Female Police Cadets Suspended After They were Caught Kissing in Argentina (Photo)

A photo of two female police cadets kissing has gone viral leaving the officers in a trouble.

Two female police cadets have been suspended in the United Kingdom after a picture of them kissing went viral. The women identified as Carolina Gutierrez and Brenda del Hoyo were about to celebrate their graduation party from Buenos Aires’s Metropolitan Police when they took a picture of themselves kissing.

After sending the image to a friend, the photo was somehow screenshoted and made public. The pair were not allowed inside the ceremony and subsequently suspended by academic authorities.

According to reports, Ms Gutierrez said she now plans to make a formal complaint about the action

She said: ‘What they did was a big mistake, they were just trying to act tough and make an example of them.’

Speaking about how the picture came online she said: ‘A classmate took the picture and sent it to us through a private message.

‘Somebody else, and we are not sure who, took a screenshot and published it to the public where it went viral.

‘That was on Thursday, and a day later we were suspended.’

The couple said they had not wanted to upset anyone by taking the private picture, and although unwise, they said they felt the suspension was ‘unfair’. The Metropolitan Police said the decision was not made for ‘a sexual orientation problem, but following the rules of the academy.’

They added: ‘It is forbidden to take pictures, record with the uniform and upload it to social networks. It is a serious fault and even more if the image of the metropolitan police is in any way brought into disrepute as a result.’



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