(Episode 13) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Stephen: “Baby, who is at the door?”

Charity: “Erm, its…its…don’t worry. I will soon join you. Someone is asking for directions”. She lies.

Stephen: “Okay, baby”.

Charity draws Alhaji aside and quizzes him.

Charity: “What are you doing here, Alhaji?”

Alhaji: “What do you mean by that? Can’t I visit my pet in her lodge anymore?”

Charity: “That is not what I am saying. I can’t remember telling you my room number, so I am surprised to see you around”.

Alhaji: “Never mind how I got your address, it is a small world. By the way, won’t you let me in? I got some gifts for you, I want to see you try them on”.

Charity collects the nylon containing under wears of different types and colours from him and hugs him. “Thank you so much Alhaji. You are such a darling”.

Alhaji: “You are welcome, my pet. Now, can we go in? I want to see how the things look on you”. He makes to grab her by the waist but she moves away.

Charity: “Erm, Alhaji, you can’t go in”, as she scratches her head.

Alhaji: “Why not?” he asks suspiciously.

Charity: “You can’t go in because my erm, my mother no. My roommate’s mother is there with her father”.

Alhaji: “But that shouldn’t be a problem, now. It is you I am here to see, not your room mate. I see no reason why her people should poke nose into your affairs, after all you two pay the house rent together so there should be equal rights”.

Charity: “Ah, you don’t understand those people. If they see you now, they will think that is how their daughter brings men into the house too and before you know it, trouble will start. I don’t want to put my friend in trouble”.

Alhaji: “Really?”

Charity: “Don’t worry, Alhaji. I will come and see you this evening”, she rolls her eyes and blows him a peck”.

She succeeds in discarding Alhaji and after he drives off, she sighs and walks briskly back to her room. She meets Stephen standing and pacing up and down. “Who is that man I saw you talking to? One of your sugar daddies right?” Charity is taken aback and stands motionless.


After Stephen walked out of Charity’s lodge, he goes back home, shuts himself in his room and begins to weep. He had never imagined that she could treat him with so much disdain. As a lawyer, he could tell when someone is lying and so when he asked who the man that came visiting her was and she started lying, he had walked out with a shattered heart. He promises himself that he will never call her again but he finds himself struggling not overcome the temptation of dialing her number. On the third day, his best friend and confidant comes to visit him.

Amos: “Ah, De Law, why are you dull like this now? We haven’t seen you in days, you don’t pick your calls and you never return it. Kilo shele?”

Stephen: “My guy, it’s a long story. I just need a break to clear my head”.

Amos: “What are friends for? Tell me about it, I don’t keep anything away from you and so I see no reason why you should keep things away from me”.

Stephen: “Hmmn. Its Charity”.

Amos: “What about her?”

Stephen: “She is cheating on me”, his voice filled with all the pains of her betrayal.

Amos hisses, walks to the bed side refrigerator in Stephen’s room and gets chilled bottled water and gulps it as if he didn’t hear what Stephen said. Stephen is irritated at his friend’s nonchalant attitude. Recently, Amos has been coming to him with tales of how he sees Charity with different men on campus but Stephen never paid heed to him. “Didn’t you hear me? I said Charity is cheating on me. Listen to me, I know that you do not like that girl but that is not enough reason to ignore me”, he fires at Amos.

Amos: “Of course I heard you. So what if she is cheating on you? Haven’t I warned you several times that Charity is a pretender? Anytime I go to visit my sister on campus, I see her jumping from one man’s car to the other and yet you keep telling me that she is a good girl. Well, now you have seen for yourself”.

Stephen: “But I love her so much, she is my all in all. I can’t imagine not having her in my life. She means the world to me”.

Amos: “You don’t have to waste your time on her. If she wants to go, let her go. There are several other beautiful and loyal women in the world. After all that you have done for that girl, she still has the guts to cheat on you and you are here killing yourself over her”.

Stephen: “Well, it’s not like I caught her cheating on me. I only saw an elderly man who came to visit her and when I asked who he is to her, she started blabbing and I left in anger”.

Amos: “Oh really? And that is not cheating? Is it when you meet her under a man that you will know that she is cheating on you?”

Stephen: “No, Charity can’t do that. She is a virgin, I am sure about that”.

Amos: “Why won’t you be sure? Shebi you are inside her body and you follow her about everywhere? Please, let’s discuss something else, jare”

Stephen: “Hmmn, girls are heartless”.

Amos: “They are all like that my friend. When you pick them from the dust and polish them, they begin to misbehave. All the good girls have gone bad”.


