See Graphic Photos From Church Building Collapsed In Uyo

About 200 people were crushed to death after a church building collapsed in Uyo with the state Governor narrowly escaping death.

The death toll of people who died at the Reigners Bible Church International Uyo has reached 200. The incident happened yesterday in Akwa-Ibom state which saw the Governor of the state Udom Emmanuel narrowly escaping death.

The building collapsed during the consecration of Pastor Akan Week as a Bishop, leaving many worshippers trapped.



  1. Oooops! So, the church is no longer the sacred place of refuge where the spirit of God dwells? If people who are in church cannot even be saved from horrible deaths, what then is the purpose of the church and the powerful spirit of God that dwells in it? If people can no longer run to the church and get saved from horrible deaths, we should close down all the churches because they are useless centres of death and horrors.

    • What a myopic mind you have. Should we close down the kabbah, where people die in the hundreds every year during the Muslim hajj?

    • Musa, you are an idiotic person. Can you say how many people have died in your useless Mecca and all your ritual houses you call mosque?

  2. Very sad….
    Bad Construction work..
    I can hear someone in the Video saying no pillar here, no pillars…
    Mediocrity and bad construction….

    Rest in peace to the dead…. It is very painful.
    This life eh…. Painful death

  3. It’s so pathetic that these folks had to die in this manner
    My thought is with their family and friends
    However this brings to question if religion is really worth it
    Religious faithfuls , expecially in Africa, are always meant to believe that their religion and prayers can do everything
    They are taught that they cannot suffer any affliction as believers and that God dwells in the religious centres, which to them is a safe sanctuary
    But what they do not realise or refuse to teach is that God is too generous to confine himself to any particular group of humans
    God is for everyone, whatever your believe
    You cannot construct any building with substandard materials and expect it to stand just because it is a church or mosque
    This is part of the ignorance of several believers in the developing world
    This is akin to tempting God
    The same thing that T B Joshua did and went Scot free
    He and his builders killed several people due to negligence with impunity
    This can only happen in this part of the world where “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”
    The pastor, sorry may I say bishop, of this church may also be let off as he seems close to the governor
    But God is watching
    No sinner shall go unpunished

  4. Obviously we don’t longer value life in Nigeria, how can we ask thousands of people to gather at an incompleted building that is Not certified. What’s is our Government agency doing? Can’t we just learn for once? This is painful and I blame our Government for it. no matter how powerful the pastor or bishop may be, he can’t gather people in an uncertified and unapproved engineering structure that can fail at anytime. God have mercy.

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