(Episode 11) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Charity takes Stephen’s hands in hers and says “Please, dear. I need you to understand with me. You have been patient with me all these while, just hold on until we get married. The gods may be powerless but let’s just avoid anything that may have negative effects on us in the future. I promise to keep my body for you and I will give it to you as a prize on our wedding night”.

Stephen: “Hmmn. Okay, I understand darling. I love you so much and I will wait for you”.


Charity now in the first semester of her final year has started attending parties and keeping other male friends. Although she is still very studious, she has been avoiding Stephen’s call recently as she is always in the company of her other friends who she considered more fun to be with. After lecture, she returns to her room with Stella who is very pleased with Charity because she has started attending parties.

Charity: “I am so hungry!” she says yawning. “Stella, arrange noodles let’s eat now. I don’t have the strength to cook”.

Stella: “See who dey talk, you no get strength to cook, na me come get strength abi? No be me and you commot from the lecture together? Me seff no get power to cook, mbok. Your own even better seff, I get one assignment to submit for my carry over course tomorrow morning and I never do am. All those lecturers wahala don tire person”.

Charity: “Na wa o, na so person go dey with hunger? Na suffer head we come do for school?”

Stella: “Call that Alhaji wey I introduce to you last month, now. I am sure he will be glad to take us out to eat”.

Charity: “Ah, you want me to call Alhaji Abu, I can’t o. The man that started asking me for sex the first day I went out with him. You know my situation as a virgin, I will like remain so till marriage. Please o, I want boyfriends that will be spending on me without me giving them my body”.

Stella lets out a sarcastic laughter. “See this girl o, you think say you smart. Which man go dey spend him money on you without asking for anything in return? Shey the man dey craze ni? Listen to me, this world is scratch my back I scratch your own. Nothing is free, not even in Freetown”.

Charity: “I can’t abeg. I am even afraid of losing the pride. It’s a gift for someone special”.

Stella: “Yes, you are afraid because the gods of your village will strike you with madness, paralysis, blindness, diabetis, HIV, tyhoid, cholera etc if you dare lose your virginity before marriage. We have heard that one thousand and one times”.

Charity: “Stella! I never said that. In fact, I am not even afraid of the gods anymore”.

Stella: “Good! If you are not afraid of them, then go ahead and do it, girlfriend, you don’t know what you are missing”.

Charity: “I heard doing it first time is very painful. You sure know I don’t like pains”.

Stella: “It’s a lie. It’s not painful, jor. Even if ee dey painful, just endure am. The pain won’t last for long; it is a mixture of pain and pleasure. Are you saying because it is painful at the first time you won’t do it when you are married?”

Charity: “Are you sure?”

Stella: “I am talking from experience, now. See eh, if you allow Alhaji enter ehn, the man will spoil you with money, as in real money not the type of chicken change that Stephen gives to you that is turning your head up and down”.

Charity: “Talking about Stephen, he knows I am a virgin. If I lose my virginity to another man, he will know”.

Stella: “That is very simple. Allow Stephen deflower you, that way you can be sleeping with other men and he won’t know. Make him open door make others begin dey enter abeg. You never tire to carry this your virginity up and down? Hian!”

She is still talking when Stephen’s call comes in.

Charity: “Ooooh,  which kind local trouble is this one na. Stephen will not allow me rest? How can he be calling me all the time? Are we married? Why is he monitoring my life like this? Every monitoring spirit in form of Stephen, die by fire!”

Stella: “That’s what I have been telling you; you better enjoy your life before you end up with that Stephen in marriage, the guy will just be controlling your life”.

Charity ignores his call and when he keeps on calling, she picks it angrily.

Charity: “What is it now? Why are you calling me like that? Don’t you know that I am in school and I need to study?”

Stephen: “Hey baby, it is me. You haven’t been picking my calls for days now. I am worried about you, I already made up my mind to come to your school if you don’t pick today”.

Charity: “I am fine”.

Stephen: “What is wrong? You don’t sound happy. Are you okay?”

Charity: “I said I am fine, what is it?  Ha!”

Stephen: “Okay. Are we seeing this weekend? Will you come over or should I?”

Charity: “Come over where, now? I have to remain in school and study. I am in my final year and I don’t have time for all those things”.

Stephen: “Common, baby. You know that my house is conducive for you to study. Anyway, I want you to follow me to a dinner on Saturday night. I got the perfect dinner wear for you”.

Charity: “No, I can’t attend, I have tutorials on Saturday night. Keep the dress you bought for me, I will pick it up anytime we see”.

Stephen lets out a sigh. For some months now, he has noticed that Charity brings up excuses anytime he talks about them seeing. Afraid that she may be seeing another man, he decides to hasten up his marriage plans.

Stephen: “Okay. Can we just go out tomorrow evening, just you and I. we can go to any restaurant of your choice, we need to talk about us”.

Charity: “Stephen please, I don’t have time this week. I will let you know when I am free. Listen I have to go, I am in class and the lecturer just stepped in”. She ends the call sending cold feelings down Stephen’s spine.