Charity is excited about her new relationship. She had met Chucks about 3 months ago in a friend’s birthday party and she started taking him serious after Stephen walked out on her. Even though they had been dating for only few months, she feels like she has known him all her life. Chucks is the first son of a weathy man whose identity he never disclosed to her, he has enough money to throw around. This is one of the qualities that attracted her to him. However, Chucks has a very quick temper and on one occasion when he caught her hugging a male friend, he had almost slapped her after which he had apologized and taken her to shop in one of her favourite boutiques in town. As she is getting dressed to wait for Chucks who had called earlier to say that he will take her out, her phone begins to ring. She picks it up and it is Stephen calling.

“So, Stephen is still calling me? This guy hasn’t moved on?” she hisses and ignores the call.

Stella who is watching a movie on her laptop raises her head. “You no go pick your call?” she asks Charity.

Charity: “My dear na Stephen o, the guy no wan free me. Like say him been don pay my bride price. Which kind wahala be that na”.

Stella: “Hahaha, that your Stephen no go kill somebori o. The guy no see say airplane don waka leave am for airport? Make him park well jor!”

Charity: “My sister, I tire o, see me see trouble with this local charge and bail lawyer wey dey wear black suit up and down o. Abeg who suit epp?”

Stella: “Suit epp lawyers o”, they both start laughing until they hear the horn of Chucks car outside.

Charity: “I have to run, girlfriend. That is Chucks horning, if I don’t get down now, the guy will just get angry and start misbehaving”.

Stella: “Okay, have fun”.


Chucks: “Why did it take you so long to come down? You know how very much I hate to be kept waiting”.

Charity: “I am sorry, love. I ran down as soon as I heard your horn”.

Chucks: “Oh, just shut up and get your ass into the damn car”.

Charity like one hypnotized obeys him and gets into the car. “I am so…”

Chucks: “I said shut up!”

They drive in silence to Mamira boutique in Wuse II and Chucks asks Charity to pick whatever she wants. She picks dresses, shoes and bags worth N300, 000 and Chucks pays. Outside, Chucks draws her close to him and hugs her. “I am sorry I shouted at you earlier, these clothes are just my way of saying that I am sorry”, he says.

Charity: “It’s okay, dear. I don’t mind if you shout at me. I love you so much”. She draws near and gives him a peck while he draws her body close in a tight hug.


Charity: Alhaji, are you ready tonight? I told you I will make it up to you.

Alhaji: Gaskia! I’m ready my pet. Take me to the moon

Alhaji excused himself for a couple of minutes and when he came out, he saw Charity totally naked on the bed lying with her face down and her body was moving around like a wild cat. Alhaji wanted to start off gently but he wouldn’t have any of it.

Alhaji turned off the hotel light while leaving only the dimmer by the entrance on. He came on top of her and held her head and started to kiss her passionately, to which she responded. Alhaji took her privates almost immediately in his hands and started fondling her and then proceeded to dig deep into her. He reached over and found that Charity was dripping wet already and they had barely started!  So much for the gentle foreplay she was envisioning.

After a while, Charity indicated she wanted to ride him and of course he said yes, but she had a surprise in store for him. Alhaji entered her while kissing her passionately.  It slipped right in so freely like a slippery ground since she was so wet. They went pretty hard at each other and she orgasmed first. She deep throated him, a nice gentle bounding and slapping session followed I should say.

Charity: I love pleasing the person I am with. At this age I guess I have done more than many men so I don’t particularly care too much about me, I would rather please the man I am with first.  She rode him and Alhaji just loved seeing her move like that, like the wild animal she really is.

Alhaji: But you look so innocent. Anyways, I just loved it when women just let loose.

Charity: That’s what many people say. I’ve been a bad girl since I was 14. The day my Step-Mom caught me with a neighbor’s son, Femi. That was the first day I knew a man. My Step-mom hated me so much since then but I still denied the scenes and my father believed me instead. I’m a Queen of mixed signals, a Chameleon I should say. No one can detect if I’m lying even my best friends except I’m open to you. You are the first man I’m truly dating that i will reveal myself truly to. Many people judge the book by the cover though and end up picking the wrong Ladies.

Alhaji: (God punish you Shege banza). Alhaji curses her but said it to himself inwardly.

After few talks, they switched over again, as it was turning into one of ‘those’ sessions. They were both sweating a lot.  She ran her fingers through his hair, and gave him such a mischievous smile.  At that moment he knew she was on fire. It was either because of him or the alcohol.  You know like they say ‘The more you drink, the better you look’. He made her turn over and ran his hand over her vulva teasingly while she made little noises, a slight moan on her part. They spent 3 sweat filled hours with no a/c and in the darkness.

