(Episode 10) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Mr Jide: “Pancreatitis, I need an urgent operation at an estimated cost of N120,000”.

Charity: “What! Where will we get that kind of money from? Don’t worry, daddy. I will run around and see what we can get”.

Mr Jide: “Run around where, my child? Listen to me, you don’t have to worry about me, even if I die at this age, I am fulfilled. Remember that you must keep your virginity till marriage, please don’t do anything that will put you at logger heads with the gods”.

Charity: “I know, daddy. What about your wife, does she know that you are sick?”.

Mr Jide: “Iyabo has refused to pick my call ever since I told her to leave my house if she won’t accept you as a child. I have sent her uncle who is my friend to tell her about my condition”.


Charity and Stella goes back to the hostel to prepare food to take to him. On their way to the hostel, they had bought vegetables and fresh fish to cook for him. Charity begins to cook immediately while Stella sits to keep her company.

Stella: “So, what are you going to do about your father’s health? Don’t tell me you are going to sit back and watch him die because of ordinary N120,000”.

Charity: “Hmmn, Stella, what do you want me to do? I am confused, I don’t have that kind of money. I have been trying to call Stephen but his number is switched off. I guess he is in court because he told me he has about three cases in court today”.

Stella: “So, what has Stephen got to do with the question that I asked? Can’t you just talk without mentioning Stephen? Stephen don turn God? Hian!”

Charity: “Why won’t I mention him? He is my boyfriend and he is the only helper I have”.

Stella: “Okay o, madam boyfriend. So Stephen will give you the money for your father’s operation right?”

Charity: “I don’t know. That guy has tried so much for me and its not like he has enough. Recently, as a result of the economic recession, he has been denying himself many things just to cater for me. He has been complaining of clients not paying up his bills and it is really affecting him. I am not sure he can afford to give me N120, 000 just like that”.

Stella: “You see why I have always been advising you against dating only one boyfriend? If you are double dating now, you will have another person to fall back on now that Stephen is broke. See, you need to have at least a sugar daddy that will be taking care of you. What do you have to lose? You will only be sleeping with him and he will be giving you enough money for your upkeep. It is not too stressful, seff. All those old men cannot last long in bed. Just give them one or two rounds and the next thing they sleep and will start snoring”.

Charity: “Stella! How can you even suggest a thing like this? I have told you several times that I must remain a virgin before marriage, I do not want the wrath of the gods to fall on me and my father”.

Stella: “Which stupid gods are you talking about? Where were the gods when your father was afflicted with an ailment that requires urgent surgery? Why didn’t the gods provide money for the operation? Abeg o, this gods gods that you have been telling me since I met you, are they the ones that will deflower you themselves? Why are they so much interested in your virginity?”

Charity: “Please, please, just leave me alone, I am not in the mood for any question and answer session. If you want to help me cook, do so quietly. I have so many things on my head right now, don’t add to my problem, biko”.

Stella: “Okay, I will keep quiet but just know that your father is the only one you have in the world and remember that we have a dinner to attend this weekend, there you can make more than enough money to take care of your father. You better be wise for once in your life, I am sure that even Stephen is getting tired of shouldering your responsibilities alone”.

Charity: “Why don’t you lend me the money then? I know that you are a big girl”.

Stella: “Where will you see the money go pay me back if I lend you? Abeg o, I would rather teach people how to fish than give them fish to eat. You have what I am using to make the money, use yours”.

Charity: “Na you sabi. You better repent and give your life to God before it is too late”.


After court, Stephen turns on his phone and sees Charity’s distress message. Immediately, he dials back her number.

Stephen: “Baby, how are you? Talk to me, where are you? Have you been crying, why is your voice like that?”

“My father is dying”, Charity screams into the receiver.

Some minutes later, Stephen arrives the hospital where Mr Jide is on admission. He goes in to see the doctor and promises to raise money for the operation. Two days later, he is able to raise the money for the operation which turns out successful.

