(Episode 16) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

“Stephen! Stephen! Open the door. Are you sleeping?” Segun’s voice wakes Stephen up from his troublesome sleep. “My God, it was just a dream. It looked so real that I thought I was going to die”.

Reluctantly, he gets up and opens the door against his wish. Although he is not in the mood to see or talk to anyone, he has no option but to open the door because knowing Segun, he would continue to knock the door if he refuses to let him in.

Segun: “Guy, it took you so long to open the door that I thought you had died in your sleep”. He teases him as he walks into the room and sits down.

Stephen: “You came at the right time. I had a terrible nightmare”.

Segun: “What sort of a dream? You dream say you lose that your mega case wey you don dey on for almost two years now?” he laughs as he realizes that Stephen is not in the mood for jokes.

Stephen: “How can you think of a thing like that? Have you joined my enemies too?”

Segun: “Guy, I was just joking with you now. Okay, I am serious now, tell me about the dream”.

Stephen: “I dreamt that I poisoned myself and I died”, he says dejectedly.

Segun lets out a loud mirthless laughter and walks to the bed where Stephen is sitting. He touched his forehead with his palm.

Segun: “Guy, serious malaria dey worry you. Make we go hospital make them treat you”, he continues laughing.

Stephen: “Are you here to mock me? We are discussing a very serious matter here and you are acting funny. Please, if you don’t have anything to say, just go to your house and leave me to suffer alone”.

Segun: “Guy, I am serious. I mean look at the kind of dream that you are having. You dreamt that you died and you are here talking, dead people dey talk? Abi na your spirit dey talk to me so? I am sure the dream is connected to Charity. How are my even sure it is a dream? Are you indirectly telling me that you intend to commit suicide?”

Stephen: “I really don’t know what to say but I love that girl so much. I can’t just imagine that I lost her like that. I lost my Charity to another man just like that. Can you imagine, my Charity is another man’s wife while I am here nursing the wound of heartbreak. Now tell me, what I’m I even living for? Why shouldn’t I die? Life does not make any meaning to me anymore”. He grabs a bottle of water and gulps it down his throat.

Segun: “I understand how you feel…”

Stephen suddenly gets up and grabs Segun on his shoulder, startling him. “No you don’t. If you do, you will not sit down here and make a mockery of myself and my predicament. You will not sit down here and laugh at me while I am going crazy. I can’t even concentrate anymore. Everything has lost its meaning”.

Segun: “You have to be strong man…”

Stephen: “Don’t tell me to be strong. Do you know how much I loved that girl? I gave her my heart, my love, my money, everything. She took it all away”, he falls down on his knees and begin to weep.

Segun draws close to him and hugs him. “It is okay, man. You will be fine, we will go through this together”.


The time is 12:45AM and Chucks is yet to return. Charity very nervous dials Chuck’s best friend number, the same person that has served as his best man. The phone rings and after a while, she picks up.

Charity: “Good morning, Stanley. I am very sorry to interrupt your sleep”.

Stanley: “Iyawo, why are you calling me at this time? Are you not supposed to be enjoying your honeymoon now?”

Charity: “Stanley, its Chucks o. He went out some hours ago and since then he hasn’t returned. I have been trying to call him but he is not picking. I sent him several messages but there has been no response from him. I just hope my husband is fine, I am so worried”.

Stanley hesitates for a while and lets out a sigh.

Stanley: “When will Chucks ever change? He has the guts to do this even on his own wedding night?”

Charity: “What do you mean by that? Do what?”

Stanley: “Hmmn, well you are his wife, you should be used to him keeping late nights”.

Charity: “What do you mean by that? You mean he is doing this deliberately?”

Stanley: “Listen, you didn’t hear that from me, okay? He is your husband and I don’t think it is right for you as a married woman to go about calling his friends in the middle of the night. You should learn to resolve your differences without involving outsiders. Good night, I need to sleep”, he ends the call.

Charity begins to despair as she knows that Stanley is the only person that could give her answers to Chuck’s whereabouts. She dials Chucks number once again and it rings without him picking it. Frustrated and sad that her wedding night had turned out to be a nightmare, she falls on the bed and begins to weep. She begins to doze off when a knock on the door causes her to startle. Quickly, she cleans her tears and opens the door and Chucks walks in, staggering and reeling with the smell of alcohol. With the buttons of his shirt fixed improperly and his tie lose, he drags his feet with a bottle of alcohol in his hands and hugs her.

Chucks: “Hello, dear”, he kisses her.

Charity: “Where on earth have you been all these while? You got me worried”.

Chucks: “Sorry, baby. There was this emergency that I had to attend to urgently. Sorry about that. Did somebody miss me?”

Charity: “What sort of an emergency is that? An alcohol drinking competition or what? Couldn’t you have told me about it? Look at the time, it’s almost 2:30AM, I am supposed to be enjoying my honeymoon not keeping wake over my husband”.

Chucks: “Ehn, hold it there. That is enough, haven’t I apologized to you? Why are you still making it appear like a big deal? And so what if I take alcohol on my wedding night? Where is it written that taking alcohol in the night is wrong? So because I am married to you, I shouldn’t go and hang out with my guys anymore? Is that what you are saying? Listen to me, if you think that I am the kind of husband that you can control, then you need to have your head examined on why you got married to me. What nonsense!” he snaps at her.

Charity: “I am sorry but I…”

Chucks: “Oh please just shut up. Take your nagging elsewhere; please I need to catch some sleep. It has been a long day”, he goes to the bed.

Charity refusing to be discouraged goes into the bathroom, takes her bath and perfumes her body after which she wears her see through night wear that she bought specifically for this special night. As she access herself in the mirror, her heart begins to beat faster when she imagines Chuck’s reaction when he finds out that she is not a virgin.


Chucks covers her eyes with his hands, takes her to another room, he takes his hands off her face and sees herself  in a room full of candles and rose just the way she had always wanted her wedding night to be. The track ‘Hero’ starts playing softly, she couldn’t hold it anymore as the track always has a soothing effect on her.

Charity: “Let’s do this once and for all”. She said with boldness. Meanwhile, her heart keeps beating faster than she had ever imagine, What will be Chucks reaction when he finds out that I’m not a virgin? “I should have used Alum oo” she says in her heart.

Chucks sweeps her off her feet to the bed of Roses, he starts kissing her from the lips to neck and things begin to move fast, he takes off her undies.

Chucks: “Wow! What a great body”.

Chucks is looking at her naked body, pretending to be shy, she covers her nipples with her long hair.

They start kissing furiously and start touching, enjoying the romance, sweet words and love songs. Within few minutes of the romance, Chucks lay beside me, looking helplessly like a child who had slipped from her grasp, with a question:

Chucks: Wait a minute. Did you say you are a Virgin?

Charity: Errrm.. Errrmmmm!

Question: Has Chucks found out that Charity is not a virgin as she claims?

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  1. Wait one secs! Looks like Chucks has enter and it was a free entrance without Bouncer oo! next episode please. i can’t wait for this. It’s so interesting!

  2. Chucks: Did you say you are virgin?
    Charity: Eerrrm.. Errmm.. my papa and mama born me like this. I’m not a virgin by birth. hahahah

  3. Chuks is gonna hit charity blue black cos d lie won’t work this time.. Charity neglected true love cos of money.. Chaii, I can’t wait for d next episode

  4. If It’s Stephen, he will handle her with care but as it is lion chuks…. charity prepare to meet ur ancestors.. Nice story….. Please the concluding part ASAP

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  6. Wetin concern me , Mtscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew…… Make Chucks give her correct beating jawe….. Adelove, love u guys…Welldone

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