Question: Describe Charity in one-word!

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  1. Lol
    It will never be well for charity. Nemesis will surely catch up with her. And then iyabo would be called a prophet.
    Good morning adelove fans. Hope am the first to comment this time lol

  2. WTH? Cha cha was never a virgin afterall? No wonder she keeps singing it.. i’m a virgin.. i’m a virgin.. im a bla bla bla

  3. AdeLove, I bow oo. You guys are really great creative writers. Infact, you’ve caught me twice now. Charity’s dream and her virgin deceit. All i can just say is “woow”

  4. Iyabo, abeg forgive me for condemning you. I was wrong all this while. “Thou shalt not judge finally” i should have remember my bible tey tey

  5. Wow i never expected this twist in this story wow adelove crew u guys are the best hv nt seen a blog lik urs. Kudos imagine charity was not a virgin

  6. Seriously, must times i don’t blame men for been players…..most girls are just too blind to know how loves them and who doesn’t…. Btw who took charity’s virginity

  7. This is no dream she is really a queen of mixed signals Iyabo was right all along chai that’s why she was harsh with her hmmm. Well just like Calo got what she deserves after dumping Kalu my rover for a beast Charity too will get served. Am so angry with you Charity thats why a times I guys falling for the ladies that don’t worth their efforts and shake my head some even end forcing the useless ladies to marry them and live to regret it the rest of their life. It is best not to judge a book by its cover. Charity you were lost all along you are a pretender a green snake under green grass ?? You deserve to be flogged

  8. Adelove and crew, U guys are d best. So Charity has been pretending all along and Iyabo was right? Seriously I’m now wondering what other secret Charity still have 2 reveal. Fingers crossed.

  9. Charity how can u treat this God sent of a man with such impunity, a man that was able to go through thick and thin with u. Is this kind of girls that gives out bad impression abt girls. Mtcheww

  10. Ummm… Charity! wat a wolf? dis re sum examples dat make pple tink we re d same… mind u, we re different, I can’t just blif dis Charity… disvirgined a long time ago??? I knw u will av urself 2 blame @ last… it beta 2 say d truth dan lying… wat a miserable life u re using cha cha??????

  11. It not surprising,it just not fair to treat a nice guy this way because of few extra naira.Girls money is not all follow value money would come at the right time

  12. Though am shocked but I remain sad. Charity u have hurt our feelings.still don’t think iyabo was any good though.but there has to be a story behind it…….i hope u remember charity never bite the fingers that feeds u.God is a just God

  13. Women with their cunning ways! How on earth could this Charity be a virgin – with the way she has been singing it, I was not surprised after all; Iyabo had already knew her inside out. The most annoying thing is that Stephen was so naive and fall for this “Virginia Charity” and became an ATM for this whore 4 years !

  14. The deceitful heart of humanity, quickness in in highest order.
    Charity is wiked without human feeling. My only consolation is, the day of reckoning is at hand. Karma will soon cut up with her.

  15. No one can be trusted. She was d real boss acting like a novice when Stella was encouraging her to start having s*x. Steve is such a good n innocent man hmmmm….. Therrisss God ooo

  16. I find it so difficult to belive wht I just red, so charity is this evil nd Stephen has been there waiting for her thinking that she is wat she claims she is…..well I don’t blame some guys dt treat women as nothing bcos of wht they hv experienced in past…Bia @Adelove I hope she day dreaming oh, this story is becoming more interesting…A lesson to guys nd lady’s sha…?thumbs up

  17. ‘At this age I guess I have done more than many men’ and you have been screaming you are virgin since? Well, if this isn’t dream, is she not surposed to be tight in her 4years celibacy? Or has she been having free sex in secret with other men all these years while Stephen receive and pay the bills? Anyways, your cup is full. Who know what Alhaji excused himself to go do? Set camera, make incantations in ritual preparation, call human butcher or babalawo, etc.

  18. All I will say is Stephen should move on, and ask God to help him find his wife.hmmm.there are still virgins actually but some of them have temper and anger issues from on set and ppl query and criticize them instead of helping teach them ,they are hated cuz they show their true color or personality. But if a fake shows up in sheep’s clothing she is preferred.anyway it’s life, things will happen but there are still good ppl who even are tired of life. iyabo was jealous she was a good step mom cuz she didn’t hurt charity as a child,it was her rude personality that made her seem evil.