Stella: “ChaCha baby. You are learning the game fast. How did you come up with that lie so soon? So our room don turn to class room abi? Badoski!”. She chuckles.

Charity: “My dear, the guy wan spoil my runs o. You know I have a date with Alhaji this Saturday and now Stephen is asking me to accompany him to a dinner, abeg make the guy park well”.

Stella: “Yes o, my friend. You have had an over dose of this Stephen guy. Its right time another guy takes over”.


Alhaji drives in to Charity’s hostel at exactly 7:30pm on Saturday night. Charity dressed in a skimpy dress she got from Stella gets into the car as Alhaji hugs her and kisses her on her cheeks. She is elated as he drives her around town.

Alhaji: “We will go shopping, I think you need a change of wardrobe after which you will accompany me to a dinner in Sheraton. I promise its gonna be fun”.

Charity: “Okay, I am excited”.

After the shopping, they leave for Sheraton hotel where the dinner had already started. As soon as they enter the hall, Alhaji leads her to a table for four that is stocked with assorted drinks and chops.

Charity settles down to drinking and after two glasses of wine, she feels the urge to ease herself and she excuses herself to use the restroom. The ushers direct her to the restroom and as she is finding her way there, she sees a man walking into the hall, raising her head she recognizes the man as Stephen.

Charity quickly runs into the restroom and hides before Stephen could see her. Stephen notices a lady running into the toilet but he assumes that the person is in urgent need of the restroom. He walks in to the hall and takes a sit on a vacant table.

Question: Could this be the dinner Stephen asked Charity to accompany him to? What will Charity do? Did Stephen see her? What will he do? Will he still want to go ahead and propose to her?

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  1. Stephen made the highest mistakes in life. Who virgin epps this days? It’s gonna be difficult for him since Charity has mixed signals now. next please

  2. I can’t even marry a virgin sef. It’s a curse as far as i am concern. Virgins don’t come my way. I will ask her first to go dis-v herself before i do. shikena!

  3. I think Charity must be the queen of mixed signals. She can’t stay one place. Did she just break her deal with Stephen? I hope not. next please

  4. This is best time Iyabo would have tasted the bad part of Charity. Now that she follows Alhaji upandan. Iyabo must a prophetess by the way

  5. This isn’t fair @ all on Charity’s part…how soon has she forgotten the ladder that took her up…she’ll still need it to climb down from the stairs. Exactly the typical acts of most but not all ladies…easy to forget the hand that feeds them once they’ve gotten to the limelight. I just hope she realises her mistakes on time before it’ll be too late for her. Thanks Adelove…next episode pls..

  6. As it is for females in relastionships so also it is for males so non is perfect its self control so don’t say @ o.p that u can’t trust ladies I hope this gets to some that think that way

  7. I always tell my male friend to only see their help to non-relative females as charity work. Don’t train them in hope you will marry them later. Instead, marry and then train them. Many females and males are ungrateful.

    What if Alhaji is Stephen’s client?
    Again, people should be wary of type of friends they keep. Stella is not supposed to be a friend to Charity. If I were her, I would have long changed room or roommate. When you continuously hear something sugar coated you may likely become acceptable of it as right and true. Also, why would someone discuss his/her virginity status with a person they know are clearly not and are openly against it? They will do all things within their power to make sure you are no longer one. Even if it means setting you up to be raped.

    I only pray Alhaji doesn’t drug and rape her and she also come back to her senses.

  8. charity u are sure an ingrate..I can’t believe u fell for a stupid frnds advise..after all d things Stephen has given to u till ur final year,u still have d guts to sheet on him.u disappoint me

  9. Charity is naïve and not exposed that’s why she can be easily influenced like that.if she betrays stephen she is a far big loser.next please

  10. cha cha I no go lie u, u fall my hand big tym if not 4 anytin ve a flash bk nd remember it was dis guy who was dere 4 u even wen ur step mum is making every effort 2 frustrate u, he was d one dat still put u in dat skul of urz dat has wisen u up, if not 4 him ur dad wud b a dead man nw…..aba cha cha d guy no deserve dis treatment ooooo check am na

  11. This virginity thing don tire me sef. Abeg she wan compose sing with her virginity ni. Everyday virginity, virginity. She for answer Virginia nah. Mtcheeeeeeww

  12. Be wise Charity. Don’t do it with Alahaji ooo. Stephen will catch you and you will be a loser. Face your studies or you will have many carry overs or even lose your life because of bad company. A word is enough for the wise.

  13. hmmm i hope charity wont betray stephen bt e wil soon betray him……….charity is bad gal o nt good one…….. adelove next joor

  14. Charity abeg retrace your steps, quit your friendship with Stella. Go back to Stephen for he genuinely loves and cares for you.

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  16. Like for ladies so it is for guys.. The thing is the care we show is often mistaken for weakness and that makes us less attractive to our partners. Strong personal values are also important for us to imbibe. Far beyoun merely keeping one’s decency is the problem of not keeping your world. The people of this generation have lost it big time and as a caution do whatever good u wish to do unconditionally and not to express your puppy love or better still go dutch. AL well articulated piece.

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