(Episode 17) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Charity: Errm..Errmm..Yes my Love. I still am. And why did you ask?

Chucks: I am just asking so I will know how to handle you, you know what I mean, right?” he winks at her. But are you nervous?

Charity: “Of course I am a virgin. Why did you stop, I thought you were going to do it when we were romancing. Just go ahead and do it so I can experience the pain once and for all”.

Chucks: “I stopped because…well, never mind”. He decides to keep the reason to himself.

Chucks turns around and begins to caress her. Surprised, she draws close to him and takes his lip in hers. He begins to fondle her breast as soft moans escapes her mouth. As he pulls down the duvet she had over her and reaches for her pot of honey, her heart begins to pound furiously.

Charity: “I am afraid”, she whispers into his ears.

Chucks: “Don’t worry, I will be gentle, just relax”.

Charity: “I heard it hurts”.

Chucks: “Just calm down, though it will hurt, but it won’t be that painful. Actually, I will take it easy on you”, he assures her.

Charity: “But you are drunk, how can you take it easy?”

Chucks: “Don’t worry, just open up, you need to spread your legs wide apart to give me easy access”.

Her heart pounding about Chucks finding out, she begins to think of what to say. “I hope the vagina cream and soap I have been using all these while has helped to tighten me up o”, she thinks.

Charity: “Sweetheart, can you get me a glass of water? It will help me relax. I am nervous right now, you know it’s my first time”.

Chucks: “Okay”, he moves to the bedside refrigerator to get her water.

Charity: “No, I don’t want cold water. Just get me water directly from the tap in the kitchen, you know that cold water affects my mood negatively”.

Chucks: “Really? Well, I am just getting to know this about you. I didn’t know there are people that prefer tap water to bottle water”. He moves to the kitchen to get the water. Charity quickly seizes the opportunity and grabs her bottle of blood tonic and drops some on the bed sheet on her side of the bed. She returns the bottle and lies on the blood-like stain”.

Chucks returns with the water and she pretending, gulps it down and lies on her back. He climbs her and removes his boxers, begins to caress her and inserts his finger into her.

“Awww!”, she lets out a supposedly painful sound.

Chucks: “Shhhhh, relax, you are so wet, just the way I like it. It won’t hurt that much”, he says as he reaches for his manhood. He tries to spread her leg but she protests. “I am so scared. I have never done this before”.

Chucks: “We are husband and wife, we must do this, just allow me go in gently”.

Gently, he slides into her gently as she grabs the bed sheet and begins to fake painful screams. While he is making his way in, she pinches herself hard and being a veteran at deceiving men, she begins to shed tears. Chucks carried away with the alcohol in his system begins to grind harder, ignoring her cry. Charity, though pretending to be in pain is enjoying every bit of it. She wishes that he will go in deeper and pound harder but she decides to keep up with the pretense. After some minutes, holding her tightly that she almost begins to gasp for air, he empties his content into her and withdraws. She curls up on the bed pretending to cry, waiting for him to console her, he, ignoring her, rolls over to the other side of the bed and falls asleep.


At the middle of the night, Charity goes to the dining table and makes herself a glass of coffee, she tries to take it but her stomach feels bloated even though she hasn’t had anything to eat after what she and Chucks ate before they went in for their reception. She gives up after sipping a little and turns on the sitting room television. Feeling the urgent need to ease herself, she runs into the restroom. There she hears the loud ringtone of her phone. That’s Stella calling! She runs out picking the calls

Stella: “Iyawo Chucks, how far now? Hope I am not interrupting your honeymoon o”.

Charity: “Oh, Stella! Is that you? You are calling me 2am in the morning, baby girl?”.

Stella: “Sorry oo Iyawo Tuntun! How far, gist me abeg. How the honeymoon dey take go? How was last night, considering the fact that it is your first time as a wife? Did you enjoy it? Shey na you win abi Chucks win you?”