A month after the operation, Charity goes to visit Stephen in his house.

Charity: “I don’t know how to repay you for everything that you have done for me and my father. I love you so much, baby”.

Stephen: “Common, love. You don’t have to pay me anything. I just want you to remain the good girl that you are. You are going to be my wife someday and I don’t want you to get carried away with school life such that you will end up breaking my heart. I am not sure that I can live in this world without you”.

Charity: “How can you even think of me breaking your heart? After all that you have done for me? Where will I see another man that will love and care for me the way you do? May it never be well with me if I ever break your heart”

Stephen: “You deserve everything, baby. You are such an angel. Now, all works and no play makes Charity and Stephen dull children”, they giggle.  “Thank God daddy is recuperating fast. Now get dressed and lets go to the movies”.

Charity: “Yaay! We are going to the movies”, she says as she runs in to get dressed.


They leave the cinema very late, after watching two movies.

Charity: “I think I will just have to spend the night in your house. I am sure Stella would have gone out and locked the door”.

Stephen: “Fine, baby. My house is your house so you are free”.

That night, Stephen attempts to make love to Charity for the first time since they started dating.

Charity: “But you know that we can’t have sex. I have told you it is not allowed in my place”.

Stephen: “Oh, get off with this superstitious belief of yours. I have restrained myself from touching you not because of what the gods say but because I don’t want to force you. I have waited for almost two years to make love to you. Have I not tried? Remember that I am a man”.

Charity: “But I am a virgin”.

Stephen: “There is nothing wrong with you giving me your virginity; after all you are going to be my wife soon”. He moves over and begins to caress her.

Stephen sets off the lighting in the room. It becomes a dim room filled with candles, on a bed covered with rose petals. He discovers Charity’s secret moan zone: That’s her earlobe, he nibs and sucks on it, She feels electric currents all the way down to her package.Stephen pays more attention to her nipples, spends time flinging with several intense minutes licking and biting them. It actually amps everything up on Charity. She couldn’t get enough of feeling him. She turns and looks at him.

Question: “Will Charity allow Stephen to make love to her? What will be the consequences? Will the gods understand? Do they even exist at all?

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  1. Which kin yeye gods! abeg she should allow Stephen joor, the guy has tried for her. how many guys would be as patient as he is…

  2. hmmmm since e going to marry ha she can gve him ha virginity nd wot if e dont marry ha afyter e took ha virginity.walahi stepten wana collecy ha virginity jst bcos e has do evrything 4 ha…. let hope sha.
    next episode…… cant wait

  3. Thank God Stephen was able to help Charity out on her Dad’s ailment. But wait oo.. wetin dey happen so between Charity and Stephen? hmm.. i’m speechless.

  4. I think dey will end up doing it, the gods doesn’t exist , guess her father is just trying to guide her and create fear into her thru that.. But stephen might end up not marrying her

  5. I won’t blame Stephen and i won’t blame Charity. What if Charity ended up marry another guy. Stephen will be the looser na.

  6. If Stephen really loves her, he should just wait till wedding day or if he can no longer wait he should just marry her immediately Bcs if this girl finally got deflowered she will fall for other men.

  7. So so scared stephen pls don’t deflower that girl.Its true you have waited for 2yrs without touching her pls keep holding yourself.Don’t put that girl in a danger.Next episode

  8. Sum pple are blaming charity 4 spending d nite @ Stephen plc. Is it possible 4 a gal 2 date a boy n he won’t paid him a visit n even slip over. No,if Stephen truly Luv ha he should get married 2 ha a.s.a.p den hv all d sex he want.

  9. This is really interesting and educating..hope our ladies are learning from this. Charity has really tried a lot unlike most ladies out there today; who can’t even endure till their undergraduate days before giving it out to the so called man of their heart and ended up not marrying him in the long run. I just hope she can endure till the very end and keep up the good and God fearing being in her. Next episode pls!!!

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