Daughter of former Mozambican president shot dead by family member

Local media in Mozambique have confirmed, quoting a family source, the death of a renowned Mozambican businesswoman and daughter of former President Armando Guebuza.

The deceased, Ms Valentina Guebuza, 36, who was in charge of the family business, was reportedly shot dead by a close relation at their family residence in northern Maputo.

According to news reports, Ms Guebuza succumbed to four gun shot wounds as she was being rushed to a local hospital. The suspected killer was arrested.

Ms Guebuza got married to a businessman, Mr Zofimo Muiuane, in 2014 and the two have reportedly had a troubled relationship

Mozambican newspaper A Verdade in July 2014 described their wedding as the marriage of the year.

The wedding was attended by 700 guests, including South Africa President Jacob Zuma, Swazi King Mswati III and the Angolan president’s daughter, Ms Isabel dos Santos.

In 2014, Ms Guebuza’s firm, the Startimes Mozambique, together with a Chinese partner, were awarded the country’s $300 million digital migration contract.

The Chinese are 85 per cent shareholders of the Startimes Mozambique, whose 15 per cent stake is held by Focus 21, a business group associated with President Guebuza’s family that Valentina headed.

Valentina da Luz Guebuza was among the leading youthful Mozambican entrepreneurs whose number was on the rise.

Focus 21 has interests in business consulting, engineering, logistics and mining, with a net value of more than $5 million.

Ms Guebuza worked in the firm together with her brothers, Mr Armando Ndambi Guebuza and Mr Mussumbuluko Armanado Guebuza.

She easily was among the most influential women in Mozambique and Africa.

In 2013, Forbes Magazine said Ms Guebuza was the seventh most powerful woman in Africa, a ranking topped by Ms Isabel dos Santos.

Ms Guebuza was a graduate of civil engineering from a South African university.

Some media outlets often described her as the Mozambican Isabel dos Santos.


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