Charity: “Wetin dem dey win?”

Stella: “First position for ‘bedmatics’, now”.

Charity: “Bedmatics? That one na subject abi course?”

Stella: “Abeg forget all these JAMB question jor. Why are you beating about the bush? Just serve me the gist as e dey hot. I am allergic to cold gist”.

Charity: “Hmmn, you won’t understand, Stella”. She becomes silent

Stella rolls her eyes on the other end, not knowing what to make of Charity’s talk.

Stella: “What do you mean? Isn’t Chucks good in bed? As big as he is?” she asks.

Charity clears her voice and speaks excitedly into the receiver.

Charity: “Hahahah, you fell for my teasing, I was only pulling your legs. Of course it was fun, honeymoon is really making sense o. ah, Chucks na correct man, that guy strong o. We didn’t sleep all night yesterday o. Chucks was all over my body. There is no style that we didn’t do yesterday. We had it in the bedroom, in the sitting room, guestroom, restroom, toilet, kitchen and then we finished it in the garden. In fact, you should get married soon, you don’t know what you are missing”.

Stella: “Really? Finish for garden ke? In the night like that na im una go dey do the thing for garden? What if you get bitten by a scorpion or something worse? That means na for garden una sleep be that na. Honeymoon don turn una to flowers” she asks suspiciously.

Charity: “No, now. Don’t worry, you will see how comfortable our garden is when you visit me. In fact the way we did the thing yesterday ehn, I won’t be surprised if I am already pregnant seff”.

Stella: “Ha! Na wa o, marriage sweet o. Let me come and look for someone and marry too. That means you made the right decisions by not marrying Stephen o”.

Charity’s heart skips a beat at the mention of Stephen.

Charity: “Listen, I have to go Stella. My husband is calling me to join him in bed. You no say men no dey joke with their honeymoon, let me go and give it to him because if I don’t, another woman will. Talk to you later”. She ends the receiver.

Charity’s heart goes to Stephen and she knows that she had shattered his heart beyond forgiveness. “Will Stephen ever find a place in his heart to forgive me? I am sure I wouldn’t have been in this situation where I lay lies as the foundation of my marriage with Chucks. God please do not punish me for how I treated Stephen.” she pleads in her heart.


She goes back to the bedroom, joins Chucks who is busy snoring uncontrollably. The next morning, Chucks wakes her up with a kiss on her forehead.

Chucks: “I have a surprise for you”, he says holding her hands.

Charity: “Hold on, I need to change this bed sheet, it is stained with my blood”, she removes the sheet and walks to the restroom as one with a boil in between his leg.

Chucks: “You okay? Why are you walking like that? Can I see the stain on the sheet?”

Charity: “No, you can’t see it, I am ashamed. I feel so hot in between my legs, you were so hard last night it felt like you were tearing me up”.

Chucks: “Oh really? So, are you ready for the surprise?”

Charity: “Okay. I am all ears and what is the surprise about?” she inquires searching into his eyes.

I will reveal the surprise now if you are ready for it”.

Charity: Of course I am ready. Bring it on”.

Chucks: “Are you really sure that you are ready for this surprise? Will your heart take it?”

Charity’s heart begins to pound furiously. “I hope this man hasn’t found out that I deceived him. God please help me. Stephen, wherever you are, forgive me so that God will not punish me o”.

Question: Why did Chucks roll over to the other side of the bed and falls asleep right away instead of consoling her after their 1st sex? Is this the beginning of marital bliss for Charity? What kind of surprise is Chucks talking about? What will happen when she goes to visit Stephen? Will Chucks find out? How will he react?

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  1. I suspect Alhaji is Chuck’s father, friend or business partner and have told him abt Charity… The thunder wey go fire her stil dey do press- up.

  2. hmmm charity don turn mary virgin…… na wa o. d surprise wil be beat ha up black nd blue……..i cant concentrate here next episode

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