(Episode 14) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

It is exactly 5pm, Tuesday evening, the D-day Chucks promised getting Charity an iPhone 7 for being scolded in public, a way to say “I’m sorry for scolding you in public”. Charity picks up her phone and dials:

Charity: “Hey Baby, How are you?”

Chucks: “Hey Lovie, I’m pretty ok. How about you?”

Charity: “Very well. Just chillin’ at hostel. Are you missing somebori?”

Chucks: “Yes I do. Only that the somebori will still not give me what I want at the end of the day.”

Charity: “Baby chill na! I told you I’m a virgin. Keep it till the wedding night. Ok?”

Chucks: Okay” Love.”

Charity: “I love you.”

Chucks: “I love you too.”

Charity: “How about the iPhone 7 you promised getting at the mall today?”

Chucks: “I’m coming over while we get that this minute.”

Chucks picks up Charity to the Mall, buys the finest golden colour iPhone 7 for Charity. She loved every of it. While, they are coming out of the mall and approaching their car, there comes Stephen coming towards them.

Stephen locks his car door and walks close to where Charity and Chucks are standing.

Stephen: Hey Babe!

Chucks: “Who is this and why did he call your name like that?”

Charity: “Erm, he is my…”

Chucks: “Your what?”

Charity: “My ex”, she lies avoiding Stephen’s eyes.

Stephen: “What! You now refer me as your ex? Is that what I am to you now, Charity? “

Charity: “Ehen, what are you to me? Ehn, Stephen. Can’t you see that it is over between us? I mean can’t you read the handwriting on the wall?”

Stephen: “You Charity! What has come over you? Are you under a spell or something?”

Charity: “What is it Stephen? Ehn? Why are you troubling my life? Why are you following me about as if I owe you? Fine, you helped me when I was in need, is that enough reason for you to monitor what I do with my life?”

Stephen: “Oh my God, Charity I can’t believe that this is coming from you”, he removes his glasses and cleans the sweat forming on his forehead with his handkerchief.

Charity: “How much did you even spend on me that I cannot hear word? Do you want me to pay you back? Say it if that is what you want and stop disturbing my life up and down. It is over between us, the earlier you get used to that, the better”.

Chucks: “Okay, I now understand what you mean. So, he helped you while you were in need and now he is bent on monitoring you around, right. Okay, young man, how much did you spend on my girl? Tell me, I will pay you off and you back off from my girl”.

Stephen is astonished and shakes his head in awe.

Charity: “Didn’t you hear him? He said you should tell him how much you have spent on me so that he can pay you off”.

Stephen: “My God, this is like a dream. And you, who are you referring to as your girl? My own fiancé? What do you know about me and her that you even have the guts to suggest paying me off? Who do you think you are?”

Chucks loses his temper and runs towards Stephen, strikes him on the face and attempts to fight him until the security at the plaza comes in between them. Charity walks up to Chucks and takes him by the hand. “Its okay, baby. You don’t have to condescend so low as to fighting with him. Can’t you see that he is not your class?” turning to Stephen, she said. “Didn’t I warn you to leave us alone? Now see what you have caused for yourself”.

Stephen: “Charity, you make a mockery of my love for you in front of this stranger? I leave you with your conscience”, he enters his car and drives away after cleaning the blood that was dripping from his jaw.


A month later Charity goes to spend the night in Chucks house and he attempts to make love to her. He gets angry when she refuses.

Chucks: “What the hell is wrong with you? We have been dating for months now and yet you say I shouldn’t make love to you? Why shouldn’t I when I spend on you and provide all your needs. Is giving me your body more than what I have been doing for you so far?”

Charity: “Please love. I need you to understand me…”

Chucks: “Oh please, don’t love me. What kind of a stupid love are you talking about? Can you love people without giving them what they want? You will push me to raping you one of these days”.

Charity: “If you are this eager to have me, why don’t you just make me your wife?”

Chucks: “Is that what you want? Fine, I got the money for the wedding. We are going to see your parents this weekend and start the marriage plans”.

Charity: “Well, my mother is dead and I will be graduating in two months time. Why don’t we just wait until I graduate?”

Chucks: “No, I cannot wait. We are going to see your father this weekend and that is final. Now, allow me sleep since you won’t allow me make love to you”, he switches off the bedroom bulb and rolls to the extreme end of the bed ignoring Charity’s pleas.


Charity meets up with Stella who had just finished attending a carryover course. Stella looks dull as the course lecturer gave them an impromptu test.

Charity: “Whats up, Stella? This one wey your face dull like this? How the lecture na”.

Stella: “Omo, I no even want remember that lecture o. Do you know that the lecturer gave us a test before he left the class? The only answer wey I sure say I write correctly na my name and matric number”.

Charity: “Hahahahah. You funny o. You supposed don dey used to lecturers tactics by now na. The only problem you have is that you don’t read ahead. How can you even read ahead when you are always jumping from one place to the other? Remember when I used to warn you about taking your studies seriously? Now see the result, you are in 400level but you don’t even know when you will graduate because of too many carry over courses”.

