Twitter user blasted for saying its a sin for married couples to have anal s*x

According to a Nigerian twitter user ‏@EzraelAni, it’s a sin for married couples to partake in any kind of sexual position they desire aside from missionary style. B**ch, say what?

“For those who are married. Having anal sex or doggy is sin and participating in such acts qualifies you as a candidate of hell,” @EzraelAni tweeted, also adding, “Missionary position is the only sex style true Christians should partake in, any other sex position is demon inspired.

Nigerians of course reacted to the controversial tweets.



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  2. It still amazes me what joy people derive from digging a shit-hole. Yet, some girls still happily lick the shit dug out of their anals spread on the man’s dick, all in the name of love or what????

  3. Oh please… spare me de rubbish. SO long as you are married, anything is allowed. Come to think of it, where is missionary style written in the bible? Total rubbish.

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