(Episode 12) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Charity remains in the restroom for over ten minutes before stepping out. She thinks of going back into the hall but she is afraid of running into Stephen. She dials Alhaji’s number telling  him to meet her outside but Alhaji who is obviously carried away by the live performance of the musician on stage does not even notice that his phone is ringing. She decides to take the risk and covering her face with her purse, she makes for the hall with her face bent low. She approaches Alhaji who is enjoying the music and whispers into his ears.

“Please let’s see outside, something came up”.

She walks briskly out of the hall with Alhaji trailing behind her.

Alhaji: “What is wrong with you? Why did you say I should meet you out here? Can’t you see that I was enjoying the music in there?”

Charity: “Alhaji, please open your car door”.

He obeys and she jumps in.

Alhaji: “Now, can you tell me what is happening here”, he quizzes.

Charity: “I need to go home now, Alhaji”.

Alhaji stares at her in surprise. “Walahi you cannot be serious fa. We just got here and the dinner just started and you say you want to go home? Are you not having fun here?”

Charity: “Of course I am having fun, Alhaji. It’s just that my period just started and I don’t have any pad here, I don’t want to embarrass myself in there”. She lied.

Alhaji: “If it is because of your woman issue, then there is no problem walahi. We can go and buy the pad from a supermarket and that problem will be solved”.

Charity: “No, it comes with serious stomach pain. You and I won’t be able to handle it if it starts here. Just take me home, you can come back and enjoy the dinner”.

Alhaji starts the car before he realizes that he had left one of his phones on the table in the hall. “Can you go and carry my phone for me? I left it on the table where we sat in the hall”.

Charity: “Ah, rara o, Alhaji. My dress is stained already, you want people to stare at me? Go and pick your phone yourself”. She lied again.

Alhaji goes in to pick his phone while Charity waits for him in the car.  Suddenly, she sees Stephen coming out of the hall and walking towards her. Her heart jumps to her mouth. She goes down and bends her head inside the car so that he won’t see her. Stephen stops a little distance away and dials her number. The phone begins to ring, the ring volume which is quite loud attracts Stephen who stretches his neck to find out where the phone is ringing. Charity quickly grabs the phone and presses the mute button. Stephen keeps dialing and when she doesn’t pick, he goes back into the hall, as he walks past Alhaji who is just coming out of the hall. Alhaji opens the car door, startling Charity who is still bent.”You scared me, Alhaji”, she exclaims.

Alhaji: “Why are you hiding like that? Are you okay?”

Charity: “I am fine o, guess who I saw Alhaji. Hmmn. I saw my father coming out of the hall so I had to hide. I told the man that I am on my bed in the hostel when he called me earlier. If he had seen me here, only God knows the kind of scene that he would have created”.

Alhaji: “Okay, you these university girls, you are all the same walahi. I hope my daughter is also not lying to me about her location”.

They are still talking when Stephen’s call comes in. charity, reasoning that Stephen may begin to get suspicious if she doesn’t pick decides to pick the call.

Charity: “Hello. How are you?”

Stephen: “I am fine, baby. How are you? I came alone to the dinner I told you about and I feel lonely here. I miss you so much. Where are you?”

Charity: “Oh, I am in the tutorial I told you about”.

Stephen: “Tutorial? But that is a car horn I just heard”.

Charity: “I came outside to pick your call, a student just drove in around here, don’t mind all these students, you know how they like to horn to attract attention”.

Stephen: “Okay love. Please make out time for us to see next week. We need to talk”.

Charity: “Okay, bye”. She ends the call and switches off her phone while Stephen is still on the other end talking. Stephen thinking it’s the network that ended the call dials her number back but it is switched off.

Stephen: “My baby is so serious. She has switched off to concentrate on the tutorial. I am so lucky to have such a studious girl as a fiancée”, he says to himself.

Alhaji: “I didn’t know that you can lie this much, you look so innocent”.

Charity: “Ah, Alhaji, it’s not in my character to lie o, but that was my aunt calling. You don’t expect me to tell her that I am with you, now. You know I love you so much right? She draws near to him and kisses him on the lips while deliberately using her boobs which are exposed by the skimpy dress she has on to brush his chest”.

Alhaji: “Chai, this girl you will cause me to have accident, walahi. I cannot stand these two ripe oranges staring at me”.

Charity: “Hahaha. There you go again, Alhaji”.

She alights from the car after giving Alhaji a peck as soon as they get to her hostel. “Next time we will spend the night together fa”, Alhaji says.

As she walks away with the things they had bought from the boutique earlier, Alhaji continues to stare at her behind appearing enormous because of the skimpy velvet dress she has on as she makes deliberate effort to seduce him with her moderate butt.


