(Episode 6) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Uncle Bode grabs charity from the neck and raises her to his level.

Uncle Bode: “You little witch. So you think you can walk in and out of people’s castle anyhow you like right? You think it is easy to reap from where you did not sow? Hahahaha…I will butcher you with this machete and feed your body to the dogs and not even your father can do anything about it. He raises up his arm to and attempts to bring down the machete on her when Charity screams aloud and wakes up with a jerk. “It’s Just a dream, thank you Lord”, she is sweating and shivering when her father runs into the room. He had been awaken by her scream.

charity: “Jesus!”

Mr Jide: “Charity, what happened? Are you okay?” her father rushes from the bedroom into the sitting room where she is sleeping.

Charity continues to stare at him as she is yet to recover from the shock of the dream. She opens her mouth to speak but words refuse to be formed”.

Mr Jide: “Talk to me, I am your father, what happened to you?”

Charity: “I had a terrible dream, daddy”.

Mr Jide: “Tell me about it, my dear. I am your father and I am here to protect you”.

Charity: “It’s Uncle Bode, I dreamt that I went to his place to ask for help and he almost raped me and when I tried to escape, he attempted to kill me”.

Mr Jide: “God forbid, nobody will rape nor kill my daughter while I am alive. Listen to me, my daughter please, I know that I do not have the money to give you for your registration but I want you to give up the idea of going to that man for help. Your being alive means more than all the doctorate certificates in the world. If you don’t go to school this year, we will plan ahead and you will go next year”

Charity: “You don’t have to beg me, daddy. I can’t even think of going to that man for help with what I saw in my dream today. I will wait upon the Lord no matter how long it will take”.

Mr  Jide: “Thank you, my daughter. Please don’t be angry with me, God knows that I tried my best to raise the money for you. Now go back to sleep, it is not morning yet”.

Charity: “Daddy, don’t leave me alone. I am scared”.

Mr Jide: “I am here to watch over you. Go back to sleep”. He remains with her until she begins to doze before he tiptoes back to his bedroom where Iyabo is tossing and hissing on the bed.

Iyabo: “Mtcheww, that witch will not allow us sleep in peace in this house”.

Mr Jide: “Iyabo! That poor girl just had a terrible nightmare”.

Iyabo: “Abeg, hold it there and allow me sleep, I no call anybody name”.


It has been almost 3 weeks since she had the terrible night mare about uncle Bode and since her father couldn’t raise the money for her to go for her registration, she had decided to sell recharge cards pending when she will get a job as a sales girl attendant. She intends to save some money for her UTME examination next year and also for her registration when she secures admission. At the junction where she sits on a plastic chair with an umbrella over her head, a girl of about the same age as her also sells recharge cards there and each time Charity makes any sales, the girl gets angry and begins to make trouble. A young man in a flashy car stops close to Charity and asks for N5,000 worth of airtime. Quickly, she gives the man she network he requested for. Seeing that Charity is making more sales than her, the other girl walks up to her table.

Peace: “You this witch”, she says banging her hand on the table. “Which kind juju you use wey you come collect all my customers like this?”

Charity: “What are you talking about?”

Peace: “I dey talk to you, you dey here dey speak big English abi? Wetin I no dey talk about? I sit down here jeje they sell my card, you commot from nowhere come join me and before I know you don snatch all my customers”.

Charity: “You know that is not true. You were sitting across the road facing the other junction. You brought your things here when you saw that I came here”.

Peace: “Wetindey worry this customer snatcher? Which one be across the road? No be the same thing all of us dey talk? See you, useless girl like you. Na your type dey snatch people husband, if you fit snatch customers, then you fit snatch person husband”.

Charity: “You will respect your old age and mind how you talk to me. How dare you accuse me of snatching people’s husbands? Whose husband did you see me snatch? If not for condition, do you think I will be here selling airtime? I am respecting you o, please respect yourself too and stay away from my path, tor”.

Peace: “Heyyyy”, she claps her palms together. “See this small girl o, you are warning me. Do you know who I am? Okay if I don’t stay away what will you do? Will you beat me? Oya beat me, now. I say you should beat me”. She moves close to Charity and uses her chest to push her.

Charity: “Ah-ah, what is this now? Respect yourself o, I am warning you now”.

