the tower of integrity at the centre.
    Any government that will not steal and will prevent others from stealing is critical to the reinvention of Nigeria.
    This integrity is now a nemesis to the prodigally constituted political class now contemplating a new political party to ensure a reversion to full blown corruption
    I would be magnanimous to Christine the mega party”NATIONAL PARTY FOR CORRUPT ENTHUSIASTS (NPCE).

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