“What are you doing here at this time of the day?” Charity stands at the door, her arms folded facing Stephen who is standing outside.

Stephen: “Won’t you at least allow me come in first? What has come over you? Since when do I need to have a reason to visit you?”

Charity: “No. How can you just come to my place without informing me? What if I was in class or something?”

Stephen: “How could I have informed you that I am coming when for the past one week you have been avoiding my calls? I send you messages you ignore and yet you say I shouldn’t come and check on you here?”

Charity: “I am having a very busy time in school. You won’t understand that I don’t even have time for myself”.

Stephen: “Of course I won’t understand. How can I understand when I didn’t go through a university. You know that I got my Law degree from the sky so I won’t understand. You forget that I have a cousin who is your course mate and at the same level with you, I know when you are busy in school and when you are not. Have you started lying to me?”

Charity: “So you’ve started stalking me abi? You have a cousin in my class and so what? How can you even think of me lying to you? Don’t you trust me anymore, eh?”

Stephen: “Are you going to allow me in or not?”

She steps out of the way and lets him in while she follows behind. They sit down and continue to stare at each other without saying a word for few minutes. Stephen gets up, goes to her and takes her hands in his.

Stephen: “I understand how difficult it is to overcome peer pressure in the university. I understand that you may be having a tough time in school right now. I know that I am not too rich but I love you so much and I will always do my best to provide for you in the best way I can. Please, give me the permission to proceed with our marriage plans”.

Charity: “No, I thought we have discussed this before. You can’t proceed with our marriage plans now. I am already in my final year and I want to do my national service before getting married. If you really want me to be your wife, you have to wait for me”.

Stephen: “I proposed to you right from when you were in 200level and you stopped me from going ahead with our wedding plans until now. You will soon be through with your studies, what better time is there for us to start planning if not now?”

Charity: “Are you trying to rush me into marriage or what? Why do you want me to marry when I am not ready to…?

A loud knock on the door cuts short her speech. She moves to open the door thinking it is Stella her roommate. Standing at the door and holding a Next nylon is Alhaji.

Alhaji: “Hello, my ‘gimbiya’”.

Charity: “What! Alhaji? How did you know my room number?”

“Baby, who is that?” Stephen’s voice jerks her back to the reality on ground.

Question: What is Alhaji looking for in her room? What will she tell Stephen? Will she permit him to proceed with the wedding plans? Will he still be interested after finding out about her and Alhaji?

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  1. Charity seems to be smart girl. She will manouever the scenes i believe. Setting a mousetrap to catch an elephant is a waste of time. Next pls

  2. Realistically, it does happen. Its a beginning of Charity’s misfortune… There is more to life than just living it. Nemesis will surely catch up with any ingrate lady who exhibit this type of character.

  3. Charity you ingrate omo ilele ti a gbe si ori eni shame on you. You disappointed yourself not me. Stephen deserves much better than you because if you never wanted him you would have told him from beginning and he will know that your case is a charity case not love case. Anyway Stephen will get a better woman than but hope it’s not Stella the serpent.

  4. it’s unfortunate Charity is treating Stephen this way, people don’t know what they have until they lose it.I pray Stephen should move on, he will meet someone who deserves him.As for Charity, if she likes let her follow 100 Alhajis.Mtcheww, Adelove next episode please.

  5. Charity (the double dater), you are losing stephen trust because you are creating your own storm but don’t cry when it rains. Anyway, Let God help you…

  6. am begining 2 hate dis charity girl cos she is an ingrate to have forgotten all he did for her well i can’t imagin my self in steven’s shoes cos i won’t mind commiting murder! Next pls

  7. Charity is becoming an ingrate and getting herself into much trouble by playing smart. I believe she’ll find another way round Stephen again but sooner or later; every hidden secrets will come to the open. Her cup will be full very soon.. Next episode Adelove…kudos to you

  8. A very big lesson to anyone still dreaming of training a lady in school. Charo, you are a disgrace to yourself. Kudos AdeLove next please

  9. Adelove please don’t keep us waiting till 12am, please next episode, I can’t wait oooo, Charity has done what … I’m even speechless. She’s indeed ungrateful after all Stev had done for her

  10. Me OOO I don’t advice any guy to train a babe in school… Guys lesson for u. Charity u fall my hand. Steven abeg surprise am marry her room mate she will Make a gud wife simple

  11. So a new story has started and I didnt even know. Haba, Adelove, u didnt notify me of this story. Not nice. Let me quickly read previous episodes, cnt miss any of your stories for anything.

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