Stella: “Which kind useless talk come be this one na? Shey na only me dey waka waka? Shebi you too don join our waka waka team? All these carry overs seff don tire me. Which kind wahala be this for this University na?”

Charity: “Na who you dey ask that one? Anyway, you will accompany Chucks and I to see my father this weekend, we want to start out marriage plans”.

Stella: “Wow! I am so happy for you, girl. But wait o, you fit handle Chucks so?”

Charity: “And what do you mean by that?”.

Stella: “Forget say chucks get money o but that guy is too violent for my liking. A man that snaps at you and embarrasses you at the slight provocation in public is the person you want to marry? My dear, e better for you make you remain single dey flex your thing o”.

Charity: “I see that you are jealous of the fact that I am getting married before you and to a very rich man at that. What is your business if he shouts at me in public? Are you the one who will live with him? He shouts at me and when we get into the house he apologizes, so how is that a problem? Abeg, carry your jealousy attitude and go elsewhere”, she begins to walk away.

Stella: “Ah-ah now, I was only offering a harmless advice. Okay, no vex. I go follow you, wait for me na”, she calls after her.


They arrive at Mr Jide’s house and after Chucks has told him of his intention to marry his daughter, Mr Jide becomes furious.

Mr Jide: “How dare you walk casually into my house and tell me you want to fix a date for your wedding with my daughter. Are you out of your mind?”

Charity: “You need to calm down, daddy. Chucks means no harm…”.

Mr Jide: “Will you shut up your mouth there. What has come over you Charity? No, tell me. Doesn’t this boy have manners? Is marriage a child’s play that he can go about it anyhow? Doesn’t he have tradition where he is coming from?”

Chucks: “Excuse me, sir. I take exceptions to the insults that you are raining on me. What crime did I commit by coming to inform you that I want to fix a date for my marriage with your daughter? Listen, if you are thinking about the money, you don’t have to worry, I have enough money for the wedding”.

Mr Jide: “Charity, where did you get this arrogant and pompous fellow from? By the way, where is Stephen? He is your husband that I know and I can only give my blessings if you marry Stephen.”

Charity: “Stephen broke up with me. I caught him cheating on me with my best friend”, she lies.

Mr Jide: “What! You mean Stephen actually did all that?”

Charity opens her mouth to answer when a knock causes her to close her mouth.

“Who is knocking?” Mr Jide asks. “Come in, the door is open”.

The door opens and Stephen walks in, dressed in his characteristic black suit and white suit.

Charity freezes on the spot.

Question: Will Stephen tell Mr Jide the truth? Will MrJide approve of Charity marrying Chucks? What will Charity do if her father refuses to approve of their union? Why did Stephen visit her father?

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  1. I will advise Stephen nt to marry charity bcos Stephen is a good man nd he deserves a good woman in return… Stephen, just bone her nd move on. God will vindicate u, let her marry the bad man she has chosen for herself…adelove, u are too much

  2. I am very sorry for Stephen ooo…So Charity actually did all this to him yet he still went ahead to look for her? Pls just let go off her and move on with your life…she’s an ingrate who’ll surely reap what she has sown in multiple folds…Mtcheeeeew!!! She’s f……d up big time.

  3. But this charity sha! she get mind oh. hmmm na wa oh!anyway na wetin naija guys like, because na this charity type wey dem dey die for. see as them even dey fight over her sef. lol.

  4. Charity is such a liar, you are chosing Chucks over Stephen, okay na. Lets see how it goes, Chucks must surely show you pepper. Adelove making our weekend here. Let’s go to the next episode.

  5. Adelove the great. This story is similar to what happened to someone I know. You are good at writing real life fiction. Next episode, see as my body dey shake with vex on behalf of Stephen here.

  6. I think Stephen should let’s her go now bcos if he finds out that charity is no longer a Virgin , he will be so devastated…am so so angry with u nd ur attitude charity…hope u know that All That Gliters Re Not Gold..u are reason why guys find it difficult to trust…

  7. Charity is at the point of no return am not reading any episode again until after church service on Sunday this Charity is getting on my nerves when you lie one especially in relationship you have to keep on lying all she sees now is money. Your case is settled with your own hands.

  8. Toooooo short Adelove tooooo short.

    I am sure charity is awake now. Y all ds twists n turns. Charity wise up oo b4 u destroy ur life.

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  12. It’s time for Stephen to move on with his life cos if he make mistake of marrying charity, he will not enjoy the marriage.Shalom.

  13. Adelove abeg next time wey una go write story on a worthless girl make una use anoda name, cause dis idiot don rub made for my name. Mtcheww

  14. dat gal cup don full dey truway seff, if she marry dis her new guy, he will kill her on der wedding night whn he will find out dat d garden he has been preparing 2 be d first 2 visit has been visited by many.

  15. I’m most certain Chucks has a secret deal. Charity’s eyes will soon clear because whichever way, she’ll be the grande loser. I don’t know why Stephen has to senselessly poison himself. I hope he survives it. However he should pull himself together as he deserves a better person than Charity because she might come running back to Stephen

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