Girl: “I see that the little money you are making from this business is entering your head that is why you dey run your mouth anyhow. I give you from now till this weekend, if you no pack commot from here go find another place, you go see wetin go happen to you. My name na peace but na the opposite of my name I be. Make weekend reach make I still see your dry leg for here, na that time you go know the kind person wey I be. I go show you say no be everybody weydey waka for road be ordinary human being”. She hisses and walks away to her post.


Iyabo and her husband are in a heated quarreling session in their bedroom. Mt Jide tries to walk away but she runs to the door, locks it and throws the keys into her bra.

MrJide: “And what is the meaning of that? Are you saying that I cannot insert my hand in there and bring out the key?”

Iyabo: “Come and carry the key now if you know say you be man. You think I will allow you to go out without granting my request right, okay na”.

Mrjide: “Woman, what on earth is wrong with you? Have you gone crazy or something? When I told you that I wanted to sell my land to raise money for Charity’s registration, you refused and starved me for days, for more than a week, you didn’t allow me touch you. Now, simply because your business is going down you want me to sell the land and give you the money to invest into your business? No way, it will not work!”

Iyabo: “It will work o, you must sell that land whether you like it or not and give me the money. After all, you don’t have a son that will inherit the land when you die”.

MrJide: “Everything is wrong with it. You are such a shameless and wicked woman. Because this girl is not your biological daughter you refused to help and now you think I will help you? You need to have your head examined”.

Iyabo: “Okay, then. This is how we will stay in this room today. Let us see who will give up.”


Charity is attending to a customer when the same man drives to her place and asks for airtime worth N5,000. Before she can bring it out, the other girl runs to him from her post and gives him the card.

Girl: “Oga, see am. You say N5,000 own”.

Stephen: “Of course I said N5,000 but I didn’t ask you to bring it. I buy from the other girl”.

Girl: “Ah, oga, e no mean. Na sisters we be so na still the same thing even if you buy from me”.

Stephen: “Don’t worry, maybe next time but today she has my patronage”.

The girl looks at Charity from head to toe, hisses and walks away.

Charity: “Oga, you have put me in trouble. You should have patronized her. I don’t mind”.

Stephen: “Trouble? What sort of trouble? Tell me about it”.

Charity does not say anything.

Stephen: “I see that you are not comfortable talking to a stranger. Well, I have been patronizing you daily for weeks now and from the way you speak and act, you are not supposed to be here. Why are you not in the classroom where your mates are? Talk to me, I mean no harm. By the way, my name is Stephen. What’s yours?”

“Charity”, She replies reluctantly.

Stephen: “Go ahead and talk to me, you never can tell how I can be of help”.

Charity narrates everything that happened to her to him and how she couldn’t resume school because of money. She also tells him about the threat she has been receiving from the Peace.

Stephen: “Oh dear, that is painful. You know what? I am running late for an appointment right now. Here is my number, call me after you close tomorrow and I will send you the address of where to meet me. You will go for your registration this week. Wipe your tears. Here, N10, 000, 5k for the airtime and the remaining 5k for your lunch”.

He stuffs the money into Charity’s hands and drives away leaving her speechless.

Question: Is Stephen God sent or does he have ulterior motives? Should Charity go and see him the next day as he requested? Will Peace make real her threat of dealing with her if she doesn’t leave the place? Will Mr Jide give in to Iyabo’s demands?

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  1. Adelove thank God it was a dream I wanted to stop reading this story and continue with the older ones I was reading before na wa o kai my heart rate was beating faster before I hope Stephen is God sent ooooo

  2. Stephen may be God’s sent but at the same time Charity should remember her dreams with Uncle Bode before embarking on any move. Mr Jide will not submit to his wicked wife. Kudos Adelove

  3. ah! Una dey vex o sho…o? I thought i would b d first 2 comment. Well i hope with his gud manners he is God sent. I luv u all!!

  4. Adelove. .I love you every passing week
    …bring it on baby
    ..Chacha gal…don’t worry…God our helper is ever watchful of the orphan…school you must go

  5. ahh adelove u 2 much, see d way u made it real as if she was in gr8 danger in d hands of d politician kip it on kudos 2 u…..mean while I fink charity shud apply a bit caution regarding 2 her drm, d drm might not really b referring 2 uncle bode buh mayb sme1 else, so bcareful nd ignor those plotting ur downfall @ iyabo nd peace

  6. Hmmmmm…….Dis Iyabo na witch oooo, Mr Jide shud not mind her …. I op stephen is God sent sha…. God bless Adelove and his crew

  7. I strongly believe he is God sent.because charity has endured. obedient and self discipline although nobody is perfect.

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