  19. Hmmmm, cant believe this so Iyabo was right about her all this while, Charity is a wolf in sheep ‘s clothing. Guys beware of such counterfeits babes

  20. Adelove, you are good. May God bless you more. please,I wish all your write-up should be converted to Video Movies. Please, notify us whenever it’s done

  21. I believe God had brought Stephen to this family in order to help charity educated and save her father. He should have fought the thought of marrying her in first instant. He would not have been hurt at all. It a lesson to the unmarried. U can be an angel in human form at times n not necessarily a husband. God had a bigger plan for Stephen bcos He is a rewarder. U will see how Stephen’s life will be drastically changed when he walks away from charitys.Shalom!

  22. Its either a dream or an illusions on Charity’s side. I won’t judge until next episode… I reserved my comments till then.

  23. Charity is a wolf in sheep dress. Oh Stephen I feel 4 u oo
    Charity is a prostitute nd am sure she will end up wit h.I.v n died lyk a chick just d way caro died.

  24. I can’t fully comment until I see the next episode, knowing how Adelove often adds a twist to their stories, but Stephen should look for another lady, get married and wait for his upliftment and Charity will surely come to beg for forgiveness.
    I’m sure Chucks will be convicted of a crime and Stephen will put the nail in the case

  25. Na wa ooo, who could ever believe d@ charity is not Virginia, Iyabo me sorry ? ooooo

    I say #Mogbe to innocent Stephen

    Or is it another nightmare trying 2 send her message ❓

  26. The fact is that charity lives a deceitful life nd she can pretend for the whole universe…I don’t blame Stephen for falling heads over heals in love with her..with such experience Stephen is having with her , I don’t think he can nd will ever value a lady again..type of charity brings bad names to womanhood nd she will forever regret cheating on Stephen . Stephen don’t deserve a cheap slut like her nd iyabo has been a nice woman all along.U are doing a great work @Adelove. Keep it up

  27. Na wa 4 charity ooooo she is a stupid girl…………Stella should just wake her up from that dream of she and Alhaji having sexual intercourse

  28. Mehn! I can blv dis .. I just pray stephen shld stay away frm charity cuz I knw she will end up contacting diseases frm her sugar daddys..

  29. Na wa 4 charity ooooo she is useless ………Stella should just wake her up from that dream of she and Alhaji having sexual intercourse

  30. I still don’t want to believe it that Charity actually let Stephen down…it’s got to be a mirage, dream, imaginations or an illusion. Yes it’s very possible the peer pressure on her might have prompted her into such reckless and wayward life but I strongly believed she’s still very much intact as a virgin…can’t wait to read the next episode plssssssss!!!!

  31. i just hope its a dream o! Thanks adelove and crew this is really educative nd a first of its kind 2 think tha charity is nt a v****n is incredible!

  32. Na dis b d most plenticious comments so far, Adelove & co I commot cap 4 una, una finish us dis time around, Cha Cha babe I no u gobsoon wake 4rm dreamland as per wetin I go tell u, I comment my reserve

  33. Hehehehehe,as in charity is a grade 1 in pretendance course. Can’t imagine all dis while she is shedding crocodile tears n we r here talking ill of iyabo. Truly,iyabo is ryt by saying she doesn’t gave birth to dat kind of child. You are truly a charity(givers neva lack jere) hahahahaha*thumb up,go girl

  34. Am sure charity is dreaming…next episode will xplain beta. Lets not be too quick to judge. But if no be dream be ds then charity and her likes are d real reason guys demand for sex b4 helping girls out. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  35. Charity is a big disappointment!
    Ha! To think that she attracted pity from me (and I’m sure from many readers) considering how Iyabo treated her! Àshéy she has been pretending. She fooled everyone including her father. So she had been laughing at her father’s threat about the wrath of the gods if she loses her virginity before marriage! Charity is an original baaad girl.
    Adelove, you’re too much ?
    Next episode pls …….

  36. Stephen is now charge and bill lawyer. I no blame you Charity, na the man way loved and trust you from the depth of his heart I blame. But I prayed that Chucks will teach you the lessons of your life. May God comfort Stephen and other men like him their soul mates in Jesus name. Amen.

  37. Poor Stephen, I feel so bad for him. After spending so much money on her, this is what he gets. Move on man. U will find the right woman for you. As for charity, hmmm.

  38. Waoh it’s a lesson for all men ,people that are wayward like charity pretend a lot and surely she would regret her self

  39. I dey enjoy this story like say na movie I dey watch. I don’t even want the story to end. I want Chucks to deal with Charity very well, na that time she go know say khaki no be leather. Mtcheww!



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